What is the stock market? 

The stock market is an avenue where investors can gather, buying and selling shares from companies publicly registered on exchanges.

The value of these shares is dependant on the supply and demand in the market. The more interest traders demonstrate in a particular asset on the market, the more the demand grows for that asset, and with it, the price.

With access to the internet, trading has become even more international. With traders from the Philippines and the world over now able to investigate and experience stock trading.

How the stock market works 

The stock market is an open exchange, where buyers and sellers negotiate the values of shares and trade them between each other. The general process of how to invest in the stock market involves investing capital to buy up shares of a particular security. If that security then increases in value, the shares associated with it also increase in price.

Many traders now look to online platforms for their stock trading. This can be an easier way to connect with the marketplace and make investments.   

Popular stocks for investment on the platform
Popular stocks for investment on the platform

The benefits of trading on the stock market 

There are several benefits to trading on this financial instrument.

First of is the sheer size of this market and the number of tradable securities available to the traders of the Philippines. This alone provides a great potential for diversification and the broadening of your investment portfolio.

Understanding how to invest in the stock market can also be a way to increase your returns, especially in the long run. Many securities can serve as hedging opportunities for things like taxes and even inflation. These assets you invest in can grow your portfolio and earn returns even when other markets and currencies are losing value.

Traders can also earn dividends on some of their shares, paid through by the company as it makes a regular profit. This influx of additional return allows for even great investment opportunity, growing your portfolio and diversifying risks.

There are risks associated with investing in shares, but with markets like this, there is so much information readily available to investors. This allows for much more informed and researched decision making, which leads to a greater potential for return.

How to invest in the stock market online

Trading, in all its forms, has moved significantly into the online domain.

The ease of access and wide variety makes trading online much more appealing to most traders. On top of this, there are now more online exchanges and brokers than ever before.

Investing in the stock market is still easily one of the most prevalent methods of trading, online and off. As a result, most brokers offer some stock trading. If you are interested in discovering the options available to you, then explore the reviews for the top brokers. You want to find the one that offers the most of what you are looking for.

Sign up to their community, usually through their homepage, and then log into the platform they provide. This will get you into the trade room and access to the different marketplaces, like stock trading. The various assets will be listed here, with the ability to instantly trade on any of them using CFD.

How to invest money in the stock market
How to invest money in the stock market

Stock market instruments 

Generally speaking, there are two main types of instrument available when you invest in the stock market. This is either a cash or derivative instrument. The former operates directly in conjunction with the market and can be easily transferred between traders. This includes most stock trading where the shares are bought and sold from trader to trader.

Derivatives on the other hand work off the value of an underlying asset. They are not directly influenced by the market but derive their values from it. These include the likes of indices and even options trading.

How to invest in stocks 

To understand stock market how to invest requires an exchange or broker. These platforms allow investors to acquire shares in a particular security, buy them or put them up for sale to other investors for profits.

The demand and supply of these shares determines the value they have, which can be used to earn a profit by exchanging the right assets with the right traders at the best times.

Investing in shares
Investing in shares

How to invest in indices 

Indices are essentially weighted averages of securities from a certain exchange.

This works like a portfolio summary of the exchange and serves to compare it to other similar exchanges. Indices are mostly traded as derivatives, generating their value from the securities they average. Online brokers provide these indices for investors to trade around, without actually owning the security itself.

Online stock market investment platform 

The best way to get started with stock investing is to find a reputable and capable online platform.

This is the system that will connect you with the market and enable trading capabilities. It is easily the most important tool in working with the modern market online.

How to start investing in the stock market 

To start, you must find the broker you want to work with. This involves researching the aspects you want in your platform and then comparing it to the options available. Once you are more familiar with these options and where to find them, you can head across to the selected website.

 From the broker’s homepage you will be able to register an account and join the trade room.

How to register 

Registration can be a pain in the neck at times. Fortunately, most online brokers have made it as fundamental as possible for their clients. Once on their webpage, you will usually only be asked for your email address and a password you want to set. After that, you are a part of their community and have access to their platform and trade room.

Registration on the platform
Registration on the platform

How to open a demo account 

A demo is often the first trading experience beginner online investors will encounter.

These are the free trading environments that many top brokers now provide to their users. These are almost always completely free and allow users to test out the platform and trading online. You can practice, learn, and prepare yourself effectively before jumping into the real money action.

A demo is an invaluable tool to all forms of trader. Even the more professional traders will find themselves coming back to the demo to test out new strategies and try out new tools.

Having a risk-free place to trade, even if it doesn’t earn any profits, is highly beneficial. It will also help develop your technical analysis skills for the real market.

How to open a real account 

When you are done testing out the platform and want to invest in the stock market properly, you must set up your real brokerage account. For most platforms, this is just a matter of making the first deposit into your trading account.

The process itself is often very straightforward and requires the use of one of the various payment services that your chosen platform has available.

How to open account on the platform
How to open account on the platform

How to replenish a deposit 

To replenish your account, you must make a deposit.

This transfers money from your bank account into the online account you created with your broker. Each broker will have different payment services available through which to do this. You may have to transfer funds first into an e-wallet in order to make the deposit into the account.

