What is Qtum?

Qtum is a platform for decentralized currencies providing compatibility and stability. Qtum (Quantum) connects block technology with a virtual ethernet machine. 

It allows developers to leverage the current blockchain to write smart contract applications. Quantum developers rely on a strategy that includes the use of mobile devices. This allows Qtum to promote blockchain technology to a wide range of Internet users. Its authors also intend to revolutionize the way applications are stored in databases. The applications built on the Quantum platform will be stored on the blockchain in the form of transactions based on the SHA-256 algorithm. One of the main goals of Qtum is to create the first of its kind smart contracts based on UTXO, a system with a consensus model with proof of ownership. (PoS). At the moment, many see smart contracts as a promising future. They are capable of transferring tokens (or any other digital assets) between two or more users based on a list of predefined conditions. Qtum provides a new scripting language for such contracts, making them easier for ordinary users to create.

Invest in Qtum in the Philippines
Invest in Qtum in the Philippines

How to invest in Qtum?

Despite the fact that the Qtum cryptocurrency is a "hybrid" blockchain that arose as a result of the connection of Bitcoin and Ethereum, which use Proof-of-Work (PoW) as an algorithm for reaching consensus in the network, the work of Qtum is based on Proof-of-Stake version 3.0 Now there are several types of investment. Below we will take a closer look at the most profitable and relevant ways.


Mining is the creation of crypto coins using a special algorithm. Accordingly, since the crypt is developed as a result of the combination of the most common cryptocurrencies, this fact makes QTUM mining more accessible, since you do not need to have expensive ASICs to participate. 

Here, the Qtum mining algorithm differs from other coins that also use PoS in that it contains the decisive role played by the "random effect", not the number of coins held. Each QTUM in the user's wallet is a lottery ticket that gives a chance to create a new block.

At the moment, the block generation time is 2 minutes, and the reward is set at 4 QTUM.

Quantum mining is based on the PoS algorithm and is very simple. In order to earn on commissions from transactions on the network, it is enough to take a few simple steps:

  • select a Qtum wallet;
  • keep the wallet always active;
  • send purchased coins to them;
  • wait for the next 500 blocks to complete.

The meaning of this investment method, that is, a unique data set (or block) is generated here on the computer, which confirms the reliability of payment transactions. A block consists of a hash of the previous block's header, a hash of transactions, and a random number. The chain containing all transactions is called the blockchain. The success of mining will directly depend on the computing power of your computer or farm. The more power, the higher the likelihood of getting a reward.

Quantum mining is based on the PoS algorithm
Quantum mining is based on the PoS algorithm

Crypto exchange and crypto wallets:

  • Crypto Exchange.

Storage of cryptocurrency is now one of the most pressing issues for holders. There are dozens of wallets, but wallets in which it would not be scary to put a large amount of money, in short, many come to the conclusion that it makes no sense to transfer money from one unreliable place to another, and keep cryptocurrencies right on the exchange. You can buy crypto on many exchanges in that operate in many countries, including the Philippines. By registering on the exchange, the user creates an account on its servers. Wallet numbers, keys to them and other information are stored, respectively, in the same place. The user can access funds from anywhere with Internet access by logging into an account on the exchange using a username and password (and / or other data). However, the exchange can be used as a crypto storage. Both in wallets and on exchanges, special key addresses are generated, which are a "number" for transferring money and represent a random alphanumeric set. Major exchanges operating in the jurisdiction of states that support and regulate cryptocurrencies have agreements with a number of payment systems the same state or international payment systems. It is more difficult for small semi-legal exchanges to negotiate with traditional systems, so they may not have support for fiat funds. With very few exceptions, fiat money is not supported in wallets.

  • Crypto wallet.

A crypto wallet allows you to send and receive cryptocurrencies. They are designed to store something known as private keys: long hexadecimal codes known only to you and your wallet. They must match the public key for you to spend your money.

Hosted wallets are akin to traditional banking applications. You can access your balance across multiple devices, and your funds won't disappear forever if you lose your phone or forget your password.

They come in many forms, can be stored on hardware that is sometimes connected to the internet to carry out transactions (some people store them in bank vaults the rest of the time) - you can even write the keys down on a piece of paper, which is one of the "cold storage" methods.

