How to buy PayPal stocks

PayPal Holdings, Inc is a popular online financial services company that facilitates digital payments, transfers, and transactions between users.

It is a reliable tool in business, online shopping, and much more. In terms of investment opportunity, this is a public company that is openly traded on the NASDAQ exchange. This United States based company has accrued over 286 million active users and is still going strong.

A technical analysis of their earnings report demonstrates long term growth stocks and suggests that the financial situation of the company is currently in a good position.

This has made it an appealing prospect for investors from the Philippines and beyond.

How to buy PayPal shares
How to buy PayPal shares

How to invest in PayPal stocks

To understand how to invest in PayPal stocks, you must consider all the pieces involved.

The first of these pieces is to discover and locate any online brokers to help facilitate the investments. This will serve as the gateway into the trade room and let you find and buy PayPal stocks.

In order to properly investigate these platforms, you must be aware of the features they can offer and which of them are the most important to include.

In this regard, it is best to look at the full process of joining one of these brokers.

PayPal Stock Investment Platform

The platform you choose will also help to teach you how to buy PayPal stocks in the Philippines in real time.

This is because the best brokers are designed to make investing as intuitive and straightforward as possible. When you join one of these platforms you are given access to all the various tools you will require to make trades on PayPal stocks and better understand the marketplace.

Before you jump in, you must make sure that the broker has access to the stock exchange you want. For PayPal, this is the NASDAQ. If your broker provides securities on this exchange, the odds are that they have some PayPal stock available too.

Paypal investment platform
Paypal investment platform

How to start investing in PayPal stocks

The sale of stocks is carried out by platforms that have access to the various exchanges around the world.

PayPal happens to be on one of the most popular exchanges, making it a prime candidate for stock trading platforms to include. When you have a couple of options that include this asset for trade, you can start to compare the other various aspects of the brokers.

How to start investing in PayPal shares?
How to start investing in PayPal shares?

How to register

One of the best things about the top brokerage accounts online is that they have free registration.

This makes joining their community a very easy thing to do. When you register your account, you must visit the website of the broker you want to try out. This will lead you through the full process and once you are registered you will be given access to the platform itself. This is where the fun begins.

Registration on a trading platform
Registration on a trading platform

How to open a demo account

Many platforms will give you access to their trade room for free.

To actually start investing in the stock you want, you must make a deposit. Fortunately, many platforms also offer their clients a demo account option, which allows them to test out the platform and the features on there. This is done by providing virtual money to the users, so they can trade without any risks or rewards.

Not only does the demo work to test out the platform but it also helps new traders figure out the financial market.

Once you are more familiar with how it works, you can use the demo to even help develop strategies for your real trading.

How to open a real account

When you have experimented with a few platforms and the demos they provide, you will find a broker that appeals to the way you want to invest. When you are comfortable with the platform, you can look to start investing in your PayPal stocks properly. Like with any investment, you will require capital to properly do it. This means making a deposit into your trading account.

When you make that first deposit, you are also activating your account for future use. This means that as soon as the money is in your broker account, you can start investing immediately.

How to open a demo or a real account
How to open a demo or a real account

How to fund a deposit

A deposit is essential to the investing process.

In order to buy up stock on the market, you will need some capital to spend. This allows you to buy and hold shares, gain dividend yield where possible, and make variable income from capital gain as the prices of your owned shares rise over time. To get this started, you must analyse the personal finance you have available and how much you are willing to put on the line.

Understanding how much you invest at any one time will be essential to long term investing.

There are risks around this process and you want to make sure that you are not put out by losing a single trade.

Minimum deposit amount

When you go to make your deposit on the platform you have chosen, you will need to use one of the payment services they have.

These are the systems, like PayPal, that can help facilitate transfers of money between your bank account and the brokerage account. Make sure you are familiar with one of the available options, to make deposits even easier to perform.

Many brokers have a minimum amount they will accept for deposit. This can have an effect on you depending on the funds you have available.

Picking a minimum that suits your investment goals is another important step to be mindful of.

Deposit replenishment
Deposit replenishment

How to withdraw money

When the deposits are used for investing, you can make a profit out of them.

