The modern world is unthinkable without internet technology.  We buy things online, study online, search for all the information we need, as well as make acquaintances and simply communicate through the World Wide Web.

Progress has not ignored the investment system. Previously, the question of how and where to invest their money interested only a narrow circle of influential investors with a multibillion-dollar capital, but now the topic of investment is of interest to the general population.

The approach to the way of investing itself has changed, as well as the methods and tools of investing. Now you can start out as a trader in the stock market with as little as $10 to start with. And there is no need for you to visit a bank branch, the office of the company you are investing in or the stock exchange. All transactions are available to you online, wherever you are at the moment. 

When it comes to the target of investment, people continue to favour the big companies, the so-called market giants - be it manufacturing, services or pharmaceuticals, as in the case below. Today, we'll look at Pfizer's stock investment options in the Philippines.

Pfizer official website
Pfizer official website

Pfizer Inc. is an American pharmaceutical company. It was founded in 1849 and since then has been one of the world market leaders. The company received its current name in June 2000 as a result of the merger of Pfizer and Warner-Lambert Company.

Pfizer is the inventor and manufacturer of the world famous Viagra drug. The production of drugs is carried out at the company's factories located in the USA, Great Britain, Morocco, Italy, Holland, Germany, Turkey (in total - in 46 countries of the world). There are representations in more than 100 countries around the world. The main divisions of the company are Human Health, Animal Health and Corporate Groups.

According to the British information and publishing agency URCH Publishing, Pfizer is the leader of the global pharmaceutical market (2007) with a market share of 6.2% (closest competitors: GSK - 5.4%, Roche - 4.3%).

The company also produces popular drugs such as Diflucan and Celebrex. In addition, the corporation is actively working on the creation of drugs to combat rare and currently considered incurable diseases. In 2020, Pfizer, together with BioNTech, developed a coronavirus vaccine that showed an efficiency of over 90%, the drug was purchased in the United States, Great Britain and Canada. The company's quotes have grown several times.

Rapid vaccine development had a significant impact on Pfizer's quotes. Pfizer's shares are up 13% since the October announcement of the drug's efficacy in Phase III clinical trials.

Pfizer surpassed its revenue forecast in its Q4 2020 report on February 2, reporting $ 11.68 billion, up 12% from the same period in 2019. The consensus forecast is that sales are expected to grow 46% by the end of 2021. 

At the time of writing this review, Pfizer's share price is $ 34.94. Analysts predict that the share price will rise to $ 42 by the end of 2021.

Information about Pfizer shares on the platform
Information about Pfizer shares on the platform

How to invest in Pfizer shares in the Philippines?

Pfizer shares are traded under the ticker PFE New York Stock Exchange, Frankfurt, Mexico, Argentina exchanges.To invest in Pfizer shares, you need to choose an intermediary who works on these exchanges.

Choosing the right broker is one of the key conditions for a trader who wants to trade successfully on the stock exchange. The broker is your assistant and advisor in the securities market and the result of your trades will largely depend on his professionalism and competence. You choose a broker based on your capabilities, goals, strategies and goals.

Today, there are many brokers in the stock market who trade in different markets and offer different investment platforms, providing a wide range of services, such as the ability to use leverage in trading and use different tools for technical analysis and more. To choose a good broker, pay attention to the following things:

  • reliability. Pay attention to the availability of a license, the term of operation in the market, reviews of the broker, whether there is a representative office in your area, rating, etc .;
  • the availability of the tools you need to trade. Each broker offers a set of tools for stock market transactions, such as various functions for buying ("stop loss", "multiplier", etc.), indicators for technical analysis, the availability of a free demo account for training, etc. Also on the platform there is mainly a training section where you can find all the necessary training information, and a section "news", which contains links to current news from reputable verified sources of information about companies whose shares are displayed on the online trading platform;
  • the amount of the minimum deposit. Pay attention to the size of the minimum account replenishment set on the platform. Online investment platforms designed for the average broker tend to have a low starting amount (usually $ 10), while highly professional platforms that employ experienced investors often set a high starting amount. Which platform to choose depends on your financial capabilities and experience;
  • availability of feedback. Be sure to check to see if you can get advice, if your customer support is working, and if you can get your questions answered 24/7;
  • commission. Of course, the size of the commission that the broker withholds for its services is of great importance.
Pfizer investing platform
Pfizer investing platform

The nominal value of PFE shares is prone to sharp fluctuations. In the US pharmaceutical market, there are many large companies that are struggling fiercely. From 2000-2009, Pfizer shares on the stock exchange were more likely to lose value than to show growth.

