Some secrets about Bitcoin trading for IQ Option clients

The Philippines is a colorful country with enchanting landscapes, rich history, and traditions, beautiful and hardworking people. 

Unfortunately, not all citizens of the country live in abundance. Many Filipinos have to work hard to earn a living for their families. They have to give up many pleasures or relaxation, but such a life can hardly be called happiness. Sometimes it seems that there is no way out of this run in a circle, but this is not so.

Thanks to modern technology and the Internet, anyone can make good money, and do it legally. 

It is enough to have a minimum starting capital, access to the network and the ability to think analytically. In this case, trading on Forex or binary options becomes more successful and profitable. Of course, if you have chosen the right platform for Bitcoin trading. IQ Option is ready to offer  customers the best conditions.

Customer Care - IQ Option Fundamentals

Today, dozens of companies offer their services to Philippine traders. Many sites have been operating for 10 years or more. 

IQ Option, registered in 2013 on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, is not an old-timer in the market. 

But it has already managed to earn the respect of customers and an excellent reputation, which allowed him to become one of the leaders in the segment. The reason for this success is simple - the company thinks about the benefits for customers and creating better conditions. Therefore, the army of users has grown from several thousand (in 2013) to 40 million (in 2020) customers. Moreover, IQ Option really pays - for the first month of 2020 alone, more than $21 million was paid, and the total volume of transactions for 2019 exceeded the mark of 3 billion. You can also become a successful trader thanks to the IQ Option.

Bitcoin trading is better with a leading platform
Bitcoin trading is better with a leading platform

 List of benefits for Philippines traders IQ Option

Every Filipino trader knows about IQ Option. Many users have registered here, having refused the services of other sites. 

This success and popularity became possible because IQ Option is ready to offer the best conditions.


Visit the official website of the company to see if real professionals worked on the creation of the site. Your eyes will enjoy the pleasant colors and excellent functionality. Even a Filipino user who does not have rich computer experience will be able to find the right section and trade for hours without feeling tired. Moreover, you can choose the appropriate language version of the page and increase the usability to the maximum.


The company managed to become truly successful and famous throughout the world. Over the seven years of operation, the advantages of the site have been appreciated by more than 40 million users, including Filipino traders. Every day, several thousand transactions are made on the site, and the amount of transactions for the year exceeds the mark of $3 billion. But the main thing is that every month the company pays more than $20 million to successful customers.

 Around the clock

Unlike standard exchanges (in London, New York, Tokyo - which operate from Monday to Friday), IQ Option is available around the clock. This means that a Filipino user can make money at any convenient time, even after the main work. Exception - the international Forex currency market is open from Monday 00:00 to Friday 24:00 and is not available on weekends.


Each company strives to provide a high level of security to customers, but IQ Option does this as efficiently as possible. 

For data encryption, modern SSL 3.0 protocols with dynamic 256-bit code are used. 

This code perfectly resists hacking, which means that the hacker does not recognize important information (transaction details, payment details, credit card passwords, etc.). 

But remember that there is no 100% reliable system in the world, so read the “Term & Conditions” document, which contains useful information.

High profit

If a Filipino trader has an analytical mindset, the road to big money will be effective. Because the average profit from a successful transaction is 70-80%. Besides, a large number of professional traders are registered on the site, who conduct successful trading for a long time, and daily profit reaches 200-300%.


Visit the thematic forums and read what users write about IQ Option. Here you will find many positive reviews, and real customers will tell about their experience here. For seven years, the platform has earned an excellent reputation among traders. Forty million registered profiles are the best proof of success, so many people cannot be wrong.

 Registration for all

Just make a decision, and in a few minutes, you can become a client of the IQ Option platform. Of course, if the Filipino user has reached the age of 18. Simply enter your username, password, email address and agree with the rules of the company. Besides, the minimum transaction size is only $1, so you can begin the path to financial independence even with one dollar in your pocket.


The IQ Option site was officially registered on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in 2013. The company has all the necessary documents and international licenses, which allows you to legally operate in most countries of the world. Philippine traders do not worry - their profits will be legal and official.

 Choosing a quality asset

IQ Option offers  users great options. 

He has at his disposal three hundred assets, among which are popular currencies, currency pairs, shares of well-known companies, cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). 

It is also possible to trade in the Forex market, precious metals and raw materials. It is only necessary to choose the appropriate option and conclude the first successful transaction.


Trading is now available in any convenient place thanks to a high-quality mobile application. The program is available for download for free and works with all modern phones or tablets (iOS and Android). Good optimization and stable operation make it possible to provide an excellent connection even with poor Internet, which makes trading as convenient as possible.

 Deposit replenishment

Replenishment is available through reliable and popular payment systems: Blockchain, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, Visa, CoinBase, PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro. Transaction processing takes a few minutes and the exchange takes a minimum commission. Besides, the minimum replenishment amount is $10, so even a small starting capital opens the way to big money.

 Payout Verification

A precautionary measure that eliminates the risk that the fraudster will get the profit, not the client. When withdrawing money, the Philippine trader must go through the verification procedure. He provides copies of documents (passport or driver’s license) to security officers. The staff of the company carries out the analysis within 36 hours. Now, profits will be paid only to verified accounts with a confirmed first and last name.


