What is Crypto.com? 

Crypto.com is a success story. Not only does the exchange have the top domain name in the industry, they also have products and services to uphold the reputation of having such a powerful domain.

The Crypto.com exchange originated from the payment system. Therefore, inside the platform there are well-developed tools for cryptocurrency transfers and accepting payments from both other users inside the exchange and outside it.

Crypto.com derivatives trading platform is a collection of several products offered under one brand. The crypto exchange remains the flagship. The exchange is available in the web version, as well as on Android and iOS mobile devices. In addition to classic spot trading, traders can conduct margin trading with leverage. The amount of available leverage depends on the client's deposit, the number and frequency of his transactions. In addition to classic and margin trading, traders have access to:

  • Investment tools.
  • Own payment system.
  • NFT exchange.
  • Derivatives.
  • DeFi tools.
  • Credit programs.

This is a centralized exchange that provides users with a complete infrastructure: from trading and investment instruments to accepting payments, storing cryptocurrency and using it through Visa bank cards. Another interesting advantage of the site is the possibility of additional lending when making deposits.

Exchange Advantages:

  • Good mobile app.
  • Own payment system.
  • Profitable staking of CRO internal token.
  • Ability to trade without commissions.
  • Tournaments with cash prizes.
  • Favorable lending rate.
  • Have a training program.

Crypto.com cryptocurrency derivatives trading is a very entertaining process that also brings a stable income.

Crypto.com derivatives trading platform
Crypto.com derivatives trading platform

What are derivatives?

Derivatives are an integral part of finance: they are highly complex financial instruments used by advanced or technical investors. Investors, corporations and governments use derivatives to protect their risk exposure and asset price volatility.

This is a financial contract, the value of which is determined by the underlying asset. Traditionally, derivatives are used in commodity, currency, stock or bond markets. These contracts can be traded on an over-the-counter or exchange basis.

In the crypto industry, the derivatives market is relatively new and small compared to traditional markets, but this does not make it any less profitable. Like stock options or commodity futures contracts, cryptocurrency derivatives provide protection against volatility and adverse price fluctuations in cryptocurrencies. Crypto derivatives are also a proxy tool that allows investors to speculate on the future prices of cryptocurrencies.

Popular crypto assets
Popular crypto assets

Crypto derivatives are used for two main reasons: hedging and speculation.

You can use derivatives to protect your portfolio of cryptocurrencies from adverse market movements. This is otherwise known as hedging, which involves opening new positions that are negatively correlated with existing positions. Investors and traders hedge their portfolios as a form of insurance against potential losses.

Speculation is an operation aimed at making profit from the price difference. This is done both on its increase and decrease. One side assumes that the value of the asset will increase, while the other bets on a decrease. As a result, someone remains in the black.

Derivative financial instruments perform a number of functions. They allow:

  • Manage risk. Since the value of a derivative asset is linked to the underlying asset, derivatives can either increase or decrease the risks of owning a financial instrument.
  • Predict prices. The derivatives market often follows the spot market. It carries almost no meaningful information.
  • Get operational benefits. Derivatives markets are more liquid than spot markets. This indicates smaller commissions and other costs for traders.

Crypto.com derivatives trading is carried out around the clock.

Crypto.com is also available in mobile app
Crypto.com is also available in mobile app

How to trade Crypto.com derivatives in the Philippines?

Crypto.com derivatives in the Philippines are available for purchase now and in order to purchase them, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to crypto.com/exchange and click the Login button (upper right corner).
  • After you log into your account, you will be able to make transactions on the Exchange.
  • Go to the Markets page in the top left corner of the navigation bar.
  • Select the market you want to trade. Navigate to the pair you would like to trade (eg CRO/USDT) and select Trade.
  • Go to the lower right corner to find the Limit, Market and Advanced Order areas. Select the type of order you would like to trade and fill in the required fields.

Crypto.com cryptocurrency derivatives are popular in many countries.

How do I deposit crypto to my Crypto.com Exchange wallet? (From: Crypto.com App Wallet)

Below will be Information on how to transfer funds from the Crypto.com application to the exchange. You will need to do the following:

  • Sign in to the Crypto.com app.
  • On the main screen, click "Transfer" > "Withdraw" > "Crypto" > "Crypto.com Exchange".
  • Continue with the flow on the screen to choose your cryptocurrency and complete the transfer. The transfer will be instant and without commissions.

How to withdraw cryptocurrency from Crypto.com Exchange wallet? (To: Crypto.com App Wallet)

Below is detailed information on how to withdraw funds from the Crypto.com Exchange wallet and for this you need to do the following:

  • Go to crypto.com/exchange and click the Login button (upper right corner).
  • After logging into your account, click on Wallets > Spot Wallet (upper right corner).
  • Find your cryptocurrency to withdraw and select Withdraw.

There are two ways to withdraw cryptocurrencies from the Exchange: Withdraw funds to an external wallet address or Withdraw funds to the Crypto.com application if you have previously connected the Crypto.com application to the Exchange

  • Select the Crypto.com app to secure free withdrawals to the app.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Select View withdrawal as soon as you are ready.
  • View withdrawal details.
  • Select Confirm Withdrawal.

