The blockchain industry continues to grow strongly. The distributed ledger has touched many areas not only in business but also in the entertainment industry. Hundreds of projects are competing for user attention and each other in terms of uniqueness. They offer the cryptocurrency community innovative technologies and new ideas for their application. One of the most exciting projects in this field is Chiliz. Let's see what makes it stand out among other cryptocurrencies. 

What is Chiliz Cryptocurrency (CHZ)

Chiliz is a digital currency that powers sports and entertainment platforms and is also the official, only cryptocurrency that functions on fan voting portal allows sports and cybersports fans to manage their favourite teams, games, leagues and events. Chiliz is a digital currency for tokenisation of sports and entertainment. It is a blockchain technology that enables the creation of products for everyday consumers. Chiliz created the platform to let fans engage more actively with their favourite teams. The utility of the Chiliz coin is to give fans a voice and the ability to participate in decision making for organisations that join the platform. 

Chiliz is a new promising cryptocurrency
Chiliz is a new promising cryptocurrency

Features of CHZ

Chilliz addresses a critical problem in today's sports and cyber industry - the lack of fans having any influence on the life of a team or club. People watch the matches and follow the development of the organisation. At most, it's financial (tickets, season tickets, souvenirs) or any other kind of support. There is no question of the fanbase making changes in the development vector at all.

Socios tokenises the right to vote for every fan of the sport. For example, it allows a club's fanbase (such as PSG or Juventus) to vote on important decisions. And blockchain ensures completely honest results. The same is true for cyber sports disciplines. 

The idea implemented by Chiliz is not new. For example, some football clubs allow fans to influence their development. And among the teams with lesser status, there are often examples where the team is practically in the hands of the fans. 

Speaking of developers, the company is owned by Maltese corporation Maltese Mediarex Group, which has been operating on the global market for over 15 years. 

For almost 2 years, Chiliz has managed to conclude partnerships with many clubs from top European leagues. Moreover, one of the world's largest crypto exchanges has directly invested in the project. And that's already a pretty strong argument in its favour.

Chiliz (CHZ) - digital currency for sports and entertainment platforms
Chiliz (CHZ) - digital currency for sports and entertainment platforms

The Chilliz team

If you want to buy a Chilliz, you have to trust. That's why it is crucial to learn about the creator and the team as much as possible. In addition, there are people with many years of experience working on Chilliz. So let's get to know the key figures in the team:

  • Alexander Dreyfus is the CEO of Chiliz and Previously, this person worked on significant projects such as Mediartis and Webcity;
  • Thibaut Pelletier - CTO of the company. In the past, he has held engineering positions in research companies and Big Data. At Chilipoker and Spread Research, Pelletier worked as chief technology officer. The man has also been a team leader at Bally Technologies and Scientific Games. He joined the Chiliz team in 2018;
  • Max Rabinowitz is in charge of promotion strategy. Over the years, he has also worked as Creative Director at ComboApp and Marketing Lead at Freelance;
  • Emma Diskin - PR director at Chiliz. Previously she worked with the UK TV channel ITV, managed public relations at MTV, worked on the social direction at Camelot Group (operator of the UK National Lottery), consulted for freelancers on PR issues, and ran iGaming company Betsson Group in Sweden;
  • Magnus Linder - develops the partnership area. He has over 15 years of experience in marketing and has been in management positions since 2007. Previously he managed marketing for hockey club AIK ISHockey AB and the Swedish Association of Professional Football Clubs;
  • Fabian Manicolo is CFO. Formerly an auditor at KPMG International and chief financial officer at Chilipoker. He joined Chiliz in 2012;
  • Jade Kruschank is the HR manager. She was also responsible for hiring at Pentasia and Betting Connections and was head of sales at Yellow Brick Investments.

All in all, the team is quite venerable, and there are no outright newcomers. 

Fans buy tokens and vote through the platform
Fans buy tokens and vote through the platform

How does Chiliz work?

Chiliz focuses on a relatively narrow specialisation, selecting sports fans and focusing on the world's biggest and most famous football teams. Through this platform, fans of these teams and new technology enthusiasts can buy tokens issued by their favourite teams. Such tokens allow them to identify with the club and have a real influence on some decisions:

  • choosing a cheering slogan that hangs in the football locker room;
  • prizes in the form of VIP meetings or dinners with players;
  • match tickets in special seats or access to the latest club decisions.  

In some cases, fans were so eager to participate in token purchases that even quantitative limits were imposed to prevent a concentration of voting rights in a small number of strong hands.

