Best mobile trading platform in the Philippines

The hyper-dynamic world of today requires us to keep moving. All processes are speeding up and routine tasks are being automated as much as possible. Over the last few decades, the number of daily tasks has increased manifold, and new opportunities have become available to us thanks to the internet and technology.

Mobile applications are especially popular, as they allow us to do all kinds of things from our mobile phones.

We can easily order a taxi, order food for the office or home, book a hotel room, take an academic test, learn a foreign language, or buy goods through a mobile app. The list of possibilities of mobile applications is really endless. It's also very convenient, since our gadget is always at our fingertips wherever we are.

In the competition for customers, companies are striving to give their users 24/7 access to their services or products.

The investment market has followed the lead of cutting-edge companies. Mobile apps for online trading have been developed and are now just as functional as their desktop counterparts.

A modern investment app is essentially a full-fledged version of a trading platform which provides all the necessary tools and options for online investing and displays the real picture of the stock market with its price charts, news section and market analysis.

The mobile version of a trading platform should have a number of features which ensure smooth and correct operation. After comparative analysis of mobile applications offered by the brokerage market in the Philippines and consideration of traders' requests, we've chosen the main distinguishing features we think you should pay attention to when choosing the best mobile trading platform in the Philippines. These are: easy to download the app; easy to deposit and withdraw funds; availability of necessary tools for analysis and trading; completeness and up-to-dateness of displayed information; access to real-time quotes charts; accessibility of information.

An online trading mobile application means convenience without compromising the quality of trading.

Let's take a closer look at how it works.

Best mobile trading platform in the Philippines
Best mobile trading platform in the Philippines

Easy and simple to download and install

The first thing you have to do is to download the mobile app for the trading platform. This is very easy and can be done in a few minutes. Visit the official website of your broker of choice and look for a section that provides information on the trading software versions available. If your brokerage firm offers a mobile version of the trading platform, you will immediately see an active link to download the app - take advantage of it. Or, download the trading application through the official playmarket of your mobile device, entering the name of the brokerage firm in the search box.

Wait for the app to fully download, and then you will see the platform shortcut on your mobile screen.

If you are already a registered user and have used the desktop version of the platform before, all you have to do is click on the "authorize" option and, after entering your username and password, activate the app robot.

If you are new to the system, activate the "register" option and enter the requested data. Confirm your registration with a link which will automatically be sent to the email address you provided during registration. You can then use the app.

If the mobile trading app is of good quality, it will be easy to get to grips with all the details and register easily. Never use external third-party sources to download the app. To avoid fraud by third parties, use the link from the official website of the brokerage company, or a search query from the official playmarket.

Easy registration
Easy registration

Online trading platform interface

Developers of trading applications try to make the interface of the software as comfortable as possible for the trader, without reducing the functionality and quality of the services provided.

The applications are designed so that even a novice trader can easily navigate and perform the required operation. As a rule, you will see all the basic commands on the main trading room screen, the buy and sell buttons are always big and brightly coloured, and the selection of assets is on the top toolbar, as a drop-down list for easy searching.

Today's apps are highly customisable, so you can customise the mobile platform to suit your visual perceptions and trading strategies.

Select the preferred screen orientation: portrait or landscape
Select the preferred screen orientation: portrait or landscape

Customise the screen to display vertically or horizontally. Choose a light or dark background theme for the work screen. Choose your chart colours and display type - most platforms offer a choice of line, candlestick, bar or Heikin-Ashi charts.

The left-hand toolbar of the platform houses additional sections such as 'Training', 'Market Analysis', a general portfolio, an interactive trading chat and news. If required, you can view these sections in parallel to the quote chart.

Also in the settings section you can set up notifications about any changes in the market, which will be sent to you as push messages or by email.

Choose an app that offers flexible settings, full access to all transactions and is easy to use. Reliable brokerage companies offer quality apps.

Mobile platform menu
Mobile platform menu

A wide range of financial instruments

In the mobile version of the platform, you will have full access to a selection of all the asset types that this broker works with and that are available in the desktop version of the software. In other words, if you can select that asset to work with through the online platform from your computer, you will also be able to work with it in the app.

Choose an investing platform with a good choice of financial markets. The most popular areas for online trading are as follows:

  • Currency market. You can select one of the popular currency pairs or opt for exotic currencies. Forex is the most volatile market and is especially popular with traders who prefer mid- or short-term investments;
  • Binary options. Trading options is one of the most profitable trading fields, with some platforms making as much as 80% of the deal;
  • Stock market. Invest in shares of well-known companies using Contracts for Difference (CFD);
  • Commodity market. Invest in gold or oil;
  • Diversify your profits by investing in ETF funds.

