IQ Option app download: a comfortable way to trade

Everyone wants to earn money, and much of it if possible! 

Well, one of the ways of making dough apart from being employed is by investing in an income-generating business wisely! Otherwise, you may have started counting losses already. We, at IQ Option, equip all our clients with the industry’s best trading tools, making CFD trading a fabulous experience. All you need to do is find and download the IQ Option app. Wondering how to download IQ Option? We got your back!

Our app and website allow our clients to trade forex, digital, and binary options. Moreover, you can trade from any part of the world even with a minimum of $1. 

An advantage of using IQ Option apps is that you can conveniently attach to stop losses, as well as move your profit orders to your forex positions, something that other sites do not offer. 

After downloading the IQ Option platform, you can either place the pending buy or sell orders at specific price levels. There are so many reasons why you should start trading with us, and downloading any of our apps should be your first step.

IQ Option app is suitable for any device
IQ Option app is suitable for any device

What is IQ Option?

By now, you already know what we stand for! We are a binary broker.

We strive ourselves to improve our services, and indeed, we are ever updating ourselves with the newest binary options technologies to offer you the best tools and see you prosper. We have an IQ option platform download for both desktop and mobile to help investors analyze the markets and reap profits from them.

Tasked with showing binary options trading look like a walk at the Rizal Park, IQ Option app download is the right mobile or PC app for you. Signing up is easy. 

You only have to fill out a form and provide your personal information. 

Depositing money is easier as well, and there are a variety of methods you can use. After registering, e-mails that are meant to help you navigate through our app will start streaming into your inbox.

Benefits of downloading IQ Option

Binary and forex trading can transform a trader into a millionaire overnight, for as long as you trade in a trusted, straightforward, and easily usable site like ours that celebrates with you. 

We, at IQ Option, want to toast to your victory regardless of how small it is, and we have an app for your convenience. For those trading through iOS or Android devices, you can find IQ Option app download in your respective app stores.

You can also search in your browser IQ Option download for Windows if you intend to use our services right from your PC. For us, it does not matter which device you are using. You only have to download the app. 

At times, you may be busy somewhere or still learning the pros and cons of binary trading. That is where IQ Option Robot download comes in.

Create IQ Option Robot
Create IQ Option Robot

This app is an automated binary options software that allows you to automatically trade the binary options. The Robot analyzes market trends in real time and places the right currencies when it is the right time. The app puts money where your mouth is and increases your win rate.

The IQ Option Robot has helped thousands of users, including novice and experienced investors, as they trade more efficiently. It uses high-frequency trading commonly used by big investment banks, as a recently introduced technology. Using it will give you an upper hand over your competitors. However, if you are an expert trader, you should go instead with IQ Option binary download and reap its benefits.

What IQ Option offers to its esteemed clients

Masterforex-V Academy has deemed IQ Option as the leading binary options broker in 2014, thanks to the many currency options that it offers. 

The broking company’s solutions and ideas have helped thousands of retailers obtain some of the highest payouts in trading history. Client funds are stored in segregated accounts for security. 

Our encryption and certificate technologies ensure that your transactions and information as our client remain secure. 

As for trading, client orders are instantly processed without delays. Clients get to enter the market at a price that may struck them. This only means that after IQ Option software download and signing up to the app, you become secure and you will have nothing to worry about as far as your security is concerned. Our staff members are highly skilled and professional across multiple fields, and our client service is topnotch.

Features of IQ Option App

As you already know, IQ Option app offers numerous advantages. 

However, you need to familiarize the features to get the best out of IQ Option. We are going to expound some of these features so that both rookies and expert traders can take a closer look and understand how the system works. Here they are: 

1. Take Profit/Stop Loss

By the sound of it, you can tell that our goal is helping you generate profit from your investments. This feature is vital for anybody who trades in longer intervals. Take profit/stop-loss order closes the deal automatically once the price starts to nosedive on you or reaches a particular predetermined level that may jeopardize your profits or plunge you deeper into losses.

We are constantly improving for your best result
We are constantly improving for your best result

It can be used to lock in profit that you have already made or cut losses if you have incurred some. 

Simply put, you can use the feature to exit the trading market at the right time when it is not working in your favor. 

In reality, it is not easy to achieve a perfect balance, but you get to learn more.

2. Use Balance to Keep Positions Open

This feature allows the deal to remain open regardless of whether it has surpassed the autoclose level. Your deal may be out of money, but if you expect the price to reverse in your favor, you can try the option.

To maintain the deal, the funds from the balance will have to be used, in case it goes against your expectations beyond the autoclose level. 

