How to buy Microsoft stocks

When it comes to giants of the financial market, there are few as large and impactful as Microsoft.

This public company is responsible for developing one of the most influential and popular operating systems in the world. To understand how to invest in Microsoft stocks there are several key points to be aware of.

Firstly, you will require a broker to facilitate the investments you want to make and help you buy the stock. Next, you will need enough personal finance to make the investments you want. Managing and generating capital for investing is a major part of the process. Once you have these pieces in place, you can start to develop your strategies and research the assets, like how to buy Microsoft stocks in the Philippines.

How to buy Microsoft stocks
How to buy Microsoft stocks

How to invest in Microsoft stocks

The primary tool that investors of the Philippines can use to start investing is an online broker.

The internet is a vast and magical place, filled with all manner of resource. Amongst this, there are many unique platforms that can connect traders with the market. These will allow you to buy and sell the shares you want, earn returns through these investments, and manage your funds between broker and bank account.

Information about the Microsoft shares
Information about the Microsoft shares

Microsoft Stock Investment Platform

As is hopefully clear by now, the first and most critical step to getting access to the stock market is a broker.

They can either connect you directly to the stock exchange you are interested in. Alternatively, some brokers will simply use these financial markets to generate derivative trading based on the values of the underlying securities.

This means you can either use your broker to acquire assets in the Microsoft corporation or you can make trades on the shifting values of the Microsoft stocks on the market. The former provides tangible asset value, while the latter employs the use of leverage to enable traders more freedom on their capital investments.

Microsoft Stock Investment Platform
Microsoft Stock Investment Platform

How to start investing in Microsoft stocks

Picking an online broker that fits your desired investment strategy is a powerful way to get started. The more you research and review, the more likely you will find yourself in an environment that can support your investments. To buy Microsoft stocks, an important consideration is the availability of this stock on the platform. Different brokers will have different assets available for investment.

Fortunately, with a big name like Microsoft, the odds are that most of the top brokers online will have some form of investing around it.

When you join the platform, navigate to the stock options and look out for the famous MSFT ticker to get your hands on those exciting dividend stocks.

How to register

Reviewing the list of available online brokers is the best way to understand which ones are suited to you.

Once you are familiar with some of these options, you can consider registering an account and testing it out first-hand. Fortunately, the sign-up process for many of these brokers is very intuitive, quick, and free of any unnecessary charges.

Once you are registered on the broker’s system, you will get access to their platform. This will still require you to make a deposit to start trading for real, but you can still check out the trade room and what is broadly on offer.

This is a good time to test out as many of the features as possible and see that you can do the various investing you want.

Registration on the Investment Platform
Registration on the Investment Platform

How to open a demo account

A powerful tool in helping investors test the waters of their new platform is the demo account.

Many, if not all by now, brokers have some form of demo available. This is a tool that lets you experience trading on the chosen platform, making investments with virtual money in a vacuum. You cannot make any profit out of this, but it will give you a good look at how the broker operates.

For the more experienced investors, the demo can still be a useful tool in setting up and testing out potential strategies on the market.

How to open a real account

The real account is the next step along the path toward online Microsoft investing.

Once you have had your fun with the demo and are comfortable with the broker you have chosen, you can look to get going for real. This means placing real money on the line and earning potentially real returns from these investments.

Most brokers will require a deposit to get started, which makes sense since you will need some capital to start trading.

This is also a good time to consider your finances and manage the amounts you want to invest with.

How to open a demo or a real account
How to open a demo or a real account

How to fund a deposit

When you are ready to start investing, you can make that all crucial first deposit.

Not only will this serve to activate your real account on the platform, but it will also provide the resource that you will need to buy up stocks. Since Microsoft is not a small company on the exchange, the price of a share will be noticeably high. It is good to understand the nature of your investments before transferring your capital.

To make a deposit you will require the use of one of the many payment systems present on the platform. These can be either in the form of online e-wallets that can act as a middleman or go more directly through your bank account straight into the trading one.

When the funds are moved across, you access them on the platform and use them to invest.

Minimum deposit amount

Something to consider when you go about your investing and financial management is the minimum set on your chosen broker. Each broker will have a different amount set that deposits must be over in order to transfer them to the trading account. This prevents very small transactions from congesting the systems.

Ensure that the broker you picked is providing a minimum that fits comfortably into your finance assessment, not pushing you too far just to get started.

Fortunately, many brokers have made these deposit requirements very low and accessible to most traders.

