Instructions for downloading the IQ Option for PC Windows application

  • Create your own account on the platform. To do this, enter your email address and a secure password. Then you will need these credentials to log into the platform.
  • Tick the box to agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  • Login to the platform RIGHT NOW with your details, to try out the trading platform features for free, through a demo account.
  • Download the app for your PC.
  • Login to the trading room and start learning the platform. Check out the training section, with lots of training videos. Good luck!

What is the IQ Option APP for Windows?

IQ Option is one of the leading brokers on the international market. The company offers favorable trading conditions, in addition, you can trade on the platform anywhere. You can download IQ Option for Windows computer for free and, if necessary, on your tablet and smartphone. 

IQ Option is a Windows program developed by the broker of the same name. The trading platform allows you to buy and sell shares of companies using CFDs and currencies of different countries. Newcomers can evaluate the functionality of the app free of charge by creating a training demo account.

With IQ Option for PC Windows you can trade stocks, cryptocurrencies and other assets. The app has training courses and tools for market analysis. Try it and get a feel for the platform!


The first thing that catches your eye is the interface, which is simple and easy on the eye. Any beginning trader has no problem getting used to the platform. It is quick and easy to select any instrument, asset, indicator, time frame and chart type.

Take a video tutorial on the platform
Take a video tutorial on the platform

The interface of IQ Option for Windows PC is available in many languages. You will also be pleased with the uncluttered screen. All the main functions are on the side panels and the top panel. Everything that relates directly to the deal is on the right side of the price chart, namely stop loss and take profit orders, expiry date, deal multipliers and deal size. The buttons "buy" and "sell", etc.

If you have any technical questions, you can always contact our support team 24/7 by e-mail, chat or by phone. Support service constantly monitors incoming offers and quickly eliminate technical problems on the server. At times of high load, the server may experience technical problems that are not critical.


A distinctive feature of the app, and the platform in general, is the multi-activity. It means that you can be active in different markets and diversify your risk. There is also an opportunity to study the quotation history in order to carry out theoretical research aimed at determining the profitability of the chosen trading strategy. 

The following asset classes are available:

  • Shares of well-known companies;
  • Oil;
  • Precious metals;
  • Cryptocurrencies;
  • Options;
  • Stock indexes;
  • Currency pairs.

In the main window, you can set up the display of asset value charts. You can display up to 9 different charts at the same time.

Choose an asset for investment
Choose an asset for investment


  • Minimum deal threshold of $1;
  • You can use this software for free;
  • Setting up chart display and updates;
  • Training courses for beginners;
  • Over 250 asset classes to trade;
  • Application is compatible with current versions of Windows;
  • 24/Hour technical support.
Read the latest news in your app
Read the latest news in your app

Types of charts 

In order to make the work of a trader easier, the terminal has built-in technical indicators and tools for technical analysis. You can change screen colours, switch to different timeframes (change timeframe), scale charts if you wish. 

The type of price chart is also selected in the terminal, it can be Japanese candlesticks, line, bars or Heiken-Ashi chart.

Reading the charts is a basic trader's skill, without which it is impossible to carry out technical analysis. Most often, there are 3 types of charts on the stock exchange, and they are also available in the app:

  • Line charts. This is the simplest type. The vertical line usually shows the closing price of the asset, while the horizontal line shows the time frame.
  • Bars or bar charts. In this case, a trader sees the maximum and minimum price for a certain period of time, as well as the opening and closing price.
  • Japanese candlesticks. This type of chart is similar to bars, but it is easier to read the visual information.  Instead of serifs, rectangles of different colours are used.

In addition to these charts, the IQ Option for PC Windows offers a Heiken-Ashi chart. The chart based on them looks identical to the Japanese candlestick chart, but it excludes market noises, which helps smooth price movements and makes it easier to identify the impulse. Trading strategies based on Heiken-Ashi candlestick charting are widely used in binary options and financial markets.

Indicators for technical analysis 

Technical indicators help traders to analyse the market, find entry points, identify trends and so on. This type of tools is not represented at every company, so it's worth choosing a broker to pay attention to the availability of indicators in the trading platform.

Select indicators on the app
Select indicators on the app

Indicators in the app IQ Option for Windows PC at the moment of writing there are a lot of them, so any trader, whether beginner or experienced, can choose the right one. For your convenience, the most popular indicators are shown in a separate group called "popular indicators". If you are just getting started in the field of technical analysis, try them first. 

Each algorithm may be used individually, but nothing prevents combining them on the price chart. To open the panel with these programmes, simply click on the appropriate icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the chart. 

To add several indicators on a chart, you need to connect one indicator after another.

Types of orders

To limit your risk in trading, you need an exit plan. And when a trade goes against you, Stop Loss and Take Profit orders are an important part of that plan. They act as insurance and are essentially reverse orders. If, for example, the pair was bought, then when a Stop Loss or Take Profit is triggered a reverse trade (sale) will occur, thereby capturing a profit (in the case of a TP triggering) or a loss (when SL triggering).

Stop loss and take profit functions for your convenience
Stop loss and take profit functions for your convenience

You can set Stop Loss and Take Profit levels on the right side of the chart. 

How to download IQ Option for Windows PC? 

IQ Option download for PC Windows is easy. You can install it by yourself in automatic mode, you only have to press the buttons with hints. The app weighs 13mb at the time of writing, so the download will literally take a couple of minutes. There's no need to open a browser when working on the platform via the app, the connection is direct. All you need is the internet.

Try a functional trading app
Try a functional trading app

How to install IQ Option for PC Windows? 

To install the app on your computer, open the downloaded file, in the window that appears, click on "Next" and choose the path for installing the app. After the app is installed and opened, IQ Option will request authorization. You enter your login and password, and that is it! 

How to start trading with IQ Option APP for Windows PC? 

After IQ Option download for PC Windows, you have to enter your login and password or create an account. To take part in trading, you will have to fund your account. To learn more about the rules of trading, you can use the training video courses in the app. New users can open a demo account. 

Registration at IQ Option
Registration at IQ Option

A focus on customers, including newcomers, by providing free training and access to the most frequently asked questions section.

How to register and get credentials? 

In order to open an account in the personal area of the IQ Option, simply choose the appropriate option. The account will be opened automatically. After that, all you have to do is to enter the account details into the trading program from IQ Option and choose the type of account.

It is worth noting that you have to deposit at least the minimum amount to start trading on the real account. Only the demo account is available free of charge. 

How to open a demo account?

To trade on a demo account only, registration is required. You will get a virtual balance of $10000, which you can use to make virtual trades. There is no limit on the amount of virtual money and if you use up all of it, you can top up your balance by pressing the top-up button on your demo account. And the virtual money will appear in your account again. 

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

With a demo account, a trader can test his or her trading strategy, use the broker's platform and learn to analyze the financial market.

How to open a real account?

In order to open a real account, you need to verify your account and fund it. Account verification is the procedure of submitting a set of documents to the broker, in order to verify that the data you entered during the registration is correct. Then, after verification, choose the depositing menu at the top of the screen, choose a convenient way to deposit and make a deposit equal to or greater than the minimum deposit. Normally it is $10, but you should check it before depositing as terms can change.

How to replenish and withdraw a deposit?

In order to replenish a deposit, choose the most convenient way and make the payment. You can easily select the most convenient way for depositing and withdrawing from your account, from bank card to cryptocurrency. Good luck in trading!

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