Dividends on Pfizer stock can bring investors up to 4% per year. The outlook on the company is generally positive. New drugs come on the market every year, and the organization's financial performance usually recovers quickly after any contingency.

Another and quite common investment way is trading with derivatives. By investing in CFDs, you've got the chance to gain from any industry movement. If you're firmly convinced that the purchase price of an asset will grow, you input a purchase position, which is frequently known as a long standing.

If you believe the purchase price of an advantage will collapse, you start a market position, which can be referred to as a brief position. When investing CFDs, many online platforms enable you to use a multiplier, in other words, leverage, and with which you'll be able to raise the quantity of the trade. Remember that fact it isn't technically hard to utilize the multiplier, but this process is fraught with the possibility of losing a larger amount of money. Thus, be certain you've got a good understanding of the way the multiplier function works.

How to invest in Pfizer shares?
How to invest in Pfizer shares?

How to buy Pfizer shares in the Philippines?

So, to start working with Pfizer shares, the first step after choosing an online broker will be to register on an online investment platform. Registration is a simple and straightforward process that takes a maximum of five minutes and does not require you to provide more information than your first name and email. Use your current email address, as after registration you will need to confirm it using the standard procedure, and later you will receive reminders in the mail about possible unfinished transactions on the platform, news that you may subscribe to on the platform, notifications of closing or opening market, etc.

Registrating on the investing platform
Registrating on the investing platform

After registration, the system will ask you to open a demo account. Using a demo account is necessary when you do not have enough knowledge and experience to invest. The account is completely free and open-ended, and the fictitious amount of $ 10,000 is more than enough to train in investing without real risks. In addition, with the full use of the fictitious amount, it can be renewed as many times as you want, until you feel confident in your own strength to replenish the real account with real money.

How to open an account?
How to open an account?

To receive real funds in the future, you will have to replenish the real account by depositing funds into it. As a rule, the minimum starting amount is low and is only $ 10. You can replenish such an account using any of the payment systems listed on the site. With the same systems in the future you can also withdraw your profits.

To invest in Pfizer stocks, select the PFE ticker on the platform. After selecting a ticker, the system will offer you to view information about the asset, namely the current price, terms of purchase and trade. Here you will see links to the latest news about the company from trusted sources. 

Payment methods for investment
Payment methods for investment

How to start investing in Pfizer stocks in the Philippines?

So, let's have a step-by-step look at how to invest in Pfizer stocks in the Philippines. The first step is to pick a trusted broker. The world wide web is simply filled with information about Pfizer company itself as an item of investment, and about brokers who provide investment services and also about shares of the organization. Therefore, study the market of solutions, pick a reliable broker online. Pay attention to the agent's expertise in the investment business, his image and testimonials about him. Learn what commissions a brokerage company charges for providing services and what tools you'll be able to get by registering on their site.

The second step will be, in fact, the registration itself. As mentioned above, registration is an elementary step that does not require exceptional skills or knowledge. But you'll want the knowledge and skills further once you want to enter the big world of investment. Then step by step you`ll can to replenish your account, buy stocks, trading and withdrawing gains.

How to buy Pfizer shares?
How to buy Pfizer shares?

We expect that the last step - getting a profit - will always be present in your scheme. To do this, you must always enhance your understanding in the science of investment. Over time, you may acquire experience in trading and to come up with your investment strategy for market behavior. 

We hope that one day you will become an experienced stock market player and successful investor and will have enough knowledge and skills to —Āonsult future investors.

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