Deposit replenishment
Deposit replenishment

How to withdraw money

Like with the deposits, withdrawals require you to use the payment services available on your broker.

These systems will help to safely facilitate the movement of funds between your accounts. The protection and security that they add is an invaluable resource in this industry.

It is worth noting that some brokers will have certain conditions set around the amounts you can withdraw.

It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the various restrictions and regulations surrounding any transfers of funds on the platform.

Security of Microsoft Stock Investments

Everyone wants some form of security, whether it is in their daily lives, income, or simply protecting personal information. As a form of income, investing can be a great way to financial freedom, generating consistent, if somewhat variable, income. These investments can keep earning profit far beyond the amount initially used.

At the same time, investing carries with it some risks. Not every investment is a guarantee, even something like Microsoft stocks. While these are a much more reliable stock option than most, even still there is a chance that profits will fall short of expectation and potentially result in an overall loss. (GB) This is why professional investors develop consistent and reliable strategies to help them increase the security of their investments.

How safe is it to invest in Microsoft stocks

While the profit security of most investments cannot be guaranteed, the security of your funds and personal information can be. With a reliable and trusted online broker your transactions and information online will be safe from potential risks.

This makes investing on your Microsoft shares a safe process to carry out.

Is it safe to invest in Microsoft stocks online

Compared to offline investing, online trading is actually more secure for those involved.

The top online brokers have done everything in their power to protect their clients while they trade. This involves making deposits and withdrawals, holding funds in the trading account, and protecting your investments.

How to safely invest in Microsoft stocks online

If safety is a concern of yours while online, make sure you have some protections available. Security features like antivirus software and firewalls can help protect your device from harmful websites. When you are online, try and use reputable websites only, visiting dangerous ones can incite risks.

Again, your online broker will be responsible for much of your security while investing so make sure you are able to completely trust them.

My investments in Microsoft stocks are protected

When you buy shares, you want to know that the investment will be protected in the long term.

Your brokerage account will make sure that these processes are maintained and secure. Utilise reliable payment services that you can trust to handle deposits and withdrawals, and make sure to keep vigilant on the flow of funds between your investments, your broker, and your bank account.


Where can I buy Microsoft stocks?

Microsoft stocks can be found on any of the reputable brokers that engage with the stock market. This is the financial market that hosts the sale of shares of publicly traded companies and allows investors to buy and sell these shares. When you register with a broker platform, you are given access to their trade room. From here, you can navigate to the stock trading panel, where the various assets are listed.

Here you can get stock quotes, a degree of market valuation, and other useful pieces of information that your broker provides. When you are ready to invest, simply select the Microsoft asset, usually represented by the MSFT ticker.

Narrowing down the exact costs of a share on the open market is impossible because they are always moving. The price today may very well be an entirely different one by tomorrow. For investors, this means tracking down every piece of information related to the stock you want to invest in. The more you can find, the more likely you are to predict the outcome accurately.

Currently, Microsoft stock is trading at just over $210 per share. While this is a significant amount for a single share, there are others on the market boasting even more substantial prices. Microsoft does have a market capitalization of over 1.6 trillion and dividend yield of $0.56 per share however, so there is a lot of investing potential available.

With the power of the internet, investors from all around the world can have a go at Microsoft stock trading. From the Philippines, this assortment of investments is also readily available across the many top brokers also operating within this jurisdiction. This means that there are a range of different trade rooms to experience and all the Microsoft investments you can handle.

Everyday there is something new happening in the stock market. Whether it is related to the financial situation of the company therein or the market itself, is often under dispute. This is why many brokers offer a lot of resources to help their clients make sense of the market and predict some of the possible outcomes.

With Microsoft, there are many factors that play a part in their share price. Changes to the tech world happen at lightning speeds and so to do the effects on the stock pricing.

A good amount of movement in the stock market is to do with the expectations of investors. These are the people that put forth the capital to help these publicly traded companies grow and their opinions matter a lot in the grand scheme of things.

With Microsoft, the recent drop in share price was linked to exactly this. A discrepancy between actual growth and projected growth from the investors. When this occurs, interest in the stock can wane and with it the price.

Other factors like governmental restrictions and stimulus initiatives also impact the market significantly. If the economy is looking good, then many of the companies will have more optimistic projections. With Microsoft, there was a substantial growth early in 2020 when massive stimulus packages were announced to ease burdens from the pandemic.

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