When choosing online investing software, give preference to platforms whose mobile versions give you full access to all the assets on offer.

Choose your assets
Choose your assets

Availability of a variety of trading and analysis tools

An online trading platform is a powerful tool in the hands of a trader, as it offers convenient and practical tools to enable market analysis and trading alongside the standard functions.

It is very important that all the features offered by the trading platform to the user are also available in the mobile version of the software.

Let's look at some of them in more detail.

Technical analysis tools

Technical analysis is a set of methods allowing a trader to make forecasts about price movement in the future. Depending on the timeframe, on which analysis of market trends is made and which methods of technical analysis you will use, the need in one or another indicators for technical analysis will depend on. Technical analysis indicators are various mathematical functions of different parameters (price, trading volume etc.) that show the trader the most probable way of further price movement. Thanks to modern developments and improvements in online trading platforms, the use of indicators is very simple for modern traders. In order to attach one or another of them to a chart of any financial instrument, it is enough to press a couple of buttons on the control panel of the trading software. The system will automatically calculate all the parameters and display a convenient and easy-to-read indicator chart.

A trader just need to know how to interpret the data on the chart, in order to isolate reliable trading signals to buy or sell the financial instrument.

The quality trading platform contains practically all possible technical analysis indicators, and you will be able to choose the one you want and see the current trends even by using a mobile app. 


Tools for fundamental analysis

Technical indicators are called technical because they only use statistical indicators of trading (markets) and do not take into account the fundamentals of traded instruments, such as profits and revenues of the companies whose securities are traded on the stock market.

If you use fundamental analysis you will find the economic calendar and news section particularly useful.

Whereas earlier mobile applications contained only basic functions, you can now use a mobile trading application to follow news on the stock market using your mobile phone. This is very convenient, because your mobile phone is always with you and you don't have to monitor news websites on your own. You will find all the major and significant events in the world of economy, which directly or indirectly influence the price of assets, in the news feed of the platform.

Read news by company or set up a general news feed and notifications. This way, you will always have your finger on the pulse of world events.

Up-to-date information is a trader's trump card. Keeping abreast of different economic and political events will help you analyze their impact on the investment market and make the right predictions for the future.

News feed on a mobile platform
News feed on a mobile platform

Tools for trading

Traders make wide use of the tools the platform offers, which help in trading. Very popular with traders are stop orders, stop loss and take profit, with which you can set the upper and lower transaction limits.

If you reach these limits, the deal will be closed automatically. 

Having the ability to set stop orders is a sign of a good platform. With this feature you can protect your trades from sharp asset price fluctuations.

Another handy feature is the multiplier. With the multiplier you can activate your leverage in two clicks, simply select the multiplier. You should only use leverage if you are sufficiently experienced in trading, because leverage increases not only your investment amount, but also the amount of possible loss. 

Trading tools
Trading tools

Learn - it's important! Video lessons on investing

Among other things, the platforms provide access to training materials in the form of video tutorials. You will find these lessons in the "Training" section. Topics range from the basics of investing and basic operations to the use of sophisticated trading tools and the use of indicators.

Video lessons on a mobile platform
Video lessons on a mobile platform

In addition to the tutorial section, there is also a demo account, which is a special training account into which the system automatically credits a specific amount of fictitious money. Because the account is fully identical to a real one, you can easily practice various operations. Watch the lessons, make practice trades using the demo account, and keep track of the results. In this way, you will gain initial experience, but you will also avoid losses.

Possibility to open a demo account
Possibility to open a demo account

Simple explanations of complex terminology, vivid examples on charts, and the opportunity to try out what you hear on a demo account without the risk of losing money are all clear pluses in favour of choosing a platform that provides such opportunities.

Other perks of an online mobile trading app

In addition to all of the above, it should be noted that the mobile online platform also offers advantages like 24/7 customer support with feedback form, reasonable initial deposit and low withdrawal limits, multiple deposit and withdrawal options, instant execution of transactions, real-time updates, fast synchronization of all your applications (desktop, tablet and mobile versions are synchronized automatically and instantly), robust data protection with two-step authentication.

Experience all the benefits of mobile commerce in the Philippines. Download the best mobile trading platform in the Philippines. And try it now!

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