ZBG cryptocurrency exchange

ZBG is a cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2018 as a sub-platform of ZB.com. ZBG is one of the most successful cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges. In terms of liquidity, ZBG Futures ranks among the 20 largest crypto exchanges in the world. According to the ZBG website, there are over 3 million users on the platform, over 150 countries are represented, and the number is constantly growing.

Apart from spot trading, ZBG derivatives trading is provided by the exchange. Thanks to the launched derivatives trading training program, ZBG achieved a breakthrough in the crypto derivatives market. ZBG Perpetual Index prices are linked to around 80 crypto exchanges. Like the best cryptocurrency platforms, ZBG focuses on maintaining a high level of security for user accounts with a set of safeguards. ZBG can be used through a web browser.

ZBG cryptocurrency exchange
ZBG cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange and its advantages

Benefits of the ZBG exchange:

  • Status of one of the largest and most visited trading platforms;
  • High liquidity, according to expert research;
  • Patronage of the digital giant ZB.com;
  • High level of security;
  • Own exchange token; constant development, which is expressed in new products and trading tools;
  • A wide range of available cryptocurrencies;
  • Many functionalities;
  • OTC trading (P2P);
  • Mobile applications with a full-fledged interface for mobile gadgets on the operating systems iOS, Android, Windows and Mac;
  • Prompt customer support around the clock;
  • Many languages ‚Äč‚Äčavailable on the platform;
  • The level of commissions is below the market average;
  • API for developers.
Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange and its advantages
Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange and its advantages

Having considered the many advantages of the ZBG exchange, we can confidently advise you to register on it, or download the ZBG mobile application and start ZBG cryptocurrency derivatives trading.

ZBG cryptocurrency derivatives and their implications for traders

A derivative is a financial contract between two or more parties based on the future price of an underlying asset. The contract is concluded between the parties who plan to sell or purchase a certain asset at a certain price in the future. And the value of the contract itself will be determined by changes or fluctuations in the price of the asset.

Traders use derivatives both to hedge risks and to speculate on changes in the price of the underlying asset. 

But more often it is for hedging, that is, to protect against serious price fluctuations. A clearly spelled out contract, according to which the transaction must be carried out on the conditions strictly set now, is an excellent protection against any changes. As for speculation, it is when traders try to predict the change in the price of an underlying asset over time and make it more profitable to buy or sell in the future.

ZBG trade room
ZBG trade room

Main forms of derivatives

Futures. Traders use futures to hedge their risk or speculate on the difference in the price of the underlying asset, as the parties to the transaction commit to buying or selling it. Thus, the essence of a futures contract is to fix the price of a commodity that will be delivered in the future.

A CFD is an agreement based on an underlying cryptocurrency that enters into an agreement to pay the owner the difference between the price of the underlying asset at the start of the contract and the price at the end of the contract. When you open CFDs, you are speculating on whether the price of the cryptocurrency will rise or fall. When the contract is liquidated and your price predictions turn out to be wrong, you will have to take higher losses as this is a leveraged product.

An ETF is a derivative contract that tracks changes in the price of a particular cryptocurrency or group of cryptocurrencies. Traders can diversify their portfolio with ETFs without actually buying or owning the assets that the ETF is tracking.

Swaps are another common type of derivatives, often used to exchange one type of cash flow for another. For example, a trader can use an interest rate swap to switch from a variable interest rate loan to a fixed rate loan, or vice versa. Simply put, a swap is a temporary exchange of assets (currency, securities, etc.) in the course of trading on the exchange. Its peculiarity is that the exchange takes place only for a certain time, after which the participants in the transaction return their assets to each other. The swap not only insures risks, but also makes it possible to choose the markets of another jurisdiction.

Options - Such a contract is similar to a futures contract in the sense that it is also an agreement between two parties, however, in the case of an option contract, the parties are not obliged to fulfill the buy or sell agreement. An option is only an opportunity, and a futures is always an obligation. Options are also used to hedge or speculate on the price of the underlying asset.

Having drawn conclusions, we can say that more and more traders want to speculate on fluctuations in cryptocurrency rates, and using ZBG derivatives in the Philippines, this is the easiest to do.

Cryptocurrency derivatives on ZBG
Cryptocurrency derivatives on ZBG

ZBG Cryptocurrency Derivatives Trading Platform

To trade on the exchange, let's look at the capabilities of the ZBG trading window. The menu contains trading pairs and information on them, a chart of price movements, history of trading on the exchange, depth of market (orders for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency are available), an order form.