The more successfully you do this, the more money you will make. This revenue will go directly into your trading account. From here, you can move it across to your personal bank account using one of the many withdrawal options available. These will be much the same as the payment services offered for making a deposit.

Security of PayPal Stock Investments

Everyone wants some financial security in their lives. Something to create a financial freedom from the regular day to day grind that working can become. Investing has the potential to provide exactly this, if done successfully. Investing in a well-off company like PayPal is a good start but it is by no means a guaranteed investment. Even something as robust as this can see drops and dips in the marketplace.

This is a big part of why investors follow trends, perform research, and use tools like market indicators to give them as much information on the stocks they trade.

Information about Paypal shares
Information about Paypal shares

How safe is it to invest in PayPal stocks

Safety should always be a top concern for anyone dealing regularly with the internet.

There are risks to the online world and understanding how to navigate them can create a big impact and protect your funds down the line. A big part of the safety you will experience when trading comes from the broker you choose. Top platforms will do everything in their power to keep their clients safe.

Is it safe to invest in PayPal stocks online

Online may have some risks, but most of these revolve around visiting sites that are not properly monitored or authorised. This basically means that if you stick to the safe and secure brokers you trust then you will be safe throughout.

When you invest online like this, it is actually more secure than offline investing.

How to safely invest in PayPal stocks online

Being aware of your environment online is one of the most powerful tools to keep safe.

There are dangerous websites out there, so avoiding these will already make an impact. The best thing to do is to make sure you properly review and investigate the brokers you trade with. Using a highly reputable platform will keep you much safer than the alternative.

My investments in PayPal stocks are protected

With the right platform, your investments will be secured at all times. This includes any stocks you might buy, profits you make, and deposits you put into your account.

It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the payment services of the platform too, so you are comfortable with moving money back and forth.


Where can I buy PayPal stocks?

PayPal stocks will most likely be found on any platform offering securities from the NASDAQ stock exchange. This is where this public company is openly traded. From here, you can buy or sell shares in PayPal, or hold them for a longer term and profit through capital gains. Given the popularity of this exchange and the assets therein, many of the top brokers offer some trading in this regard.

As an alternative to buying stocks in PayPal, some brokers offer derivative trading. This doesn’t directly involve the shares of the underlying stock, but rather the price movements. Traders then make trades between them and their broker on how this price may change. One of the best benefits of this form of trading is that you can access leverage supplied by the platform to boost investment amounts.

The price of a stock of PayPal varies over time obviously. Constantly affected by changes in the market or the financial performance of the company, the price will never remain constant. Currently, the stock quotes for PayPal put it around $240 per share. Relative to other companies on the exchange, this is a rather expensive stock.

The market capitalization for PayPal is over $280 billion, meaning that there is a lot of potential investment opportunity available. There are no dividends paid out by this company, which is not uncommon amongst growth stocks and even tech stocks, of which this is both.

For the investors situated in the Philippines, there is a lot of trading available online. Many of the top brokers have spread their reach all over the world, allowing investors from all manner of jurisdiction to invest on the stock exchange. Since this is all based online, you will be required to use an online broker for this.

Once you have registered and joined the platform, you can navigate to the stock market assets listed in the trade room. Under the NASDAQ page you will see the various tickers of the different companies. Look out for PayPal’s PYPL ticker and get started immediately.

By now, it will come as no shock to you and that the shares on the stock market are always changing prices. There are so many different reasons for a share price movement that it is often very difficult to pinpoint the origin of the change. Sometimes later down the line this becomes more apparent, but by then the change has long since occurred and the investment window may be closed. Keeping an ear to the ground for any info on the stocks you trade will only help make more informed decisions.

In the case of PayPal, the most recent dip in share price could be attributed to the company’s projections falling short of investor expectation. For the 4th quarter of 2020 they projected growth of around 25%, barely matching the previous quarter’s growth.

This theoretical plateau of growth led to investors losing some faith in the stock and the price to subsequently drop. In this case, the market valuation from the investors impacted the stock price itself and saw expectations bring it down.

With all the chaos of 2020, many people and companies moved their work even further online. In these cases, clients are required to use debit cards, credit cards, or some other form of online payment. PayPal fit this bill perfectly, providing the financial service required at the time. This led to a significant surge in price of the stock during the year.

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