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What is online trading?

Online trading implies making transactions on financial markets with the aim of receiving profit. Though, it is not a simple buy/sell activity. Profitable trading is possible only after a thorough analysis of the market and the ability to predict price movement. The Internet made online trading available to private investors. Everyone has a possibility to join a brokerage platform and start speculation on main assets – currencies, stocks, indices, commodities and financial derivative instruments – options, CFD and others.

IQ Option is a trading a trading platform with its intuitive and clean interface to help its customers meet most of the trading needs. It offers top platform to invest in Forex, stocks, and ETFs.
Innovative binary options broker with the most convenient interface, more than 100 global trading assets available is an online trading platform that allows you to trade binary options 24/7, even on weekends. In order to cater to the needs of both beginners and advanced traders, has several different trading platforms you can choose from.
Olymp Trade broker offers sufficient trading opportunities it has everything you need for full-fledged trading: currency pairs, oil, precious metals, stocks and indices, and cryptocurrencies that can be traded over the weekend
Exness is a broker, which offers stable and reliable brokerage services with the comfortable trading environment created to suit the most demanding traders with their tight spreads
ExpertOption, a broker which caters to a significant audience of digital traders, Known for their excellent user interface, as well as fast deposit and withdrawal times

What is stock trading?

Stocks have been and remain one of the most popular trading instruments in history. Today, everyone can trade stocks thanks to the Internet. By purchasing company stocks, you automatically become an owner of its share. There are two popular ways to trade stocks – buy these with a long-term perspective of value growth or short-term trading, where you get a profit based on your forecast of stock price fluctuations. You do not necessarily need to buy shares. There is a more affordable trading instrument – CFD, where you buy a contract and earn on the supposed price difference.

What is crypto trading?

Digital money is a very young trading instrument, but nonetheless, very popular. The principle of crypto trading is very similar to other assets trading – you earn on the rate difference. But there is one peculiarity when it comes to cryptocurrency. This asset has very high volatility, with rates sharply changing during the day. This feature makes crypto trading extremely popular for making fast and high profits. But the same feature also makes this type of trading very risky.

What is Forex Trading?

Forex is the world’s largest currency exchange marketplace. Its main target is making profits on currency rate differences. You can trade all known currencies on Forex, with major currency pairs remaining the most popular ones. It is not so easy to reach stable profits as you need to study the basics of technical and fundamental analysis of the market and learn to react to its changes. This way, you will learn how to predict the best moments for the trades.

What are Binary Options?

Binary options were introduced to financial markets nor so long ago. These are not assets but special trading instruments with an underlying asset. Binary options contracts allow you to make money on price behavior forecasts. You buy not an asset but a contract and make an assumption of asset price change. Your profit will depend on the correction of your prediction – you either win or lose your trade investment. Both potential profits or losses are fixed amounts in binary options trading.