Trading pairs are placed in the menu in two categories - "innovative" and "recommended" (suitable for beginners, more stable).

After choosing a trading pair, you will be presented with an order form. There you should set the price you want or leave the average determined by the exchange. "Limit price" - an order for a deal on the ZBG cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform. An order with a set price will remain in open orders until the price in the market rises to its level and someone executes the order.

If you are sure that the rate of the sold currency will rise, then you can set a higher price.

Then specify the number of coins to sell (buy), click Buy or Sell, respectively.

By completing all these steps, you can bring yourself a profit, but this requires the right knowledge in this area and building the right risk management strategy. Thanks to this, you will prevent the risk of serious losses.

ZBG cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform
ZBG cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform

Security features of the ZBG derivatives trading platform

In terms of the safeguards available, the ZBG derivatives trading platform provides many robust security features that are used by the best cryptocurrency exchanges.

First, on ZBG, you can use two-factor authentication. This feature makes it nearly impossible for someone to log into your account or withdraw money without having direct access to your mobile device. To manage your account, you will need to enter a one-time password from the Google Authentication app installed on your phone. We recommend that you do not neglect this measure and activate two-factor authentication, as there are many scammers in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Other security features include anti-phishing code and fund passwords. Fund passwords are similar to PIN codes that protect the use of your bank card. This 6-digit password is requested when trying to withdraw money. An anti-phishing code is a code attached to every email from a ZBG representative. It is unique for each user, so if you receive a message with an incorrect code or without this code, you can be sure that the message was sent by scammers seeking to gain access to your funds.

95% of users 'funds are stored offline, making it a reliable platform as hackers cannot steal most of users' money if the exchange's servers are compromised. Overall, the platform provides a robust set of safeguards.

ZBG Savings (savings in cryptocurrency at interest) - your passive income

On the exchange there is the possibility of passive earnings on savings. ZBG Savings is officially launched on the ZBG.com crypto exchange, the service is available in the ZBG web version and in the ZBG mobile application. The ZBG Savings feature includes fixed and floating rate cryptocurrency deposits. You deposit and subscribe to certain digital assets to generate income consistent with maturity and yield.

ZBG crypto futures in the Philippines

There are many ways to influence cryptocurrency, but futures trading is one of the most popular and convenient methods. ZBG crypto futures in the Philippines are well-known among the traders.

A futures contract is a contract that guarantees that a buyer buys an asset at a specified time, in a specified amount, at a predetermined price. These contracts can be traded and guarantee the execution of the trade.

Futures contracts allow traders, investors to speculate on the future price of an asset, that is, traders trade cryptocurrency at a future price that is agreed upon at the time of the contract. Using futures, you can use leverage - borrowed funds that increase the volume of purchases or sales of an asset, thereby increasing the volume of potential gains or losses.

One of the most important things to know about trading cryptocurrencies and their futures is high volatility. While this is generally viewed as a risk by many, it also offers many opportunities. This is especially important for traders who prefer to speculate on fast price movements.

In the process of the ZBG crypto futures trading, traders go long and short and use the right risk management techniques.

However, futures contracts are very different from spot trading because they do not work on the underlying assets, but only on the actions of their price. Without a real asset, futures are much more fluid and easier to manage. In addition, they allow for high leverage margin trading.

ZBG mobile app
ZBG mobile app

ZBG crypto futures trading - Advantages and Disadvantages

Trading futures, like any profitable undertaking, is characterized by a number of advantages and disadvantages. Below are the main pros and cons of trading with these instruments.


  • Cryptocurrency gets more investor attention and therefore deeper liquidity.
  • Trading cryptocurrency futures allows you to make a profit both when the value of cryptocurrency assets grows and when they fall.
  • Cryptocurrency futures provide the ability to leverage your capital. This is useful as traders gain substantial access to the asset by paying only a fraction of its cost. Therefore, leverage is considered the most attractive feature of futures trading.
  • Possibility of hedging. Futures are a great opportunity to hedge your portfolio.


  • Volatility. High volatility is not always an advantage for a trader. It is not always possible to accurately determine market movements.
  • High risk. Leverage makes cryptocurrency futures one of the most risky trading instruments. Novice traders should develop a sound risk management strategy.

Register on one of the best platforms and see for yourself the benefits of ZBG crypto futures trading!

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