OmiseGo Universal System

In order to freely buy cryptocurrency in a particular country for fiat money, or to exchange within the cryptocurrency system itself, the universal financial system for multicurrency transactions OmiseGo will come to the rescue.

The OmiseGo network is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses its own OMG token.

To increase bandwidth and reduce fees, a modification of Plasma technology is used. Plasma is a protocol that allows blockchain sidechains (sidechains) to be built on top of the main chain of the network. The Plasma specification allows you not only to create sidechains, but also combines several transactions into one block. Such a block is checked by validators and pays a commission as if it were one transaction.

OmiseGo Universal System
OmiseGo Universal System

When was OmiseGo established?

OmiseGo is a public finance technology. Until 2017, she was engaged in transfers of fiat currencies within the country and abroad.

OmiseGo was originally created to provide online payment solutions and has evolved into a cryptocurrency.

In early 2017, the company decided to create a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum. In July, an ICO took place, with the help of which it turned out to collect about $ 19 million. The demand for coins was high, so the ICO had to be completed ahead of schedule. Investors got their hands on OMG tokens.

OmiseGo is more than just a payment service. Throughout its existence, it has acquired many large partners.

OMG uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, so traditional mining is not provided.

OmiseGo network
OmiseGo network

What is Proof-of-stake?

Proof-of-stake is an algorithm that organizes the work of the blockchain, in which the chance of creating a new block is greater for the one who has more coins in his wallet. Proof-of-stake consensus differs from proof-of-work in that there is no need for any computing power. In PoS, the priority for confirming transactions and finding a new block is given to the one who has more coins of the used cryptocurrency on the wallet.

The Proof-of-stake algorithm does not imply mining as such, since coins are mined differently. The forger receives a reward for confirming transactions and writing a new block to the blockchain network, because Proof-of-stake does not imply the mining of new coins. The network reward is charged in the form of transaction fees.

OmiseGo System Features

There are several differences between the OmiseGo system and other systems:

  • wide availability (no need for a bank account to work);
  • high-quality and fast calculations, regardless of the network load;
  • work with decentralized currencies, which provides a high level of security.

The OmiseGo blockchain is optimized so it doesn't overload the network. Any user can conveniently pay for purchases with any cryptocurrency, even not the most popular one. In this case, the seller will receive money in banknotes of his country.

Fast transactions and minimal fees make it easy to invest in OmiseGo in the Philippines.

OmiseGo Token

The OmiseGo cryptocurrency is a token created to provide financial transactions of any type within a blockchain platform. The developers have combined the cryptocurrency and fiat markets in the system, making it possible for counterparties anywhere in the world to almost instantly perform financial transactions in any currency with minimal conversion costs.

The internal token has the OMG ticker. It was first sold in July 2017 as part of the OmiseGo ICO.

OmiseGo: current information
OmiseGo: current information

Benefits of the OmiseGo crypto coin

Among the main advantages of OmiseGo are the following:

  • Super fast execution of transactions. This system was just developed in order to solve the problems of platforms on the Proof-of-Work algorithm.
  • Lack of control over transactions by financial regulators and states.
  • Reduced commission costs. The costs of conducting transactions in the cryptocurrency environment are significantly lower than in classical payment systems.

The OMG Network is an Ethereum-based financial product scaling solution providing transparent, real-time peer-to-peer transactions.

OMG Investment Prospects and Factors Affecting It

In the first 2 days after the ICO of the project, the startup raised $ 25 million against the planned $ 19 million.In the next 6 months, investors could earn almost 5000% - if at the time of launch the price was $ 0.53, then at the peak of growth, OmiseGo increased to $ 26.14.

OmiseGo's prospects now depend on the following factors:

  • General trend of the cryptocurrency market. Almost all coin prices move in the same direction, forming an upward or downward trend in market capitalization.
  • Interest in the platform of large corporations and the actions of developers. In 2018, the OmiseGo team entered into a partnership agreement with Shinhan Bank, one of the largest in South Korea. The purpose of the agreement is to create a new model of the world economy based on decentralized financial technologies.