The company ensures that customers have access to important information. The official website has a section with answers to popular questions, tips from professional traders and a detailed analysis of successful strategies. Thanks to this information, a Filipino trader can understand all the nuances of quality trading.


An interesting opportunity to try to win the competition with a large prize pool and real participants. You only need to buy a ticket ($4-20) and wait for the tournament to begin. Now the Philippine client has 1000 virtual dollars in its account and it is necessary to get the maximum profit for some period. The prize fund is $3000-20000 and is distributed among the most successful traders.

 Wide range of settings

A Philippine user can make trading as convenient as possible. The company offers a wide range of settings, allowing you to add to each chart those signals and indicators that are necessary for the user.

 Demo account

There are no victories without defeat and practice. But losses can be minimized if you train correctly. IQ Option Company offers to open a free demo account and get 10,000 virtual dollars for a deposit. Now the Philippine trader can use virtual money for transactions and study the principles of the market, as well as choose and train a suitable strategy without risking losing real money.

 Automated trading

The service offers customers the option of connecting special programs for automatic trading. You need to download, install and configure a robot that will work 24/7. The program can analyze transactions, select the best assets, offers options and close transactions with millisecond accuracy, which will allow the Philippine trader to earn money even without his active participation.

 Premium account

Buying a premium account will bring benefits - an increased percentage of profit, the help of a personal manager, priority in the line for withdrawing funds, participation in premium tournaments IQ Option and others.

Create an IQ Option account and don’t miss the best conditions to buy bitcoin
Create an IQ Option account and don’t miss the best conditions to buy bitcoin

 Bitcoin F.A.Q.

 What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first and most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Such currencies do not have banknotes or other physical equivalents and exist only in digital form. Bitcoin was developed by a group of Japanese programmers who completed the creation phase in 2009. The product uses the SHA-256 security hash function, which perfectly prevents hacking and allows owners to guarantee security.

Bitcoins are valuable because they are useful and because there are a limited number of them. This helps protect the cryptocurrency from inflation. But also the currency has some other positive features:
• Mobility. Transferring money from the Philippines to South Africa and back takes only a few minutes.
• Decentralization. Cryptocurrency exists on many computers and servers around the world. Therefore, no one can significantly influence the course and dictate the conditions.
• Minimum commission. This is an electronic transaction that is carried out almost instantly. Therefore, the commission will be minimal - only the cost of renting and using servers, and not the payment of banking services.
• Anonymity. No one can track a transaction, cancel it or cancel it. Only the owner who has a unique key.
• Security. This key is almost impossible to get a scammer. The robust SHA-256 hash function with dynamic code guarantees a high level of security.

Cryptocurrency has no physical embodiment and is not supported by any real asset. Therefore, its value is rapidly changing. For example, in 2009, one coin cost a few cents, but by 2012 this figure had risen to the level of 20 thousand dollars. Today, the cost of the cryptocurrency is $6000-6500. Bitcoin's price indicator is influenced by many factors.
• Demand. The main indicator. The more people are interested in digital transactions, the higher the value of the coin. Besides, the emergence of other cryptocurrencies causes an outflow of customers and a slight depreciation;
• Economic factors. Crisis or stagnation, as well as imperfections in the banking system, can have a positive effect on the Bitcoin exchange rate. The need to quickly transfer money from one account to another is a great advantage compared to classic banks;
• The laws. Some countries pass laws prohibiting Bitcoin mining, cryptocurrency trading and the purchase of goods for virtual coins. This reduces demand and depreciates the currency.

You can buy the right amount of coins in several ways:
• Online wallet. It provides simplicity and convenience of the process and also guarantees the protection of the transaction. IQ Option company collaborates with Blockchain, Jaxx, CoinBase systems;
• Cryptocurrency exchange. A great choice, with a great choice and the ability to capitalize on rate fluctuations. Disadvantages - the presence of exchange commissions and a long transaction processing time;
• Mobile app. Instant exchange, convenience and reliable protection of operations.

Yes, you can buy Bitcoin on the IQ Option website. A Philippine trader should take some simple steps:
1. Register a profile or log in to your account;
2. Open the “Deposit” tab;
3. Select "Buy Bitcoin";
4. Indicate the payment system and purchase amount;
5. The system will automatically redirect you to the Cubitus website, where you will receive a unique password for the transaction;
6. Confirm the operation;
7. Wait 15 minutes while the system processes your request.
That's it, now you can conclude the first successful deal. If the money has not been credited to the account, write to the support service. The company's employees will quickly figure out the problem and assist.

IQ Option offers  trader many options for making money.
• Forex market. Here the user makes money on the difference in exchange rates. The basic principle is to buy cheaper, sell more;
• Binary options. The user selects the appropriate option (Call/Put, Touch/No-Touch, In/Out, Spread, Turbo-options, Digital-options, etc.) and tries to determine the direction of price movement. If his forecast turned out to be correct, he makes a profit after the expiration date.

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