Browser based Trading Platform in the Philippines

One of the important components of investing is the technical organisation of the process, which includes primarily the software needed to search for and purchase assets of interest, as well as to further track the status of one's investment portfolio.

Now the whole industry is moving towards a simplification of the process and investors have different technical tools for work: they can buy and sell securities via a personal account on the website of their broker, or they can use special Web based or mobile applications, which are also developed by brokers.

What is a Web based trading platform in the Philippines? 

One of the most important links in the whole process of stock trading is the choice of an online broker. A trader cannot just go to a stock exchange and buy assets. There are brokers for this purpose. Brokers have all necessary licenses and certificates, without which it is impossible to access the stock exchange. In other words, in order to make a deal on the exchange you must use the services of a broker and nothing else.

Market analysis on the platform
Market analysis on the platform

Essentially, a broker's primary responsibility is to transmit your trade order to the exchange and execute the corresponding transaction. 

Of course, a broker does not work for free, and will charge you a commission for his services. The amount of commission as well as types of additional services provided may vary from broker to broker.

Basically, the entire process of trading on a Web trading platform in the Philippines can be reduced to two main components: determining the size of the position to be opened and executing the trade (opening, holding and closing positions). The rules for opening, holding and closing positions should be derived from the trading system of the trader. Exactly the trading system shall give answers to all questions arising in the process of trading. However, there are a number of simple rules, which can be considered universal and suitable for most trading systems. 

Position management algorithm on an internet based trading platform: 

  • Enter the trade and set the stop loss at a reasonable level. 
  • Transfer of stop-loss in case of price movement towards the position opening.
  • Moving the stop loss to the breakeven point of the position (to the opening price of the transaction).
  • Take profits on the target figure or in portions as the price moves.

When you lock a profit during the price movement, you reduce the risks of the transaction and free up capacity for the opening of positions in other instruments. You can also close in parts, for example, on a breakdown of the previous highs or lows, depending on whether the market is falling or rising.

With the Web based trading platform in the Philippines, investors can monitor stock trading, analyse price movements, perform trades in securities and monitor further developments in the investment portfolio and individual security positions. 

The objective of the Web trading platform is to give investors access to and the possibility to trade different types of instruments, to analyse these instruments, to trade comfortably and transparently, to monitor the current status of the purchased assets individually as well as the entire portfolio.

Select indicators on the platform
Select indicators on the platform

Based on these criteria, a browser based trading platform in the Philippines has the following features:

  • operation with various types of instruments;
  • trading operations of the exchange terminal;
  • analysis, including specific options for individual instruments as well as extensions of the analysis capabilities;
  • monitoring and analysis of both individual assets and the portfolio as a whole;
  • simplicity and ease of use.

The browser based trading platform has quite extensive analysis capabilities. The analysis package includes a technical analysis module, special analytical add-ons for various individual exchange instruments. It also offers the possibility to perform a deeper technical analysis or to build and simulate your own trading strategies.

The technical analysis module in the Web trading platform is represented by the usual, standard set of tools for graphical technical analysis (construction of levels, trends, channels, Fibonacci grids). This will allow you to make basic graphical analysis. Set of indicators in the internet based trading platform is also standard, these are all the most basic and necessary indicators. There are classes of trend indicators, oscillators, volume and volatility indicators. 

Monitoring and analysis of the portfolio on the internet based trading platform consists of a separate display of securities positions, which are stocks, bonds, ETFs; a separate display for cash and a separate display for options positions. The aggregate result of all positions is shown in the client portfolio table. The margin level of the portfolio and all available brokerage accounts are also reflected there. They can also be filtered there.

It is important to select the right web platform so that its capabilities are also directly related to the user's own requirements and preferences.

Browser based trading platform in the Philippines, tailored to specific markets: 

Web platform for trading cryptocurrencies.

It is the youngest of the financial markets presented here. Cryptocurrency is an asset that depends entirely on computing power. The most popular cryptocurrencies at the moment are (arranged in descending order of value): Bitcoin (Bitcoin); Bitcoin Cash; Dash; Ethereum.

The cryptocurrency market trades currency pairs, only along with fiat currencies (USD, EUR, GBP...) it includes cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, PPC...). This type of market is an electronic trading platform and trading there is similar to FOREX trading via a dealing desk. The leverage here is also huge (1:100 or even 1:1000 is the order of the day), it is also easy to register and make a deposit. 

