The choice of a service representative, in the world of trading in marketable assets, is one of the most difficult and important stages. Representatives, known as brokers, provide the main sources of mechanisms, trading instruments, leverage, spreads and all kinds of indicators and are important participants in this industry.

The platforms that clients of online brokers use facilitate the process of making a profit, and therefore, properly influence trading in general. Unfortunately, the perception of this industry is greatly distorted due to scammers, because of which people are afraid of being deceived and miss out on a good opportunity to make a lucrative income.

Undoubtedly, trading in marketable assets always carries some risks, but many traders still succeed in this area. Therefore, to say that it is impossible to make a profit through trading is to lie.

IQ Option Online Trading Platform
IQ Option Online Trading Platform

This area is developing, thanks to reliable and trusted brokers, allowing its clients to receive safe profits. One of the brokers that allows their clients to trade and gives them the opportunity to develop in this area is IQ Option.

This broker has established itself as a reliable service provider in the world of marketable asset trading. IQ Option is the largest broker offering its users the opportunity to use assets in different types of markets using CFD. Many people wonder is IQ Option safe?

The platform has been operating since 2014, since that moment, the developers have made every effort to improve the services offered. IQ Option users use the platform from almost every country in the world, thanks to which the broker is world famous. The platform is available in more than 10 languages ​​of the world and has a simple terminal, allowing each client to easily understand its components.

Why choose the IQ Options platform?
Why choose the IQ Options platform?

Can IQ Option be trusted?

Trust in brokers is developed over the years, thanks to customer reviews and awards received, thanks to which the platforms consistently hold their place in the ranking among competitors. For example, IQ Option, at this point in time, has 8 years of work in the field of trading in market assets. IQ Option is safe to use and provides many different types of assets.

The trading platform is a set of features that allows the client to build safe trading strategies and apply them for profit.

Any user can open an account and START TRADING RIGHT NOW!

Registration on the platform is very simple, the client can create a personal account using a phone number or an active email address. Then you should come up with a strong password and check the box agreeing to the terms of use.

Registration at IQ Option
Registration at IQ Option

A free demo account allows the user to try out various strategies and familiarize himself with the terminal before depositing funds. On the practice account, there are fictitious funds 10000$ that the client can use to improve their trading skills. Thanks to this function, the client of the platform can get acquainted with financial instruments, study trading software, and also understand whether this broker meets its criteria and requirements.

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

How is security ensured?

After the client understands that the platform satisfies him as a consumer, he can switch to a real account. To do this, the user needs to log into their account and find verification in the menu. This process is necessary to ensure the security of the platform by verifying the identity of users. To go through this process, you will need to provide documents that can confirm the identity of the client. Thus, the trader will confirm the legality of his actions during online trading. This stage will also help protect the client's data and his funds, which will be stored on the account, from fraudsters and various attempts to hack the system.

Verify your account
Verify your account

This also gives security to the platform itself, and security is exactly what is an important criterion when choosing a broker. IQ Option is safe both for new users and for those who have been its clients for a large amount of time.

Thanks to the support service, users can solve any technical issues at any time, as the support team is available around the clock in various languages. Such responsibility of the developers speaks of the reliability and safety of this broker. The customer support team not only tries to help with the problem that has arisen, but also prevents their further occurrence by collecting information from users around the world.


Awards for online brokers are of great importance, as they can be used to judge the client-oriented platform, security and its regulation. Usually information about rewards can be found on the broker's website, as well as get acquainted with them.

The platform received most of its awards in its first year of operation, which indicates that IQ Option has been safe since its inception. Since then, this broker has established itself as a reliable and responsible service provider for its clients.

IQ Option has been honored with numerous awards
IQ Option has been honored with numerous awards

Why IQ Option?

Among many online brokers, this platform allows users to use a demo account for free, while not having any time limits. The user can not only get acquainted with the terminal, but also, when using a new strategy, work it out on this account. Not every competitive broker can boast this feature.

A secure broker, IQ Option, allows its clients to trade at a convenient time for them and wherever they are, and all thanks to a mobile application. The platform is available on IOS and Android, and thus allows you to keep track of open deals even during trips or vacations.

The platform is also available in a mobile version
The platform is also available in a mobile version

Also, the main pluses include the fact that the developers of IQ Option are constantly developing the platform, this is done in order to maintain the status of one of the best brokers among competitors. In addition, developers focus on their customers and improve the functionality for their convenience and comfortable work. For example, when a client indicates his country while filling in personal data, the platform system automatically selects the most convenient transaction methods for depositing and withdrawing funds from a real account.

IQ Option is also known for its ability to provide training to its clients. For example, if a person wants to learn trading, but does not know where to start, then he can use the training block on the platform. It includes materials in the form of articles, as well as video lessons. In addition to the fact that they can be read in a more convenient language for the user, it is also possible to immediately work out the acquired knowledge with the help of a training account.

Get access to educational materials
Get access to educational materials

REGISTER ON THE PLATFORM right now and start trading today!

All functions, except for trading itself, are available on the platform for free. Trading begins when the client makes an initial deposit, which is only $10. This amount is calculated by the developers to provide an opportunity to start and learn to trade, to any person. Thanks to this platform, trading in marketable assets becomes possible and safe.

Thanks to its regulations, IQ Option provides safe storage of funds, as well as their quick withdrawal to bank cards or accounts of its users. It is also worth noting that during the replenishment of the deposit, the platform does not charge a commission, but it is worth considering that many electronic payment systems have it, so it is better to clarify this issue in advance.

Developers are trying to provide their clients with quality services so that users can safely trade market assets and receive the desired income. The platform is designed to ensure that clients have the opportunity, with the help of financial instruments, to organize profitable trading for themselves.

All you need to start earning income right now is to register on IQ Option, fund your account and start trading!

Get access to different types of financial markets
Get access to different types of financial markets


Is it safe to trade with IQ Option?

At the moment, a huge number of clients of this broker are already profiting from asset trading.

Before depositing money to a real account, the user goes through all the stages of protecting his personal account from scammers and hacks, without these processes, the platform simply will not allow you to deposit funds.

As soon as the client is convinced that the platform suits him according to all the criteria, he can replenish the account, this process is not necessary immediately after registration. The user will have enough time to get acquainted with the trading platform.

After registration, the client has access to all the functions of the platform, except for the operation of a real account, which means that he can do anything, but he will not make a profit.

To do this, it is enough, firstly, to be sure that the password from the personal account was not disclosed to unauthorized persons, and secondly, try to replenish the deposit, if the system allows the user to do this, then the account is protected.

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