Historically, altcoin price fluctuations have been positively correlated with bitcoin price movements. This meant that if the price of bitcoin rises, you would soon expect the price of altcoins to rise, but lately, the price of bitcoin and prices of altcoins seem to be independent. Factors affecting the price of an altcoin are interest in the altcoin, an upcoming update, listing on well-known and reliable crypto exchanges, and new partnerships formed by altcoin.

Altcoin adoption plays an important role in positive price increases, and adoption is largely influenced by the coin's use cases. The negative press of influential people, the banning of cryptocurrencies by some countries, and the hacking of altcoins and exchange platforms have a negative impact on altcoin prices.

How to buy OMG through the exchange?

You can buy OmiseGo on most cryptocurrency exchanges. To do this, you need to follow just a few sequential steps:

  • Go to the exchange under your account (the registration process will not take much time, because the developers have taken care of the simplicity of this process for beginners). The account must be verified.
  • In the search field, enter the OMG ticker.
  • Select the desired currency.
  • A window for creating an OMG buy or sell order will open under the chart of the selected currency. Select the type of order.
  • Specify the rate, amount, and then click "Buy" or "Sell".

So, after completing all these steps, you can buy OmiseGo in the Philippines.

How to Invest in OmiseGo?

The project developers have recently been releasing more and more new services. This is becoming interesting for large investors, making the OMG coin increasingly popular and attractive. Now you can buy OmiseGo on even more exchanges and special services.

There are many ways to invest in OmiseGo. As mentioned above - through a specialized exchange by opening your own crypto wallet.

But you can also buy crypto coins through the platform (using contracts for difference - CFD contracts). Transactions are executed very quickly through the platform. In addition, anyone can open a free demo account that does not require an initial investment. It allows novice crypto traders to practice and get comfortable in the market. Real trading can be started with just a few dollars.

Invest in OmiseGo in the Philippines via online broker
Invest in OmiseGo in the Philippines via online broker

What is a Contract for Difference (CFD)?

CFD trading has appeared quite recently. Thanks to cryptocurrency CFDs, traders can avoid buying crypto coins and play on rate fluctuations. It is thanks to this fact that CFD trading became interesting.

A CFD is an agreement between a trader and a broker. If a trader buys OMG CFDs, they do not own the cryptocurrency itself. He only owns a contract, which indicates at what price he bought the coin. At any time, a trader can close a position and return his contract to the broker. If his prediction turned out to be correct, he will receive an appropriate reward. In case of an error, the same amount will be debited from his account.

To avoid excessive losses, it is very convenient to apply Stop Loss and Take Profit orders. These orders are automatically triggered and close the position when a certain price is reached.

Should you buy OmiseGo?

At the present time, investing has become not just an investment of money for the purpose of making a profit, but an urgent need for people. Crypto coins are the best way to invest.

Mass distribution of crypto coins is predicted in the future, which will entail increased interest from the public.

Investing in OmiseGo is just picking up steam. It is very simple, accessible to everyone and quite beneficial (especially in the long term). At the same time, it is necessary to follow simple safety rules and study the cryptocurrency market for investment.

How to buy OmiseGo through the online platform?
How to buy OmiseGo through the online platform?

The OMG crypto coin has a lot of potential. The OmiseGo development team has extensive experience in implementing projects using fiat money. And advisors (project guarantors) are widely known in the field of crypto coins development.

In the cryptocurrency market, we can regularly observe large price fluctuations up and down. In such conditions, if you buy crypto coins at the peak of their value, then if the price falls, you can lose a significant amount of money.

Therefore, it is necessary to closely monitor the market, trends and try to choose the right time. Investing in crypto coins requires both studying the issue in retrospect and becoming familiar with the trends in the crypto industry.

There is no risk-free investment, but risky investments are usually the most profitable.

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