If things have twisted and start working in your favor, the funds deducted from the available deposited balance will be refunded just like they were once deducted.

3. Market-on-Open

This feature allows you to open or sell orders whether the market is open or closed. Currency pairs which are the focal assets of forex market do not trade during weekends. CFDs, on the other hand, do not buy or sell during weekends and at night. Trading activities may stop, but asset prices can change. Perhaps, you would want to take advantage of the increase or decrease in prices.

The feature can be used only once in a week for major currencies like the US dollar or euro, or a few more times if you decide to trade on exotic currency pairs. 

It is only sudden political and macroeconomic developments that can affect national currencies’ exchange rate, unless there is a significant announcement by a country’s central bank or reserve during a weekend.

4. Trailing Stop Loss

This feature guards your investment by allowing you either to incur a certain amount of loss or to secure a particular amount of profit. 

Once you have set the “Stop Loss” level, and the price of an asset has taken a dive, this feature will follow through. 

However, it will not move if the outcome is against your prediction. For example, if the price of an asset goes up, the Stop Loss will rise as well to the desired direction. It is a unique tool that can boost your trading results, as long as you apply it wisely. In better terms, the deal closes after generating a certain level of profit, before such trend is about to reverse.

Stop loss - take profit
Stop loss - take profit

5. Market Analysis

IQ Option does not only provide you an account with tools to help you with your binary or foreign exchange trading, but also with market news and updates. 

You do not have to leave the trade room to find updates from outside sources. With our friendly IQ Option binary download app, you can acquire all the information you will ever need about the top assets. You can also check the forex trends and be ahead of the curve.

One of the advantages of this feature is that you no longer have to open multiple tabs. All the required information is right there within the app.

This feature gives you an upper hand by conveniently offering you everything you need in one place, so you can directly use the app to make more profits.

Forex trade: what to know before venturing

Foreign exchange trading may look easy, and beginners tend to think it is a give and win venture. 

In reality, if you are not familiar with it, you might watch all your investments go down the drain. Forex trading is all about trading two currencies from different countries against each other. The most popular currency pair is EUR/USD. When the euro gains against the US dollar, the pair goes up; when the dollar gains, the pair drops in value. Forex traders and brokers purchase these currencies to make a killing between buying and selling prices. 

Before the arrival of the internet, forex trading was dominated by central banks, global financial institutions, and the extremely rich people. Now, anybody can trade through forex.

EUR/USD chart
EUR/USD chart

When you trade currencies, you either buy or sell currency pairs where one is used to buy the other. 

For instance, the euro in EUR/USD is known as the base currency, while the US dollar is the counter currency. 

Your broker converts your cash into US dollars and then uses it to buy euro. When buying, you take a “long position”. For selling, you take a “short position”.

Time is a factor in the forex market since positions may open and close in minutes or may retain for months at other times. Due to the unknown size of the forex market, more prominent and influential people cannot manipulate prices. However, one should try to learn more about foreign exchange before investing the hard-earned money.

How to create a Demo Account

After IQ Option download for Windows or IQ Option app download, it is important to create a demo account.

It will help you familiarize the app and its functions. It is quite easy to navigate the account unlike other broker sites.

Registration takes only a few seconds or minutes depending on your internet speed. As soon as you have completed registering the demo account, your account will receive 1,000 virtual dollars which you can use to buy or sell.

The first step after IQ Option platform download is filling out some boxes with your personal details including your name and email, and setting a password that is easy for you to remember.

After you confirm OPEN AN ACCOUNT FOR FREE, you will be redirected to the main section. While it loads, check your email and click the confirmation link.

After opening the app, confirm that you have acknowledged that there are risks, and the site does not have guaranteed profit. Click on “I have read…” and start trading! A pop-up window will then inquire whether you intend to trade with a demo account, or a real account where you may have to add real money through a payment method of your choice. Choose the demo account.

Start trading now
Start trading now

Why choose our app

We offer apps for most devices, so you do not have to be near your desktop to trade. 

Our apps also have amazing features. You can apply indicators or change the chart type. You can also set the chart type of your choice. You can choose bars, a line chart, or a Heikin-ashi for IQ Option robot download, IQ Option software download, or mobile IQ Option app download.

There are more features that you can check out by exploring the menu on the left. Choose our apps since they offer you an opportunity to explore the world of trading. 

We also offer the benefit of trading from anywhere. Downloading the app is easy! Look for the app in your respective app store.

After trying the demo, you may proceed to choose between an IQ Option Real Account or IQ Option VIP Account. The VIP Account has all the features in the real account and some other extra features such as a personal manager.

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