Cryptocurrencies have proven themselves to be more than just a whim since Bitcoin was introduced in 2009. While they may have received a lot of attention lately as billionaire celebrities create crypto noise on social media, digital currencies are already driving and shaking the markets and proving they are here to stay.

What is Theta?

Theta is a blockchain network built for video streaming. THETA is his native cryptocurrency. Theta was founded in 2017 by Jiei Long and Mitch Liu. The THETA token was not released immediately. Consequently, the project in question had to receive funding from private investors. Theta is backed by several Silicon Valley financiers, Sony and Samsung.

Сorporate investors
Сorporate investors

TETA ranks alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple in the coin market rankings in terms of market capitalization. THETA has every chance of increasing its market capitalization and reaching $100.

Theta blockchain is a purpose-built blockchain designed from the ground up to relay video and data. Theta's unique multi-BFT consensus design combines a committee of 20-30 Enterprise Validator nodes. It also has a second layer of 1000 community-managed Guardian nodes. Validator Nodes propose and produce new blocks in the chain, while Guardian Nodes seal the blocks and act as a check for malicious or otherwise non-functional Validator nodes.

The high performance of the decentralized network is achieved thanks to the following technical details. The consensus algorithm is broken down into the following layers:

  • Nodes (Enterprise Validator Node) are responsible for the formation of blocks, now there are 11 of them, but the planned number will not exceed 20-30 nodes. This solution eliminates voting delays.
  • The second layer is Guardian Nodes. Their task is to check the finality of each block. The planned number of such nodes is 1000, their main task is to offload the Validator Node from work that is not related to finding a consensus.
  • The third type of node, Theta Edge Cacher, provides caching and content creation on the web and does not participate in consensus-seeking. Resource-Oriented Micropayment Pool - Resource-oriented microtransaction stack provides automatic distribution and transfer of THETA Fuel and formation of the corresponding transactions. Validators will only have to include them in the next block.
Open source platform
Open source platform

Where does Theta come from?

The project team is working to improve the online video industry in the most effective way. Today, transferring video material to different parts of the world is not the cheapest thing to do. Theta Network will be organized as an end-to-end decentralized system for streaming video delivery, and at a minimal cost.

Theta Labs, a subsidiary of, is committed to launching an initial coin offering that will help create a decentralized peer-to-peer network.

How does Theta work?

The Theta blockchain runs in the background, helping to build a consensus mechanism and pay rewards. It has two currencies of its own - Theta Fuel (TFUEL), which is used to pay bonuses to border nodes, and the Theta coin, which went live in 2017.

Theta cryptocurrency
Theta cryptocurrency

Where to Buy Theta in the Philippines?

It is very easy to buy THETA! Just do it!

Like other digital assets in the crypto world, you can buy TETA in the Philippines on a brokerage trading platform and on an exchange. It can be said that the best way to buy THETA is through the online CFD trading platform. The inherent volatility of the crypto market may provide more opportunities for those who invest in Theta via CFDs.

CFDs allow you to take advantage of price movements in both directions — both up and down — of a wide range of cryptocurrencies, without having to buy the underlying asset and without the need to use an e-wallet!

To invest in Theta is simple and easy, a trader needs to choose a reliable broker and register on the trading platform.

Traders interested in buying on the exchange can simply go to crypto exchanges. But remember, this method is more complicated and requires a deeper understanding of the nature of cryptocurrency.

How to start investing in Theta in the Philippines?

Cryptocurrencies differ from classic currencies, which are called fiat currencies in the context of the cryptoindustry. Fiat money is issued by governments and backed by the assets of the central banks of the respective countries. On the one hand, this implies greater stability, and on the other, it opens up opportunities for manipulation by governments. Both types of currencies are in free circulation and subject to market fluctuations, but in the case of fiat money there is always the risk of outside interference.

Using indicators for technical analysis
Using indicators for technical analysis

There are many trading strategies to start investing in Theta in the Philippines. The most successful traders build their strategies by relying on analysis, setting stops and take profit orders, controlling the number of transactions and working with a diversified portfolio.

Following a strategy when investing in Theta can help you reduce your risk. You can choose any and build your own effective trading system. Proper preparation will in many ways be the key to a successful start!

Swing trading

When a trend breaks, the basics of fundamental analysis usually come into play. These trading rules and algorithms are designed to determine when to buy and sell securities. While a swing trading algorithm does not have to be accurate and predict a price peak or fall, it does need a market that moves in one direction or another.

Day trading

The most famous style of active trading. It is a method of buying and selling securities within one day. Positions are closed the same day they are open and no position is held overnight.

Positional trading

Some consider positional trading to be a buy and hold strategy rather than active trading. Positional trading uses long-term charts - from daily to monthly - in combination with other methods to determine the trend of the current direction of the market. This type of trading can last from several days to several weeks, and sometimes longer, depending on the trend.


One of the fastest strategies used by active traders. The strategy usually works by creating a spread or buying at the ask price and selling at the sell price to get the difference between the two price points. Scalpers try to hold their positions for a short period, thereby reducing the risk associated with the strategy.

Trading with the trend

Trending traders look for successive higher or lower highs to determine the trend of a security. Traders seek to benefit from both upward and downward market movements. Trend traders seek to determine the direction of the market, but do not try to predict any price levels.

By choosing the most popular trading strategy, you can build your own trading plan and adjust it to suit your personal needs.

Benefits of investing in Theta cryptocurrency
Benefits of investing in Theta cryptocurrency

All cryptocurrencies have the following features in common:

  • Decentralization. Cryptocurrencies do not have any single controlling central body or bank, which is the main distinguishing feature in relation to fiat currencies. All operations and transactions are carried out in an open distributed network.
  • Immutability and irreversibility. The immutability of a cryptocurrency is based on several principles: no one except the owner of the private key can transfer cryptoassets; all transactions are recorded in the blockchain, which excludes the possibility of hiding or changing any transaction.
  • Anonymity. Usually, cryptocurrency holders do not need to identify themselves when making transactions. Users can use their digital IDs and digital wallets to use a decentralized system and securely authenticate their transactions. However, one must take into account that the wallet address is not completely anonymous - since it is essentially a unique alias tied to a specific wallet, that is, the identifier of the wallet owner.
  • Limited offer.

Fiat currencies have an unlimited supply, which allows central banks to manipulate their value according to their policies. Many cryptocurrencies, in turn, have a limited and predetermined volume of supply fixed in the base code, which makes them deflationary in nature.

Is it safe to invest in Theta?

Theta (THETA) uses a financial incentive scheme to encourage user participation in management activities. Thus, the security of Theta (THETA) network is also ensured by its users. Theta (THETA) uses a consensus mechanism called Byzantine Fault Tolerance to find a balance between high throughput and security. Guardian Nodes were introduced in June 2019. As such, Theta (THETA) did not allow the majority of the supplied tokens to be controlled by one organization at any given time.

Is Theta a good investment?

TETA is a good investment in 2021. However, THETA has a high likelihood of surpassing its current ATH at around $ 15.9 this year.

How to buy Teta in the Philippines right now?

In today's world, online services make it easier to buy Theta in the Philippines.To start invest in Theta through, you need to go through the registration procedure on the online CFD trading platform without leaving your home. It's easy and free! You need to provide your personal details such as name, email address.

Register on the platform
Register on the platform

If you have any questions about the operation of the trading platform, you can ask them by phone or in the platform chat. The trading platform is open 24/7. This means that you can enter the trading floor with your account anywhere and anytime. Thus, learning how to invest in Theta, even if you are a beginner, is not difficult! We wish you a successful investment!

Demo account

You can start with a demo account or go straight to a live account
You can start with a demo account or go straight to a live account

After registration, you will have access to a free demo account. A demo account is a virtual deposit provided by a broker to a client for trading. All operations on it are carried out only on virtual funds. You can use it to perform the same operations as with a real account.

But remember, you cannot withdraw money from such an account!

Real account

Choose a convenient way to fund your account
Choose a convenient way to fund your account

When you sign up on the platform, remember to verify your identity before you start buying Theta. To start trading for real, you must fund your live account. Funding your account is very easy. To do this, click the "Top up" button and select one of the top up options offered by the system: by credit card or through one of the online electronic payment systems. Take control of your financial future now!

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