Advanced trading platform in the Philippines

Advances in technology are constantly improving trading platforms, adding new features and options.

Today, an online trading platform is more than just software that allows you to buy or sell an asset. It is a powerful tool for managing your own finances in the online investment space.

By choosing an advanced trading platform, a trader gets access to a wide selection of traded assets, complete and up-to-date information on current market conditions, tools for effective trend analysis and forecasts of future asset price movement scenarios.

How to choose an advanced trading platform in the Philippines is the topic of the review below.

The qualities of an advanced trading platform

The Philippine brokerage market is quite competitive and this has a direct impact on the continuous development of trading applications. Brokerage companies invest heavily in the development and implementation of new technologies, introduction of new features, improvement of platforms, as well as decent visual design of trading software in order to attract the attention of potential client traders.

Advanced trading platforms are:

  • minute registration;
  • user-friendly interface with great graphics;
  • good choice of financial instruments;
  • opportunity to open a demo account;
  • educational section;
  • easy deposit and withdrawal methods;
  • good information support;
  • advanced tools for analysis and trading;
  • mobile and tablet version;
  • high quality feedback.

All these points are important in trading and are inherent in most online trading platforms. But advanced platforms have greatly improved each of these features, making trading on such platforms even more comfortable for the trader.

Let's take a closer look at how it all works on advanced platforms below.

Advanced trading platform in the Philippines
Advanced trading platform in the Philippines


Advanced trading platforms offer rich functionality and the ability to perform complex transactions, but are nevertheless easy to use. Registration is proof of this. In order to create a trading profile on the platform, simply fill in a simple registration form on the brokerage company's website, providing a minimal set of data, confirm the registration with an email (the confirmation link will come automatically to your email) and your account is ready. 

What do I have to keep in mind?

  • Write your real username, so you will pass the verification process faster at the withdrawal stage. You may hide your username from public view in the settings;
  • Correctly specify the country, so that the software correctly displays payment systems for depositing to the account (they differ for each country, there are differences in available options);
  • Use only links from official sources for downloading the trading application, it may be the official website of your broker or the official Playmarket on your gadget. Do not use the links from unknown sources to avoid fraudulent actions from third parties.

Registering on an advanced trading platform is an easy process that takes a few minutes of your time and allows you access to all your investment transactions online.

Ease of registration
Ease of registration

Learn to use the trading platform

Advanced trading platforms are not just for experienced traders. The developers have also addressed the needs of novice traders by adding a "training" section to the platform. This section includes video lessons on investing, starting with the basics and ending with lessons on how to use sophisticated indicators. Lessons are adapted for beginners in investing, presented in simple and easy to understand language, so you won't have any difficulty in understanding the material.

Be sure to check out the video tutorials, as they are valuable and useful information for using the online platform.

Learn about investing with video lessons
Learn about investing with video lessons

A demo account will also help you as a beginning trader. A demo account is a practice account, designed for carrying out training operations. For such test operations, the system will automatically credit your demo account with fictitious money, which you can use for various test transactions without fear. Practice buying an asset, placing a pending order, attaching leverage, and so on. Try to carry out technical and fundamental analysis of the market, then verify whether your forecasts turn out to be correct or not.

A demo account is a unique feature of an advanced trading platform, allowing you to practice trading for free, without risking your capital.

Using a demo account is absolutely free, there is no time limit, and the dummy funds can be reset as required.

Combine theoretical study of trading with free practice on a demo account to get you faster in the fascinating world of online trading!

Be sure to start with a demo account
Be sure to start with a demo account

Deposits and withdrawals are easy

All settlement operations on trading platforms, such as deposits and withdrawals, are done online, without the need to visit a bank.

Advanced trading platforms offer several deposit options. The most common choice is to deposit with a payment card, while a little less common is to use online payment systems.

To make a deposit to a live trading account, activate the deposit option and select a funding method from the list offered by the system. If you want to deposit by credit card, you must enter the number of the card you are going to use, its expiration date, cardholder's name and secret CVC code.

If you want to top up your account through the online system, simply type in the top up amount and click on "next". The system will automatically redirect your payment to the system - log in in the window that will open and confirm the payment.

As a rule, advanced trading platforms cooperate with well-known payment systems, providing security and speed of processing orders. If you do not find the payment system you are looking for in the list of payment systems, check again in the settings of the trading platform if the country is specified correctly.

To ensure the correct operation of the payment system, specify the correct country in your profile settings.

If the country is incorrect, please contact the support team and ask them to edit your details.

Money is almost always instantly credited to your account.

Withdrawal of funds is possible using the same methods as the deposit.

Modes of payment transactions
Modes of payment transactions

A good choice of financial markets

Advanced trading platforms offer you a good selection of financial instruments to trade. The most popular areas for online trading are as follows:

  • Foreign exchange market. You can select one of the popular currency pairs or opt for exotic currencies. Forex is the most volatile market and is especially popular with traders who prefer mid- or short-term investments;
  • Binary Options. Trading options is one of the most profitable trading fields, with some platforms making as much as 95% of profit from a trade;
  • Stock market. Invest in shares of famous companies using Contracts for Difference (CFD);
  • Commodity market. Invest in gold or oil;
  • Diversify your profits by investing in ETF funds.

When choosing online investing software, give preference to platforms that give you full access to different financial markets.

A good choice of financial markets
A good choice of financial markets

Analytical tools of advanced payment platforms

The trader's main task is to make accurate forecasts about the prices of a particular asset. In order to predict the behavior of the price curve on the chart as accurately as possible, the trader carefully studies the market and applies methods of technical or fundamental analysis.

Both methods are equally indicators of the market condition and supplement each other.

Technical analysis is used for forecasting future price changes on the basis of analysis of past price changes. It is based on analysis of price time series, most frequently on charts of different timeframes. Besides, information on trading volumes and other important statistical data is used.

Technical analysis uses a variety of tools and methods, but all of them are based on one general assumption: by analyzing time series by identifying trends, it is possible to predict how prices will behave in the future.

Use of indicators
Use of indicators

Fundamental analysis is used to examine the financial and economic health of industries, individual companies and their investment attractiveness. Companies are attractive if their shares are stable in the long term and the companies themselves have development potential. Fundamental analysis is used to determine with a high degree of certainty the real or "fair" value of securities.

Advanced trading platforms are equipped with tools for market analysis. The economic calendar, forex calendar and news sections of the platforms help traders who use fundamental analysis methods in their strategies. As a rule fundamental analysis is used for medium and long-term trading.

Advanced trading platforms are also equipped with special indicators and charting tools to make technical analysis of the market possible.

Study the news for fundamental market analysis
Study the news for fundamental market analysis

Advanced payment platform trading tools

In addition to analytical tools, the platforms are equipped with trading tools. The most popular trading tools are stop orders and multiples.

A stop order is an instruction to the broker to close a trade when the price of an asset reaches a certain limit. There are two main types of stop orders:

  • Stop Loss;
  • Take Profit.

Stop Loss is a type of stop order where you can set a minimum price for the asset for the current trade. If the price of the asset falls below your stop loss, the trade will automatically close, protecting you from taking larger losses. Stop loss also gives the trader a bit of security, as it is possible to set the maximum amount of loss that can be incurred.

Take Profit is a stop order, when you open it, you should specify the upper limit of asset's price. If the price reaches this level, the trade will be closed, locking in a profit. You would think, why stop the transaction, if the price goes up? The reason could be the analysts' forecasts about the short term jump in the price of the asset to a certain level. Such a stop order can literally help you "catch" a profit, as the price is sometimes immediately falling.

Another popular tool, which is often used in trading, is the multiplier. The multiplier allows you to connect the leverage function with a click of the mouse. All you have to do is choose the right multiplier and activate the option. (GB)Remember that leverage not only increases your investment amount and potential profit, but also your potential loss. 

So make sure you have a good understanding of how it works before you use it.

Using Stop Loss
Using Stop Loss

Other benefits of advanced trading platforms

In addition to the benefits described above, advanced trading platforms are characterised by a user-friendly dashboard, high-quality graphics, and flexible system settings. Using the settings you can change the type of display and colour scheme of the chart, the location, the number and size of working windows displayed on the screen, create a personal notification system, display on the trading room desktop, or, conversely, remove certain functions.

With the Interactive Chat you will be able to communicate with other traders and share your experience. If you wish to hide your real name from public view, you can easily do so in your personal profile settings.

Also, advanced trading platforms periodically hold tournaments for traders. Go to the "tournaments" tab and read the terms of participation, the size of the contribution and the amount of the possible reward.

Choosing a reliable and quality trading software will make your investment more enjoyable and comfortable.

Choose an advanced trading platform in the Philippines, open a demo account and start learning how to trade today! 

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