Through the Chiliz platform, fans of teams such as FC Barcelona or Atletico Madrid from Spain, Juventus Turin from Italy, Paris Saint Germain and AS Roma from Italy or Galatasaray Istanbul from Turkey buy their club tokens. Legia Warszawa will also use its agency, which will also be the first sports club in Poland to have its badge.

The owner of even one Fan Token gets access to the trading platform
The owner of even one Fan Token gets access to the trading platform

Chiliz (CHZ) stock exchange quotes

Chiliz (CHZ) digital coin is now valued at around $0.51 when writing an article. And the daily trading volume has exceeded $1 billion. As a result, the market capitalisation is approaching the $2.7 billion mark. According to the Coinmarketcap website, the token ranks in the top 40.

Project outlook

If you are going to buy Chiliz in the Philippines, prospects are a vital aspect that encourages users to buy or sell the cryptocurrency. 

The developers of the project claim that they allow all sports clubs to create a new monetisable economy and at the same time improve the relationship with the fans. And one cannot disagree with these facts. In addition, instead of the usual ICO, the company held a so-called Fan Token Offer. This is a very original movie that set the project apart from the rest. 

It is also worth considering that some clubs have fan bases larger than some European countries, and international fan communities span all continents. Therefore fan bases can be an ideal place to create new ways to measure value and exchange assets. 

Approaching sports fans can also increase the number of sales. Therefore, such arrangements can be beneficial for absolutely all parties. For example, for a CHZ coin, the sports clubs offer a fan base of millions of potential customers who could not be reached in any other way. And if we also consider the general support of the industry giants for the project, we can speak of a bright future for Chiliz.

Invest in Chiliz in the Philippines
Invest in Chiliz in the Philippines

Where to buy Chiliz?

Altcoin has high liquidity. It is bought/sold on dozens of exchange websites. It is listed on major centralised exchanges and DEX. If you want to buy CHZ, you can do it on CEX and DEX exchanges.

The token is listed in the top 100 by capitalisation. It is traded on its own platform and other popular exchanges such as Binance. There are also decentralised exchanges, such as Uniswap.  

How to start investing in Chiliz (CHZ) in the Philippines?

Users can profit from trades in coins. If you want to invest in Chiliz in the Philippines, you'll be pleased to know that both long-term investments and trading are promising. Moreover, investments can be made not only in Chiliz but also in Fan Tokens.

1. Investments.

The token price has changed by 457.36% in one year (as of July 2021). Investors who bought coins at the launch have already made large profits. The rate is projected to rise to $1-1.5 in 2021-2022. Right now, the coin's exchange rate is $0.51. 

2. Transactions in Fan Tokens.

Fan coin prices are also changing. Users can invest for the long term or engage in trading. Transactions are conducted on the project's exchange. Especially fan tokens may rise in value as a result of team successes or promotional campaigns.

3. Trading.

The high volatility of the altcoin makes it possible to profit from changes in the exchange rate. In addition, traders can participate in spot margin trading (the amount of leverage depends on the platform). In other words, you will be able to make money on the cryptocurrency using CFDs. 

CFD is a contract between a broker and a trader.  The essence of CFD is to exchange the difference in the value of the underlying asset that occurs between the initial and final price of the contract.

Experts predict a rise in the value of the Chiliz cryptocurrency
Experts predict a rise in the value of the Chiliz cryptocurrency

CFDs allow you to use only a fraction of the amount needed to open a trade. This method is called margin trading or leveraged trading. This allows traders to work on more prominent positions with little capital. This feature of CFDs provides access to a more significant number of global financial markets.

One of the main advantages of trading CFDs is that you can open positions in any direction. For example, you buy or sell a contract depending on whether you think that the price will rise or fall. Accordingly, you open a long or short position.

When trading with leverage, you should always be on your guard, as it can not only increase your profits markedly but also your losses. In any case, if you want to make money, you need to be prepared to take risks. 

Remember, only risk as much money as you can afford to risk. 

Sign up on the trading platform
Sign up on the trading platform

How to Buy Chiliz right now? 

If you want to start earning money with Chiliz choose a credible broker. It is the necessary action. Then, you need to register on the broker's website. This step is mandatory. Registration takes very little time. All you need to do is some personal information so that the site can recognise you. 

Demo account

If you want to make a fortune, you'll need experience. And to get an adventure, you need to trade, of course. But there's a vast feature called the demo account. So you can experiment and trade just like with real money. 

Real account

Do you want to invest in Chiliz? Do you feel empowered and enthusiastic? Then make a deposit and get started! Read the news, learn how to calculate risks and believe in your strength! Have successful trading!

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