DigiFinex cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform is the world's leading digital asset trading platform focusing on cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. It was founded by blockchain enthusiasts and the core team is well-known technology companies such as Xunlei, Tencent, Baidu and HP.

DIGIFINEX LIMITED is a Seychelles company headquartered in Singapore.

The founders of the DigiFinex crypto derivatives trading platform took the Asian market as their guide and began to attract investors from Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and South Korea.

Choose the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange DigiFinex
Choose the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange DigiFinex

Trading volume

This exchange has a solid 24-hour trading volume, almost always exceeding $1 billion per day. For example, in the fall of 2021, the 24-hour trading volume was over $1.5 billion.

DigiFinex derivatives trading is very popular.

Available cryptocurrencies and popular trading pairs

There are almost 170 digital coins on the official website of DigiFinex. Of these, about 230 trading pairs have been formed, many of which are associated with USDT.

Exchange token

DigiFinex has released its digital asset. The native token was called DFT. It was created to attract new customers and motivate existing users. Token holders receive a part of the exchange's income: 80% of the daily profit of the service is distributed between them. DFT is based on Ethereum. The token is traded exclusively on the DigiFinex crypto exchange.

Order types

Traders operate with three types of orders when selling and buying digital coins:

  • Limit trading. This order allows you to purchase or dispose of cryptocurrency at a predetermined price. With this type of order, you can specify the amount and value of the coins that will appear in the transaction.
  • Market trade. In fact, this is a basic order form, with the help of which a trader buys or sells cryptocurrency at the current price. The order is executed instantly, and it is impossible to adjust the value of the coins.
  • Stop limit. These orders are similar to regular limit orders, but there are a number of differences. A regular order of the Limit type immediately enters the order book and is executed when the rate reaches the specified price. A stop limit is placed only in case of an increase or decrease in value to the specified levels.
DigiFinex ecosystem
DigiFinex ecosystem

Fees DigiFinex

DigiFinex Trading Fees

DigiFinex derivatives trading platform does not charge different fees between takers and makers. Instead, their payment model is a "fixed pay model". Their flat fee model is 0.20%. This is slightly below the industry average of approximately 0.25%.

DigiFinex Withdrawal Fee

Many exchanges have competitive trading fees but will then amaze you with their withdrawal fees. However, not Digifinex.

This exchange charges you 0.0003 BTC when you withdraw BTC. This is well below the industry average.

Trading on DigiFinex

Benefits of DigiFinex
Benefits of DigiFinex

Spot trading

It takes place in a separate account, which is available on every crypto exchange. This is a website page with a chart, a list of currencies, a glass of orders and various tools that traders use to carry out exchange transactions. The developers have provided two types of interfaces - classic and professional. They differ from each other only in the design and location of the main blocks.

Margin trading

Margin trading is supported on the DigiFinex cryptocurrency exchange. Users can borrow coins using the so-called leverage. To do this, it is enough to provide a deposit. Then the trader begins to conduct transactions with large volumes of assets. The maximum loan amount in margin trading is x5 of the available amount. This means that for a margin of 100 dollars, the user gets 500 dollars at his disposal and can operate with them, giving a certain percentage.


It is very convenient to trade DigiFinex derivatives in the Philippines and it is interesting for many professional traders. When you hover your mouse over the Derivatives button, a small menu for selecting the appropriate service drops out.

Perpetual Swap

Perpetual swap for transactions between individuals. The instrument functions like a futures contract, but has no expiry date. Perpetual swaps are settled daily. Traders who prefer to make money on rate fluctuations can constantly withdraw their profits.

Buying cryptocurrencies with fiat

In the main menu at the top there is an item Buy Crypto. This is a service for quickly exchanging fiat for digital coins. The function is implemented through payment operators Simplex and Mercuryo.

Insurance fund

The digital coin market has always been considered risky. The problem is not the volatility of rates, but hacker attacks. Now the situation for insurance of cryptocurrency assets is quite acute, and the trading platform provides such an opportunity.

Funding rate

The service is necessary to maintain the right balance between long and short open positions. In fact, this is a way to encourage traders. Only clients with closed orders can count on the Funding rate. If the deal collapses before the point of reference, no funding is paid out.

Choose among the most popular assets
Choose among the most popular assets

Opportunities for earning on DigiFinex

Along with spot, margin and derivatives trading, the DigiFinex cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform developers have provided users with several additional options and services that help them profit from their assets.

ETF investments

In addition to the DigiFinex cryptocurrency derivatives trading terminal with the function of selling and buying coins, the developers offer to invest in ETFs or transfer them under the management of other specialists.

The main product in the ETF section is China A50. So the developers called the index fund, which is traded within the exchange blockchain. The underlying asset is the China A50 index.

In fact, Basic ETF and Pro ETF are full-fledged instruments in the stock market that have been transferred to a digital platform. Only USDT is quoted here. This must be taken into account, since the Shanghai exchange works only in yuan.

Wealth investment

This is another section of the site through which users invest their assets, transferring them under management to available funds. Each of them is managed by DigiFinex traders and third-party specialists. There are many funds on the crypto market. Each one works according to its own strategy, has a certain target profitability and a set of tools.

Mining pool

The developers of the exchange offer users to freeze native tokens in order to receive a reward for this. It depends on the level of the client, which is assigned taking into account the volume of blocked DRVs.

DigiFinex cryptocurrency derivatives in the Philippines is a very good choice. DigiFinex crypto derivatives trading is represented by Perpetual Swap, Funding rate, Insurance fund.


Let's take a look at what crypto derivatives are.