Wallets in the context of the reliability of storing cryptocurrencies in them can be divided into three types:

  • Some are a program that, as in the previous case, stores private account data on a computer. But the blockchain does not download such a wallet, and therefore has to turn to a third-party resource for each operation. In theory, access to private data is closed before access to a third party takes place, so they are not advertised anywhere. These are hot wallets.
  • For others, these are online wallets. They represent an account on an Internet resource, similar to accounts in electronic payment systems. All user data is stored on this resource, and the user can access them from anywhere, where there is the Internet, simply by entering a username and password.
  • Still others are a program that, as in the previous case, stores private account data on a computer. But the blockchain does not download such a wallet, and therefore has to turn to a third-party resource for each operation. In theory, access to private data is closed before access to a third party takes place, so they are not advertised anywhere. These are hot wallets.

There is also a Light version of the wallet, which allows you to interact with the coin using mobile devices that run on Android OS.

Buy Qtum in the Philippines through a crypto wallet
Buy Qtum in the Philippines through a crypto wallet

Investments through online trading platforms

Investment platforms are online platforms where startups and investors meet. Now, from the administration of investment platforms, information is provided on where it is better to invest, which crypt is capable of growing soon. In general, they make life easier for ordinary investors in every possible way. Investments in the modern world are hard to imagine without investment platforms.

CFD trading operates on trading floors.

CFD trading is a way to trade price movements without directly buying or selling a financial instrument. The idea behind CFDs is that one party will pay the other the difference between the current and future value of the asset.

CFDs allow you to make a profit wherever there is an area of ​​rising or falling prices, no matter in which country it occurs. They allow an investor to buy or sell an instrument that can be worth as little as 10% of the underlying asset. Pricing contracts offer great leverage options. Trading options depend only on the broker, his access to various instruments.

Advantages of CFD - contracts:

  • Huge selection of tools. There are CFDs for almost all possible financial instruments. It is the best choice for diversification lovers.
  • Access to all markets from one platform. Most CFD brokers offer instruments from all global markets. This means that traders can easily trade in any global markets from a single trading platform.
  • Commission-free execution. As mentioned above, trades are executed instantly and often without any commissions.
  • Large leverage. CFDs provide an opportunity to work with much higher leverage than the stock market, where traders with little capital can enter markets previously inaccessible to them.
Invest in Qtum in the Philippines through an online broker
Invest in Qtum in the Philippines through an online broker

Qtum Perspective

Qtum is one of the major recent startups in the cryptocurrency industry. Most likely, its authors will be able to become leading developers and innovators in terms of creating and improving smart contracts and new security and reliability technologies. The crypt offers one of the most interesting blockchain technologies, which has no analogues in the entire "cryptocurrency space" ... The platform is open source and decentralized, which is typical of most cryptocurrencies in the market today. The product itself is aimed not only at business representatives, but will also be useful to individuals. The developers plan to cover the financial and industrial spheres, as well as the mobile device market, with cryptocurrency.

Several decentralized applications for the Qtum platform have already been implemented and the developers are not going to stop there. And a highly qualified team, many of whose members have already noted in the successful development of other cryptocurrencies, only strengthens the confidence of potential investors in the coin. Also, if we consider Qtum from experienced players in the cryptocurrency market, then we can assume that the price of Qtum will only grow, starting from the moment launching the project for a wide audience and after the implementation of the next part of the developers' plan. Therefore, do not lose the opportunity to invest your money. Here you can also choose for how long you would like to place your investment.

Qtum information
Qtum information

There are two types of investment placement:

  • Long-term investments are investments for a period of 1–5 years or more. The average annual return on long-term investments, as a rule, exceeds that of short-term investments. Financial crises, negative economic factors, political events affect the stock market and contribute to its temporary decline. But subsequently, the situation, as a rule, normalizes and in most cases does not affect the investment result. I would like to note that long-term investments require large capital. The smaller the investment amount, the longer you will have to wait for the return.
  • Short-term investments are investments of free capital in investment projects for a period of up to 12 months in order to quickly increase funds. If the investor is satisfied with the result of investments, he can extend their validity. Thus, short-term investments can become long-term. By investing in short-term projects, the investor expects to receive a large profit. And the potential of such deals is really great, but mainly for traders with experience in this area. For beginners who do not have the appropriate skills, you can expect modest returns if the outcome is favorable, in which case the level of return on short-term investments depends on the size of the risks associated with them.

Summarizing the above, we can note: Qtum is an interesting, promising and promising platform. Qtum has virtually no competitors in its segment of capabilities. Interest in this cryptocurrency arises due to its availability and diversity: services are designed for individual owners and entire corporations.

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