What is Bybit?

The team that founded Bybit are former bankers and comers from the banking and financial services industry, as well as early blockchain technology investors and fintech enthusiasts. The team of founders was joined by experts in the development of professional programming and applications for users.Bybit derivatives trading platform offers its services to newcomers to trading and cryptography as well as experienced clients.The Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform is a prime example of a fast-growing and technologically advanced company, originally specialized in derivatives trading, but more recently, the platform has been able to trade on the spot market.Bybit crypto derivatives trading has the following advantages:

  • The liquidity of the exchange is more than $ 50 million.
  • Anonymous exchange (you can trade without restrictions after simple registration, there is no verification on the exchange).
  • A demo account is available for traders to practice derivatives trading skills.
  • There is an internal cryptocurrency exchanger in the account.
  • Exchange users can earn by buying tokens for new crypto projects through ByBit Launchpad.
  • For the convenience of traders' trading, there are official mobile applications for iOS and Android.
  • For those wishing to receive additional income on ByBit there is a referral and affiliate program.
  • The balance can be replenished not only with cryptocurrency, but also in fiat.
Bybit crypto derivatives trading platform
Bybit crypto derivatives trading platform

With an impeccable reputation and impeccable work, as well as the highest professionalism, ByBit has deservedly become one of the leaders among platforms for trading cryptocurrency derivatives.It should also be noted that the high-tech exchange Bybit aims to become the largest player in the market of digital assets traded with leverage, which is proven on for 3 years from the date of foundation. There is no doubt that today this is one of the most worthy options for anyone who wants to engage in margin trading in the cryptocurrency market. The main goal of Bybit is to provide traders all over the world with convenient, understandable and necessary tools. Every trader, whether a beginner or an experienced player, a modest enthusiast with a small depot or institutional, a large investor or “market maker” will find on this exchange everything he needs for comfortable, liquid, fast, transparent and most importantly profitable trading in the cryptocurrency market.Bybit derivatives in the Philippines are available to absolutely anyone.

What are cryptocurrency derivatives?

Bybit crypto derivatives in the Philippines are pretty well known.

The cryptocurrency market is just as fluid and vulnerable. As such, derivatives markets are critical to cryptocurrencies as they can help manage the risks that affect price movements. However, before delving into crypto derivatives trading, you need to study the derivatives market.

Derivatives are one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the current financial system.

Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives
Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives

Derivatives are called derivative financial instruments due to the fact that they cannot exist on their own. They act as a superstructure over the underlying assets. Their value is tied to the price of the asset itself.

The main condition that makes a derivative a derivative is the uncertainty of the prices specified in the contract. Depending on different purposes, different types of derivatives are used. In connection with these, the investor is advised to carefully choose a specific instrument for his tasks. Derivatives are used for futures transactions, hedging risks and speculation for making a profit by the players of financial markets.

Derivatives have their own characteristics:

  • urgency - the derivative is valid for a certain period;
  • contractuality is the result of urgent agreements;
  • profit orientation - receiving funds from changes in the price of a derivative.

The derivatives market is currently a large segment of the financial system. With their help, investors neutralize risks in the stock markets, share and limit negative consequences.

In other words, a derivative is an agreement between the parties, according to which they are obliged or entitled to transfer assets or funds on time or before its occurrence at a certain cost.

The purpose of acquiring a derivative is to hedge price risk over time or generate income from changes in the value of the underlying asset. But the result can be both positive and negative for the parties to the transaction.

Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives trading operates without any technical interruptions 24 hours a day.

Bybit traderoom
Bybit traderoom

What is a crypto derivatives exchange?

A crypto derivatives exchange is an online marketplace that makes trading cryptoassets much easier.

Crypto derivatives are essentially a contract between a buyer and a seller for the future price of a digital asset. At the same time, the participants in this transaction do not have the underlying asset for which the contract was concluded. There are not only crypto-exchanges that allow you to trade crypto-currencies, but also there are exchanges that specialize in trading crypto-derivatives. And at the moment the number of such exchanges is increasing.Bybit derivatives trading brings good returns to its investors.

How does cryptocurrency derivatives trading work?

The cryptocurrency market is associated with high risks of financial losses caused by price fluctuations, because no one knows what they will be at one time or another, while traders' earnings are based on changes in the value of the cryptocurrency. The following pattern works here:

  • If at the time of fulfillment of the contractual obligations the asset has fallen in price compared to the fixed price, then the generated additional income is received by the seller.
  • In the case when the digital coin has risen in price, then the buyer receives the profit. Those. the trader under the terms of the derivative will have to pay the seller.

Also sellers can use leverage. These are monetary assets that the exchange provides. They are proportional to the funds on the trader's exchange account. This allows you to sell a certain number of contracts at the same time for a large amount of money.Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives in the Philippines are available for purchase now.

Derivatives account on Bybit
Derivatives account on Bybit

How to Trade Bybit Derivatives in the Philippines?

Getting started in the Philippines is quite easy, fast and will take a minimum amount of time. To do this, you should first register and fund your account, and then explore the platform and choose the most optimal type of derivative for you. When trading on Bybit, there is no real exchange of one asset for another. This is not essential because when you buy you are committing to sell the purchased asset. If you sell for more than you bought, you will take the price difference for yourself. If you sell it cheaper, pay the difference from your Bybit account balance.

