McDonald's is a popular fast food chain founded by two French brothers in their hometown of Canada. The restaurant started out as a kiosk in downtown San Diego. Today McDonald's operates worldwide and has more than 37000 restaurants in 120 countries.

McDonald's offers a wide variety of dishes, from sandwiches to burgers, beef, desserts and breakfast. Their specialties include filet mignon, fries, burgers, and a French chicken sandwich. Each of these special items is presented under different names.

McDonald's has always maintained a high market share. Markets in North America, Canada and Europe are extremely competitive. For a fast food chain to remain relevant in the current market, it must offer products that always work well.

McDonald's consistently offers products that perform well and therefore regularly retain a significant portion of their market share. What makes the company attractive to shareholders.

McDonald's is constantly entering new markets. In fact, the company currently operates over 120 restaurants in neighboring countries around the world. By expanding into new markets, McDonald's can increase its profits as it sells in markets where the demand for products is higher. McDonald's franchisees will have the opportunity to increase their hamburger sales by offering special offers and incentives to attract customers. Thanks to this, they will receive more profit for the company as a whole. McDonald's currently serves about 150 million customers worldwide. It is clear that businesses are quite confident in the quality of their products and services.

Invest in McDonald's shares
Invest in McDonald's shares

McDonald's also used a strategy known as marketing spend. This strategy refers to a firm using advertising and marketing media to expand its customer base. The more people you attract through advertising and marketing costs, the more profit your organization will receive. The main thing is to find places that will allow you to do it in the best way.

McDonald's shares are in a steady, long-term uptrend. Since 2003, securities have grown more than 10 times. From 2011 to 2015, there was a sideways movement around the level of 100 $, but then growth followed again, reaching $ 218 in the second half of 2019. Due to the situation with the coronavirus, the market is volatile, but McDonald’s maintains its position.

 It is important to note that McDonald’s pays dividends and is also actively pursuing buybacks (until recently).

Buyback - buyback of shares by the issuer from their owners. Buyback is widespread all over the world and is popular with major issuers. Therefore, stay tuned to the company's news if you own its shares and do not miss out on profits from such a sale.

 Buyback may be of interest to a shareholder for several reasons:

  • shares are usually bought back at a price higher than the market price;
  • often increases financial performance in relation to share capital;
  • the redemption affects the quotes of shares, increasing the demand in the market;
  • buyback is a consequence of the position in the industry and in the company;
  • redemption of shares changes the structure of the company's assets;

The benefit of the company may be associated not only with investing its own funds. The reason for the buyback of shares can be protection from hostile takeovers, the desire to save on taxes and increase the market value of the shares.

Information about McDonald's shares
Information about McDonald's shares

McDonald's also understands that the food market is very competitive. Since consumers have other places to buy food, they are more likely to choose a restaurant that offers something good. By providing special deals and coupons, they attract a new customer base. However, in order to increase profits, you still have to invest in additional advertising. Advertising is critical if you want to build customer loyalty.

How to invest in McDonald's shares in Philippines?

At the end of 2018, 37,855 restaurants operated under the McDonald's trademark in 120 countries of the world, of which 35,085 (or 93%) were franchised. McDonald's owns one of the most recognizable brands in the Philippines and has over 600 restaurants across the country. This makes McDonald's one of the best investment options. If you want to invest in McDonald's shares in Philippines, then you need to study a number of points, in this article we will try to help you learn new things from the world of the stock exchange.

One way to invest in McDonald's shares in the Philippines is through short-term investments. It is a way of investing small amounts of money that will quickly turn out to be profitable. Short-term investments require constant training and self-monitoring of risks, because this affects the assessment of benefits. When choosing a short-term investment strategy, it is important to analyze every news and be able to respond competently in a fluctuating market.

Stock earnings calendar
Stock earnings calendar

Another way is long-term investment - this is a certain type of investment that can bring profit not in a month or two, but only after a longer time. As a rule, the “minimum” threshold is designated 1 year, but there are market segments that need at least 3-5 years to “work”. It is enough to open any financial encyclopedia and you can see the main characteristics of such investments: stability and weak connection to the market situation, because there is a solid margin of time.

Trading conditions
Trading conditions

Of course, you need to decide for what and how you want to trade. A strategy is a set of investment parameters that determine your style of behavior on the exchange: what assets you trade, how often you sell, what guides you when making decisions (for example, do you watch the news that affects the market).

The simplest strategy can be as follows:

  • your assets;
  • the period for which you want to invest;
  • the maximum amount of losses.

Knowing this, you will feel more confident, as if you are following a certain plan, and not succumb to any outside influence. After some time, you will be able to evaluate your strategy, adjust it and find the best option for yourself. To do this, we advise novice investors to invest small amounts in order to understand how everything works and not lose a lot of money.

Registrating on the investing platform
Registrating on the investing platform

It is best to invest in McDonald's stocks through a brokerage platform, the best thing about them is that they provide you with a wealth of information about the various stocks on the market. They also have a complete list of different businesses offering stocks. By getting these agents, you can be sure you will get the most out of the deal you close when you buy stock. On our platform, we also offer video courses that will help you answer questions about trading and give advice on how to get started.

Go through the registration procedure and become an investor right now. You will learn everything in the process.

To do this, you can use a virtual, demo account.It will not let you make a profit, but it will also keep your budget intact. You are offered $ 10,000, this is not real money, but virtual and you will not be able to withdraw profit from it. But it will give you a wonderful experience and understanding of how the system works in general and our platform in particular. You can also understand what strategy you are ready to choose for yourself, see how much time it takes you to work on the exchange.

You can also open a real account and start making a profit today. Moreover, we offer a trading account with a minimum deposit of $ 10. Of course, such an amount will not give you a huge profit, but this is only the beginning, and by the way, you can start with a larger amount, it all depends on you! Try it and you will definitely succeed!

So all you have to do is be well aware of the current market situation. Check your investment plan from time to time. It is also wise to keep a close eye on fluctuations in stock prices. This is part of managing your investment well. Only charlatans can guarantee anything in the stock market. And we always warn you about the risks. The situation on the stock exchange is changeable, and only you are responsible for the decisions made.

How to buy McDonald's shares in Philippines?

First of all, it is important to get an education in the stock market before entering the stock trading arena. A basic knowledge of market terminology and how different markets work will help an investor understand the complex nature of the stock market. This will be especially helpful if someone intends to follow stock market trends or follow how companies are performing in certain industries. Learning how to buy and trade stocks will also help an investor protect their bets in risky ventures, thereby protecting themselves from losses in the event of adverse stock market trends.

How to open account
How to open account

To learn how to buy McDonald's shares, you first need to open an account. It's very easy to open an account. Just go to the site and register. You will be asked to provide your personal details so that you can open a trading account.

When you sign up, you will have the opportunity to open 2 account options. As mentioned earlier, a demo account or a real one. Think about which option is best for you several times. Then you can enter the real marketplace where you can buy and sell stocks using your digital account.

On our platform, you can trade stocks with leverage. Leverage is a brokerage service that is a loan in the form of cash or securities provided to a trader to conclude a transaction. The loan amount can exceed the amount of the trader's deposit by 10, 20, 100 or more times. By analogy with the law of physics, leverage, as a lever, enables a trader to enter into transactions that he would not be able to do with his own funds alone.

Trading on an exchange using leverage is called margin trading. It is the conclusion of sale and purchase transactions using borrowed funds, issued against a security of a certain amount, which is called a margin. In other words, in order to use the leverage service, you must have a minimum amount on the deposit (set by the broker), which will be the collateral.

Leverage is the ratio of the trader's own funds to the loan amount (1: 100, 1: 1000). For example, if this indicator is 1: 500, then the broker provides a loan amount 500 times the investor's deposit.

There are many ways on how best to buy McDonald's stock. Once you understand the best strategy, you will have the opportunity to make the perfect investment decision. It is also peace of mind and confidence in the future. Remember, if a company is capable of maintaining high margins and demonstrating growth, this means that the success of its business does not depend on high market or financial leverage. That is, investors have the opportunity to build a strong portfolio of stocks. Large companies will be able to survive in almost any situation, no matter what happens on the trade front.

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