A derivative is a financial contract, as well as an obligation to perform a certain action with respect to the underlying asset. The value of a derivative is pegged to and based on the price of the underlying asset, but is not necessarily equal.

There are different types of derivatives:

  • Futures.
  • Forwards.
  • Options.
  • Swaps.
  • CFD (contract for difference).

One of the most important indicators for any asset is its liquidity, i.e. the ability to quickly and without loss to exchange an asset for cash at market value and vice versa.

Types of derivatives on the exchange
Types of derivatives on the exchange


A swap is a trading and financial transaction or a temporary exchange of any assets in the process of trading on the stock exchange. We will tell you what a swap is in simple terms, why such transactions are needed on the stock exchange, what types of swaps are on the stock exchange and what a swap is in trading.

What is a swap deal

In economics, a swap is a trading operation in which two conversion transactions are made. For example, it can be the purchase of an asset (securities, currencies) and its sale after a certain period of time on the same or changed conditions. Or, conversely, first selling and then buying. In simple terms, a swap is a kind of exchange of assets for a specified period.

A swap is a trading and financial transaction or a temporary exchange of any assets in the process of trading on the stock exchange. We will tell you what a swap is in simple terms, why such transactions are needed on the stock exchange, what types of swaps are on the stock exchange and what a swap is in trading.

What is a swap on the exchange: the main risks

Hedging is a type of insurance associated with the conclusion of a deal to insure the price of goods using counter currency, credit, commercial and other obligations and requirements.

Hedging does not involve making a profit. The main goal is to fix the exchange rate or the price of goods in order to reduce financial or price risk in the future. One of the varieties of hedging is hedging using swap operations (stock, currency, interest).

As a rule, hedging, that is, risk insurance against possible losses using swaps, is negotiated by both parties in advance. Two traders already at the first stage of the swap agree on the value of assets and on the reverse transaction, evenly and fairly distributing risks among themselves.

According to experts, the competent use of swaps helps to increase and at the same time insure the profit received as a result of financial transactions. At the same time, it should be understood that a swap is unlikely to bring significant income, but it can protect a trader from certain financial troubles.

How to trade on DigiFinex?

Registration on the official website. There are two ways to open an account on the exchange:

  • E-mail. Registration takes place via email. You must provide an address to receive an identification code. You also need to come up with a password and put a few checkmarks, agreeing to the terms of the company.
  • Telephone. Instead of mail, a beginner indicates a mobile number, which receives an SMS with an authorization code. In this case, you also need to enter a password and approve the user agreement.
  • Immediately after providing these data, you will be automatically logged into your account on the official website of the DigiFinex exchange.
Register on the exchange!
Register on the exchange!

Identity verification

It is not mandatory, but increases the security of the account and increases the withdrawal limit from 1 to 50 BTC per day. To pass verification, you need to go to the profile settings and find the desired tab. There are two options for account identification:

  • As an individual.
  • For corporate trade.

To pass verification, you need to download the mobile application available for iOS and Android and install it on your smartphone. To do this, you can upload a file or scan the QR code from the page.

After installing the software, do the following:

  • Start the application.
  • Open the profile settings and go to the identity verification section.
  • Enter personal data by filling in the empty fields.
  • Upload electronic copies of the passport and a selfie with it in hand. You also need to keep a piece of paper with the current date and the address of the exchange website.
  • Data verification lasts from several hours to a couple of days.
Download mobile application
Download mobile application

Account security and protection

The site has flexible settings to protect the funds on the accounts and the account as a whole. They are collected in the Security Center, which is located in the user's profile. Through it, a two-step verification is configured through the Google application, anti-phishing control and a whitelist of addresses with which you can conduct financial transactions (for example, order a withdrawal).

Two-factor authentication

It enhances account security with identification codes generated by the Google Authenticator app. To enable 2FA, you need to download the Android or iOS software from the official App Store or Google Play. Next, you need to follow the instructions that are published on the site:

  • Open the installed authenticator.
  • Add a new account to it by clicking on the plus button.
  • Select the Scan QR code function.
  • The application will generate a 6-digit code, which must be entered in the Verification Code field on the site.

You can set preferences for 2FA by defining operations that require confirmation: logging into your account, withdrawing funds, and so on.

Making a deposit

The developers of the exchange have set the minimum amounts for transactions when replenishing an account. They are different for all cryptocurrencies.

This trading platform has not previously accepted deposits in fiat currency. This meant that new cryptocurrency investors (that is, investors who had not previously held cryptocurrencies) could not trade here. The platform recently allowed credit card deposits. There are several ways to replenish an account on the trading platform: direct transfer of coins from a wallet, another exchange or an exchanger. Money deposits through traditional payment systems are also provided.

Users who have not connected two-factor authentication have the right to withdraw no more than 0.2 BTC per day.

How to trade on DigiFinex

Before concluding a deal to buy or sell coins, experienced traders study the market, analyze the course, and use different tools.

Instruments on the chart and only after that apply. To complete a transaction, you must do the following:

  • Select a trading pair (this can be done in the upper left corner of the page).
  • In the block for placing orders, define the type of order: Limit, Market, Stop Limit.
  • Fill in the empty fields (green - when buying a coin, red - when selling).
  • When placing a market order, it is executed at the same minute. In the case of the other two, the order is sent to the glass and stays there until the specified conditions for the price of the coin are reached.


The DigiFinex trading platform is quite popular as it is considered to be one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges on the market, as well as due to its high daily trading volume.

The DigiFinex cryptocurrency trading platform is recommended for beginners and experienced traders alike, as the interface is quite simple and intuitive, and there is also a choice of order type, which is quite good.

Start trading DigiFinex crypto derivatives in the Philippines and you will succeed!

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