The guarantee of payment is that when the contract is concluded, the amount necessary to secure the transaction is blocked on your account.

Operations can be carried out for amounts that exceed the amount of the collateral (that is, the amount of your deposit) by a factor of one hundred. In other words, trading is carried out using borrowed funds with a leverage of 1: 100.Bybit allows you to make money not only on the rise in the price of an asset, but also on its fall. As a variant, the first transaction may well be not the purchase of an asset, but its sale. You don't need to own a cryptocurrency to do this. As in the case of a purchase, trading is carried out using borrowed funds: that is, the cryptocurrency is borrowed from the exchange, it is sold, and it will be necessary to undertake an obligation to redeem it back and return it to the exchange. The term of fulfillment of the obligation is not defined, therefore the contract is called indefinite.

The Bybit crypto derivatives trading platform has established itself as a reliable and useful exchange.

How to register?

The registration process is easy and takes about one minute:

  • Go to the official website.
  • Find the registration form on the main page of the site. Next, indicate an email address or a phone number there.
  • Then come up with your password.
  • If the registration was using an e-mail address, then the code will be sent in a letter. And if the registration was carried out by phone number, then the code will be sent via SMS.

If the code is entered correctly, then the registration was successful. After that, in the upper right corner of the site you can see your login: phone number or email address.

List of Bybit derivatives?

The Exchange operates such derivatives as:

  • Spot is a transaction for the sale and purchase of assets, the settlements and delivery of which is carried out no later than 2 days from the date of the spot contract.
  • Inverse Perpetual - This is a contract in digital currency USDT, which is used as both the quote currency and as the settlement currency. The new USDT contracts allow for two-way trading, where traders hold long and short positions with different leverage at the same time. The goal is to replicate the underlying spot market, but with increased leverage. Such a USDT contract has no expiration date and can use a peg method to closely follow the underlying price index.
  • USDT Perpetual - The USDT Perpetual Contract is a line contract. For a line contract, the margin is used in USDT currency. While an inverse contract implies that a trader planning to carry out transactions under a contract in BTC / ETH / XRP / EOS needs to use the base cryptocurrency as a margin for a transaction under the corresponding contract.
  • Inverse Futures - This is where traders are allowed to lock in the future price of the underlying asset. The contract corresponds to the spot price of the cryptocurrency. The settlement for the instrument occurs at the moment of its expiration.
Bybit trading products
Bybit trading products

How is derivatives trading different from spot trading?

Spot trading allows traders to buy and sell cryptoassets at the current market rate at the time the order is filled. In the spot market, ownership of crypto assets is transferred directly between buyers and sellers. Crypto-spot is a basic functionality, as well as an additional tool for crypto-derivative traders using hedging strategies. Liquidity is one of the main indicators of the exchange field. The Bybit trading platform has the best liquidity and the lowest spread. This type of trading allows exchange users to instantly buy and sell. cryptoassets at the current market rate.

A derivative financial instrument, a derivative - a contract under which the parties obtain the right or undertake to perform certain actions in relation to the underlying asset. Usually provides for the ability to buy, sell, provide, receive some commodity. The derivative is usually formal and standardized, initially provides for the opportunity for at least one of the parties freely sell this agreement. The price of a derivative and the nature of its change are usually closely related to the price of the underlying asset, but not necessarily the same. A distinctive feature of derivatives is that the total amount of liabilities on them is not related to the total amount of the underlying asset traded in the market.

Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives FAQ:

Is it safe to deposit and store my cryptocurrencies with Bybit?

Yes, it is of course safe. To maintain a high level of asset security, Bybit uses an industry leading multi-signature cold wallet to hold 100% of our traders' deposited assets. At the individual account level, all withdrawal requests will go through a rigorous process that confirms the withdrawal; and all requests will be manually reviewed by our team at fixed intervals (0800, 1600 and 2400 UTC). In addition, 100% of our traders' deposit assets will be segregated from our Bybit operating budget to enhance financial accountability.

For the Bybit 2.0 wallet, to support immediate withdrawals, only a small percentage of the coins will be held in the hot wallet. As a way to protect the client's funds, the remainder will still be stored in a cold wallet. Bybit always puts our clients first, fund security is at the core of everything, and we always work to ensure the highest level of asset security.

If you have inadvertently deposited an unsupported coin type not listed above, please go to the wallet that was used to deposit and try to get the transaction hash (TXID). Contact our live chat or email agent to support@bybit.com and provide us with the coin type, coin count and TXID.

Bybit charges a flat fee on all withdrawals and dynamically adjusts the miner's fee for the batch transfer to a higher tier to allow for faster confirmation of withdrawals on the blockchain.

Given that you may need to complete an asset exchange to complete a withdrawal, we will not restrict the trading functions of your account. However, since the maximum withdrawal limit for this account has been limited, we do not recommend that you continue to use this account for trading.

The maximum withdrawal limit cannot exceed the total deposit that you have made to the account and is limited to the asset that you have deposited. For example, if you deposit 100 XRP, you can only withdraw up to 100 XRP. If you have already exchanged a deposited asset for another asset via a spot transaction, please manually convert it back to your escrow asset before applying for a withdrawal.

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