Browser based Forex trading platform.

The Foreign exchange market is a system of financial relations aimed at buying or selling foreign currencies for other currencies. The volume of performed transactions, the FOREX market far exceeds all other financial markets. 

The Forex market is an international exchange market, where demand for currency from market participants determines its value. The Forex market allows various banking institutions and international companies to exchange currencies of different countries. It is also an exchange of options, shares and so on. The dynamics of exchange rates are shown on the charts.

A trader makes his money on the fluctuations of exchange rates. If he buys a currency at a low price and sells it when it rises in price, he earns money. The price difference is the trader's income.

The activity of a particular exchange market is called a session. Given Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), all exchanges are divided into time-based trading sessions.

Web platform for trading options.

An option is a contract between the buyer and the seller with a specified price and a specified period after which the contract will become effective. An option has two active parties: the buyer and the seller. The buyer of an option pays the seller a fixed amount and receives the right to execute a transaction in the underlying asset at the agreed price and at the agreed time. The important thing here is that the buyer acquires a right, not an obligation. This is the key difference from the futures. The buyer of an option can refuse to complete a transaction upon expiration of the contract.

The seller of the option receives a fixed amount and gives an obligation to perform a future transaction with the buyer - if the buyer decides to exercise his right.

Browser based ETF trading platform.

An ETF is a portfolio (basket) of securities assembled according to a specific principle. ETFs give you the ability to buy and sell a basket of assets without having to buy all the components individually, and they often have lower fees than other types of funds.

There are many ways to invest in ETFs, and how you do so depends largely on your preference. These assets are a standard offering among online brokers, although the number of offers (and associated fees) depends on the broker. At the other end of the spectrum, robo-advisors are building their portfolios out of low-cost ETFs, giving investors access to these assets. One trend that has been good for ETF buyers is that many large brokerages have lowered their fees on equity, ETF and options trades to $0. 

Web platform for stock trading.

The stock market gives the owner two types of income:

  • Dividends (payments in the format of a percentage of the company's total income);
  • Buy-and-sell. An investor buys a stock at one price and then resells it at a higher price. The difference is the income. For such actions one needs to have an idea of the developments on the stock market, to follow the dynamics. 

If you have a portfolio of different volumes of stocks of companies in various sectors and know how to manage them well (sell at the maximum price in a timely manner, buy at the minimum price), you can ensure a consistently high income. Shares are a great way to invest and earn money. If you learn all the ins and outs and choose promising companies, you can make a stable high income by creating a gradually large portfolio and minimizing risks.

Developers of asset trading software are paying more and more attention to mobile platforms. It is now possible to interact with the market using a phone or tablet, allowing a trader to work and transact anywhere.

How to start use web based trading platform in the Philippines? 

On a Web based trading platform in the Philippines, you can trade both stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, currencies, bonds and more. This is considered to be the biggest advantage of a Web based platform.

Registrating on the investing platform
Registrating on the investing platform

To open an account with a broker, you need to provide your personal details (name, email address) and confirm the registration process. This is important to do so, so that you always have access to the trading platform and the trading accounts opened on it. After the registration and confirmation of your account details, you can proceed to make a deposit to your approved trading account using one of the payment methods provided. You may do it by transferring money via bank card, wire transfer or e-wallet. Depending on the chosen method of funding, the money will be received from 5 minutes to 5 days.

How to open account
How to open account

When opening a trade, the trader can turn on the leverage, which means that his trade will grow in size. Leverage is funds provided by a broker for a trade, subject to the client contributing a certain amount as collateral. It can mean a large profit or a much larger loss. It is generally not recommended for beginners unless they are absolutely certain they know what they are doing. 

After registering with the Web trading platform, you will have access to a demo account, which is a trial account. While trading on a demo account a trader gets used to the trading terminal, learns its functions, tries his/her hand at one or another type of trading (scalping, pipsing, intraday, short-term, mid-term or long-term trading), tests trading strategies, selects technical indicators, etc. Figuratively speaking, a demo account is a training simulator, a forex trading simulator. Trading on such an account is done with virtual money. Just get started, that's the most important thing - this is the first step!

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