Withdrawal times to the Crypto.com app are instant.

Visa Crypto.com card is an additional feature and feature of Crypto.com. Find out more information on the official website
Visa Crypto.com card is an additional feature and feature of Crypto.com. Find out more information on the official website

Crypto.com derivatives list

Stop Loss and Take Profit are conditional orders that automatically set a limit or market order when the mark's base price reaches the trigger price specified by the user. If the market price reaches or exceeds the trigger price, then the stop loss or take profit order will be converted into a market or limit order and placed in the order book. If the marked price does not reach the trigger price, then the order will remain active until it is canceled or activated.

The trigger price must be set in the following range:

Minimum asset size < Trigger price < 200% of current asset mark price.

If the user places a stop loss or limit order for profit, then the limit price must be within the bandwidth below:

  • Aggressive throughput: +/- 5% of trigger price.
  • Passive bandwidth: +/- 50% of trigger price.

Stop loss orders can help traders mitigate risk by automatically closing a long/short position if the price moves unfavorably. A stop loss order can also be placed if the user does not have an open position.

The user can place a sell stop loss order only if the trigger price is below the current mark price and a buy order if the trigger price is above the current mark price.

Take profit orders can help traders lock in profits by automatically closing a position if the price moves favorably. A take profit order can also be placed if the user does not have an open position.

Users can only place a "buy" order if the trigger price is below the current mark, and a "sell" order if the trigger price is above the current mark.

Perpetual contract activity is offered within the framework of the Exchange. Trading perpetual contracts allows eligible users to use leverage to open a position that exceeds the Account balance.

The Perpetual Contract is a derivative product, with no expiration or maturity date and with a regular funding payment mechanism between counterparties to the Perpetual Contract. Payments occur every 1 hour to keep the perpetual contract price as close to the base price as possible.

If the Perpetual Contract is trading above the underlying price of the index, then the long position holder makes a Funding Payment to the short position holder (ie, the Funding Rate is positive). Conversely, if the contract trades below the underlying price of the index, then the short position holder pays the Funding Fee to the long position holder (i.e., the Funding Rate is negative).

Under certain circumstances, Crypto.com may close any and all positions if it deems that such action is necessary. The applicable notice period is at least 48 hours.

Perpetual Contract Trading Room at Crypto.com
Perpetual Contract Trading Room at Crypto.com

Buy Crypto.com crypto futures in the Philippines today and start earning now!

A futures contract is a derivatives product that tracks the performance of an underlying virtual asset such as BTC or ETH. It has a fixed duration and uses a regular payment mechanism between counterparties. Payouts occur every 1 hour where the average futures contract price will reset to the session Mark Price at the start of each 1 hour period. On the expiration date, the final settlement price will be calculated as the TWAP of the last 60 minutes of trading until maturity.

Futures trade room on the Crypto.com exange
Futures trade room on the Crypto.com exange

Leverage and margin 

Users can trade perpetual and futures contracts with up to 100X leverage. The maximum amount of leverage depends on Crypto.com's overall exposure. The larger the position, the lower the allowed leverage. The total exposure includes open positions and open orders. The initial margin rate starts at 1% and the maintenance margin rate is set at 60% of the initial margin rate (for 100X leverage). The maximum leverage allowed decreases as the total exposure increases.

Incentives for new users 

Crypto.com cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform is proud to offer the best benefits on the market for its clients, including:

  • 2% Deposit Bonus

New, eligible users from May 11, 2020 will receive a 2% bonus paid in CRO for any crypto deposits (on-chain). Qualifications and restrictions apply.

  • Earn discounts

Trading fees are volume based: Get more discounts as your trading volume increases. Plus, get a 20% - 100% discount on your trading fees when you place your bids and pay your CRO fees.

  • Earn up to 10% per annum on your cryptocurrency

Set CRO for 180 days and earn 10% APR daily paid in CRO.

In addition, hold cryptocurrency in your exchange account and earn daily rewards. Turn on Soft Staking and earn daily rewards. Visit Soft Staking for more information.

  • Get coins with 50% discount with Syndicate

Stake at least 5,000 CRO and meet the trading volume requirements to participate in our syndicate events. The more you bet, the more you can contribute, the bigger your allocation. Don't miss cryptocurrencies at a discount!

  • Signup Bonus When Referring an Exchange User

Get up to $50 worth of CRO when you sign up with a referral code/link.

When referring an existing user, you are eligible for up to $50 CRO when you upgrade your Advanced KYC level and stake 1,000 or more CRO on your first bet.

Crypto.com benefits
Crypto.com benefits


Crypto.com is a relatively young exchange. The site has a good basis in the form of its own payment service, integration with Visa, a high-quality mobile application and a high capitalization of the internal token. All this can allow the platform to quickly gain momentum and provide customers with a competitive service. Crypto.com crypto futures trading can also be the first experience for someone.

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The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose