How to buy Apple stocks

Stock market investing is becoming even more popular lately, as investors turn more towards the online marketplace.

The internet presents a wide range of brokers that you can use to connect and engage with the stock market in whichever way you see fit.

Apple stocks are easily one of the most popular securities in this marketplace. The size and growth of this public company is a primary reason for this collective interest from investors. Having started out as a personal computers company, they quickly made a name for themselves around the world through their innovative smartphones and late CEO, Steve Jobs.

Currently, Apple is one of the highest valued tech stocks on the exchange, competing even with big names like Amazon and Tesla.

Their current CEO, Tim Cook, has kept this company growing significantly over the years.

How to invest in Apple stocks

Investing in Apple stock requires access to the stock exchange that hosts this particular security.

This can be done offline and online. The latter has become much more commonplace in recent years, allowing investors from all parts of the globe, including the Philippines, to trade on these assets, get stock quotes and fully engage with the marketplace.

To buy Apple stocks online, you must join up with a broker through the internet and use them to initiate trading. These brokers provide all the resources and mechanisms that will allow you to buy and sell stock or even trade through derivatives. The latter opens up doors to benefits like leverage offered through your broker.

Invest in Apple shares
Invest in Apple shares

Apple Stock Investment Platform

By now you have seen the merit in a good online trading platform.

As the gateway to the marketplace, this is a primary and essential tool for any interested investors. They are quick and easy to set up and will provide a comfortable environment to make your investments.

Apple stock is easily one of the most popular types of stocks to buy. As a result, there are many online brokers that offer some form of access to these shares, whether to trade them directly or as a derivative.

Apple Shares - Stock Quotes
Apple Shares - Stock Quotes

How to start investing in Apple stocks

Before you join a broker and start investing in your Apple stock, you must make sure they are the right fit for you in the long term.

This requires looking into the reviews on some of the better platforms and understanding what they each offer. Once you have a clearer image of what is available, you can pick and choose exactly how to invest in Apple stocks.

Once you have settled on the platform that is right for you, the process of signing up and joining the community is very straightforward. The first step begins with registration.

Information about Apple shares on the platform
Information about Apple shares on the platform

How to register

Like with all online accounts, you must create a profile and register it on their system. This means going to the website of your online broker and signing up through there. The registration process usually only requires a few basic details, like email address. Make sure you protect you account with a reliable password, as this will be responsible for holding your capital and investment earnings.

Here you will also be presented with the platform's privacy policy that will keep your personal information secure and private.

Registration on the platform
Registration on the platform

How to open a demo account

A demo account is easily one of the most powerful tools available to you.

Whether you are an experienced investor or looking to start trading for the first time, a free demo will provide useful practice and experience in the market. With one of these, you can trade and make investments in a virtual setting. This means no risks or rewards, but a whole lot of learning.

Many online brokers will have a demo connected to their main account. This will likely be intuitively integrated into the platform, making switching back and forth between demo and real account a simple process.

How to open a real account

Once you have used the demo to get yourself more familiar with the platform and the marketplace, you can look to set up your real account. With most of the top platforms this will involve making a deposit into the account. This deposit will serve as the capital you use to make your investments.

Unlike a demo, the real account is where you can make real profits from your investments and is exactly how to buy Apple stocks in the Philippines.

How to open real or demo account
How to open real or demo account

How to fund a deposit

In order to make the first deposit and fund your investments, you must consider your available capital.

This is the amount of money you are willing to put on the line when you start trading. There are risks to investing, you must be willing to apply this risk to the capital you deposit into your trading account. The risks of investing are what generate the high potential for returns.

To make the physical deposit, you must utilise one of the payment services that the online broker has available. These are there to help transfer money from your bank account into your trading account. They are reliable and secure systems that facilitate these transfers in a safe manner.

Make sure you are familiar with the payment systems you are using to avoid any additional risks.

Deposit replenishment
Deposit replenishment

Minimum deposit amount

While looking into deposits, you should be aware of the restrictions attached to them by your broker.

Many online platforms will have certain limits on how much you can deposit into your account at any one time. This is usually around the minimum amount you can put into the account and restricts smaller deposits.

A good idea is to make sure that your platform has minimums you are comfortable with, so you can trade at the level you prefer.

How to withdraw money

Like with the deposits, there are payment services connected with each platform that will facilitate these money transfers. Whether you are putting money in or taking it out, these are the systems you will use to safely accomplish this. You should also be wary of the restrictions set here by your broker. These can affect how much you can withdraw and when these withdrawals will be made available.

Security of Apple Stock Investments

Investing in the stock market can be a risky manoeuvre.

It often produces a variable income, even when investing in high profile assets like Apple stock. There are many factors that could affect the value of the stock and they are not always very apparent. This is why investing does take time to understand and master.

While investing itself can be risky, the actual process of online trading is secure. This is dependent on the platform you use but many of the top ones pride themselves in creating a safe and secure environment.

This means that your assets and finances will be protected.

How safe is it to invest in Apple stocks

Owning shares in Apple stock is a reliable investment because the company itself is doing very well and seeing notable growth even still. This lack of volatility in the stock makes it a lot safer than many other assets on the financial market. While this comes at the cost of more expensive share prices, it still serves as a safe investment for many looking to reduce much of the risk.

Is it safe to invest in Apple stocks online

Online investing is actually a lot safer than offline investing these days.

The reason for this is that the security features and systems in play with the top online brokers are extremely extensive. These will protect the clients of these platforms from the natural risks the internet can encounter. The associated payment services will also keep your funds secure as you transfer them from account to account.

How to safely invest in Apple stocks online

The safest way to invest in Apple shares is through a reliable and trusted broker. Ensure you perform background checks on the platforms you use, checking that they have the necessary certifications and regulations.

If you can trust your broker online, then you can trust that the investments you make will be protected and the profits earned will go directly to you.

My investments in Apple stocks are protected

Through the use of high levels of encryption and regulatory bodies that keep everything in line, the top online brokers available to the Philippines are very much secure. This means that they will provide all the necessary protection against online dangers.

Many brokers even have insurance on top of this, in the unique case of something detrimental happening to your account.


Where can I buy Apple stocks?

For the investors in the Philippines, there are a lot of top online brokers that can provide access to Apple stock. The reason for this is twofold, firstly the top brokers provide an extensive range of different investment opportunities, including stocks, ETFs, Forex and even crypto.

Secondly, Apple stock is easily one of the more popular stock options available for investment, with a high market capitalization and sturdy prices. As such, many platforms will give their clients some way of engaging with this security.

This means that buying or selling Apple stock is as easy as signing up to an online broker, joining their platform, and making an initial deposit. Once you have connected and have the required capital, you can buy shares in Apple stock as you choose. Simply navigate over to the stock options and select the Apple ticker, AAPL.

Apple stock is more reliable than many other stock options on the marketplace. However, even still, the price moves around significantly and can be hard to peg down to specifics. As of writing, the price of a share of Apple stock is just over $130. Compared to most other stock, this is a significant amount for a single share. There are other share prices and market caps that dwarf even this giant though.

While a single share may cost around this amount, there are options for fractional shares that many brokers offer. This lets you invest in this large company without having to acquire the full share options. Another alternative to trading on Apple share prices is through derivative trading. In these cases, there is no exchange of shares, but rather trading on the shifting prices involved.

With the immense power of the internet, there are many online portals for the Philippines investors to start trading. Most of these will offer access to the stock market and with it the all-important Apple stock. This makes it easier than ever to start buying up shares in this company and gaining access to the potential dividend yield offered.

All you require is access to one of these platforms, which can be easily done by visiting their web page and creating an account. Once you have an account on the desired platform, you can make deposits into that account and then use these funds to buy shares in Apple. It is as easy as that to start realistically exploring the marketplace.

As has been mentioned, there are many factors that affect the share prices of each of the companies on the market. In some cases, the significant impacts occur based on activity made by the company itself. Other times, the company has little to no control over the movements and they are largely affected by the condition of the marketplace as a whole and the attitude of the investors involved.

Understanding which of these factors are most at play in a given moment will remarkably impact the potential for profit you can get out of it. Apple have their hands in many different technological pies, including computers, tablets and smartphones. Their brands like Mac, the iPhone and iPad, and the many wearables and accessories they provide, have made them a household name around the world.

While there is never just one reason for the changing price of shares, sometimes the majority of the impact can be identified. Sometimes this stems from events occurring within the marketplace and other times it is concerned with the financial situation of the company itself.

In the case of Apple, the most recent notable drop in share price came from exaggerated and optimistic market valuations made on the projected growth of the company. When the faith of the investor’s wanes from something like this, the price of a share drops to compensate.

Like with a fall in the stock price, a rise is rarely to do with a single impact. There are always many different factors in play, whether they are market related or specific to the company involved. With Apple for instance, one of the recent growth spurts has been attributed to the optimism surrounding tech companies during and after respective lockdowns.

The current environment suggests an even greater movement toward technology and with this an increased demand for sale of shares from investors and the company itself.

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