Some brokers do provide direct bank transfers as well.

Deposit replenishment
Deposit replenishment

Minimum deposit amount 

Like with the payment services, most brokers will also have different deposit requirements.

This is largely related to your minimum deposit and how little you can use to start trading. This amount varies drastically from platform to platform, sometimes going almost to zero and other times being well into the hundreds.

It is a good idea to keep this amount in mind and how it may affect your trading capabilities over the course of your experience.

How to withdraw money 

When you have started earning profits from your investments, you are going to want to look to withdraw these from your account eventually. The withdrawal services are generally the same as those used for deposit, though each platform will have their own setup. Important to note, is the limitations attached by your broker on the amounts and times you can withdraw.

Security of investments in the online stock market 

There are always risks involved with investing.

Trading is by no means a guaranteed path to profit. However, the more you practice and familiarise yourself with the marketplace and the securities you are trading, the more likely the potential for profit.

When it comes to general safety online, one of the most important considerations is the platform you use to make your trades.

How safe is it to invest in the stock market? 

The stock exchange is affected by many different factors.

These can have small or large effects on the price of securities, and how it will move in the future. The more you learn about the finer details that impact your securities, the more you can minimise the associated risks. Performing detailed analysis on these assets will provide a greater scope on how they may change over time.

With stock trading, there is at least a lot of information available on the various assets in play. This makes it more reliable to many investors, allowing them to shift the odds more in their favour through research and indicator tools.

While these still may not be the safest investments around, their potential for return is what has investors consistently coming back.

Is it safe to invest in the stock market online? 

The internet is a large and sometimes scary place. There are definite dangers online, but with a bit of caution they can be largely avoided. The number one rule is to know which sites you are visiting and how trustworthy they are. This directly applies to the broker you choose to use online.

By picking a certified and renowned online broker you can remove a lot of the potential risk to trading online.

 These top brokers have many securities and protections in place to keep their client’s earnings safe.

How to invest safely in the online stock market? 

The number one step to follow to invest safely is know where you are putting your money.

Learn as much as you can about your chosen broker and all that they offer to keep your finances safe. Additionally, you should make sure you are using reliable payment services to transfer funds to and from your trading account. These may include reputable e-wallets or direct bank transfers.

When registering your account, use a secure and strong password. Be careful of scammers, especially through your email address that may try and get you to give up your personal details.

Are my investments in the stock market protected? 

If you use a top reviewed and licensed broker online, then yes, your finances will be protected. The more you ensure liability from your platform, the more likely it will remain secure and protect you and your profits.


How do you invest in the stock market?

Ensure your broker has access to the stock market, though most big platforms do. Register an account, an intuitive and free process. Once you have connected to the platform, you can then use the payment systems available to transfer capital into your account and start investing immediately.

The stock market, like any other trading opportunity, involves a degree of risk. If there weren’t any risks, then everyone would be making money from it. They are not, so there is clearly a degree of understanding and effort involved to make it work best for you. This is done by learning about the market, the securities you are trading on and a good deal of practice.

The investing amount depends on how much you want to trade and the minimum requirements of the platform you use. Different platforms will have their own deposit and investment amounts that you can use. These rarely have upper limits, but definitely have lower limits.

Before you get started, make sure you manage your finances. Assess how much you are willing to invest, and potentially lose. Then you can plan out your investment strategy to give yourself the best chance at generating profits. Patience is a powerful tool in the trading game.

A few methods exist to help trade with minimal capital. Develop and plan out a strict financial management strategy. This will allow you to divide up your capital into the trades you think are most likely to succeed, weighting the risks and ensuring some form of return. This includes the blue chip stocks that are renowned for being financially stable.

You can also select some of the lowest risk stocks to start with. While these will see minimal return, they are much less volatile than others and can at least provide better financial security. Another option is to use advisors to help navigate your investments, at least giving you some added guidance before you put down your money.

Another avenue that can help keep costs to a minimum is utilising the demo accounts. These will let you practice trading and strategizing for as long as you want. A great way to understand the plan you made before you execute it and extra points for its cost effectiveness.

With online brokers available all around the world, everyone has an opportunity to start investing. As long as you are over the legal age, you are more than able to get started whenever you want. Just make sure that the broker you are signing up with does cater to your country and has the ability to safely manage transfers between your bank account and the platform.

Shares are parts of publicly traded companies. They are equally divided and then traded between investors in the open market. This creates value for the company and enables outside investors to own a portion of that security and the profits. The more shares you have in a particular company, the more profit you make from their dealings and often the more control you have over their operation.

Currently, all you have to do to start buying shares is join an online broker or exchange. This will grant you access to the market through a system that lets you interact with it. Invest your capital and you can use this to start acquiring shares from publicly listed securities.

When an investor has interest in a particular asset and its shares, they put forth a bid to purchase these at a given price, often dictated by the market. When a seller looks to sell their stock, they will put through a similar bid. If the buyer and sellers’ bids match up, then the transaction can occur. This is all done through an exchange or broker online or even offline. 

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