What is BTSE? 

This Company ensures the safety of its customers at the highest level. The company's goal is to integrate digital assets with the existing infrastructure of the financial world, using the decentralization of cryptocurrencies to increase convenience and accessibility. The mission of their team is to use Bitcoin technologies and digital assets to create a set of services that will make it possible to take control of financial freedom any client. BTSE derivatives trading platform is built to last and has the following benefits:

  • Virtually zero downtime with hot updates
  • 99.9% of funds are in cold storage
  • Completely self hosting
  • 1+ million orders per second

The exchange has also developed a referral program for its users. With the BTSE referral program, you can earn commission not only by introducing your friends to BTSE, but also through friends of your friends and friends of their friends - there are no restrictions on your referral levels on BTSE. Under this program every friend you refer starts with a 30-day rebate on their trading fees, including their trades on the BTSE spot and futures markets.

There are several types of trading and other services available on the exchange, including the use of a utility token.

BTSE cryptocurrency derivatives trading itself is a very entertaining process, which also brings good earnings.

BTSE crypto derivatives trading is a good financial instrument
BTSE crypto derivatives trading is a good financial instrument

What are derivatives? 

At the moment, investors have at their disposal a fairly wide range of financial instruments and opportunities, both to earn on stocks and securities, and on derivatives - derivatives. The derivatives market is one of the main and most active segments of the modern financial system. However, most novice investors have a very poor idea of ​​what derivatives are. Accordingly, the opportunities that open up to the investor thanks to such tools remain unclaimed. Or vice versa, investors take an ill-considered risk, having a poor idea of ​​the risks of this instrument. To understand what derivatives are and what they are for, initially, you need to understand that they are simply derivative financial instruments. That is, there is an asset that is considered the underlying one. According to it, a bilateral agreement is concluded, the participants of which undertake to make a deal on predetermined conditions. If before that only real goods were used in such transactions, then with the advent and development of financial derivatives, it became possible to conclude contracts in relation to currencies and other financial documents.

A derivative financial instrument (derivative) is an instrument that provides a market participant with the opportunity to liquidate his contractual obligation to another participant by paying or receiving a monetary difference between this and the opposite obligation, without violating the terms of the contract.

The financial nature of such an instrument follows from the inequality of these obligations, i.e. from the redistributive nature of the relationship between the parties to the derivative contract.

The peculiarity of a derivative is that it confirms the rights of its owner to receive income or conduct transactions with the asset with respect to which it was created. That is, it is a derivative financial document that makes it possible to carry out purchase and sale transactions with the asset to which it is created. tied. At least one party can freely trade the asset. Often the price change depends on the fluctuation in the price of the underlying asset. The derivative fixes the moment of transfer of rights, or the price at which it occurs, in other words, its main task is to fix the essential provisions of the agreement between the participants.

The purpose of the derivative is to hedge the risks of losses on the asset. Another purpose of obtaining speculative income. The end result for each participant can be either positive or negative.

Derivatives were created to solve many problems that arise between economic agents that make a deal. They allow you to reduce the risks for the underlying asset, since the value of the derivative usually moves in a different direction from the value of the one for which it was created. Derivatives allow you to fix the terms of the transaction between the parties.

BTSE derivatives trading is transparent and has no hidden fees.

BTSE crypto derivatives trading
BTSE crypto derivatives trading

What is a crypto derivatives exchange? 

A crypto derivatives exchange is an online platform that makes it easy to trade crypto assets.

Today, the cryptocurrency market is a vast system of more than two thousand tokens and coins. And now there are not only crypto exchanges that allow you to trade cryptocurrencies and tokens, but there are also exchanges of crypto derivatives. Crypto derivatives can often be found on the same crypto exchanges as traditional crypto exchanges, but not all of them.

How does cryptocurrency derivatives trading work? 

Recently, there has been a lot of interest from traders in trading crypto-derivatives, but I would like to draw your attention to the fact that trading derivatives has its advantages and limitations.

Traders earn money depending on price fluctuations of the cryptocurrency they are interested in. All bidders are partly at risk, because no one can know exactly what the value of the currency will be in the future. If the asset has become more expensive, then, accordingly, the buyer remains the winner, and if the price becomes lower, then the seller wins. As an option, in order to increase the level of his earnings, the trader can use leverage. depend on the trading platform. I would like to draw attention to the fact that you will need to pay a commission for credit funds.

BTSE crypto derivatives exchange
BTSE crypto derivatives exchange

How to trade BTSE derivatives in the Philippines?

BTSE derivatives in the Philippines are gaining momentum in popularity. It is not difficult to start trading derivatives, but on the contrary, it is easy and fast. To do this, you will need to do the following:

  • Choose a broker.
  • Open a trading account and make a deposit.
  • Engage in the choice of the type of derivative.
  • Analyze the market thoroughly.
  • Make a contract purchase.

Buy now BTSE cryptocurrency derivatives it will be a good investment of money.

How to deposit  fiat currency to BTSE

Below is a step by step guide on how to deposit fiat currency to BTSE.

  • Get information about the deposit and transaction number.

Go to Wallets - Fiat - Deposit - Enter the deposit amount - Select the payment method - Click the Next button - Check the transfer/deposit request details and note the BTSE transaction number. - Click the "Submit" button.

  • Transfer the required amount to BTSE.

Fill in the relevant fields of information about the deposit / bank in the bank transfer form; Make sure the "reference code" and "transaction number" in the payment details field are correct, then click "OK" to submit the money transfer form to your bank.

Registration on BTSE crypto derivatives platform
Registration on BTSE crypto derivatives platform

How to deposit cryptocurrency?

To deposit crypto to BTSE, simply select the appropriate currency and blockchain on the wallet page and copy and paste your BTSE wallet address into the Withdrawal Address field.

  • Click "Wallets".
  • Select "Corresponding currency" - specify "Deposit (currency)".
  • Select the appropriate blockchain and copy and paste your BTSE. wallet address in the Withdrawal Address field of the withdrawal platform.

If this operation is performed for the first time, you will be prompted to create a wallet address. Please click "Create Wallet" to generate your personal wallet address.

Choosing the wrong currency or blockchain when depositing can lead to the irretrievable loss of assets. Be especially careful to choose the right currency and blockchain.

How to withdraw funds?

To withdraw fiat, you need to complete the KYC verification, go to the My Payment section and add your bank account information. Submit a withdrawal request, go to your inbox to receive withdrawal confirmation and click on the link provided. The procedure takes 1 business day. Cryptocurrency is displayed in the same way. You need to create a request for withdrawal and confirm it using the link that will be sent to your email. The transaction will be sent to the blockchain within 20 minutes after clicking on the confirmation link.

BTSE crypto derivatives list
BTSE crypto derivatives list

List of BTSE derivatives

On the exchange, you can engage in spot trading. Types of orders in spot trading:

  • Limit orders are used to manually specify the price at which a trader is willing to buy or sell. Traders use a limit order to minimize their trading costs.

Market orders are orders that are executed immediately at the current market price. Traders use this order type when they have urgent execution.

*Market price is the latest settlement price for BTSE.

  • Stop orders are orders that do not enter the order book until the market price reaches the trigger price.
  • Index orders are used for traders who would like to place an order where the price tracks a certain percentage above/below the price of the BTSE BTC index.

Available on the exchange is trading in index futures - contracts based on a financial index. Their price depends on the underlying index that measures the price movement of the asset. There are 3 such futures products on BTSE. The exchange also has its own BTSE token, which supports the ecosystem and improves trading results. It is the first token to be powered by Liquid, a network based on the Bitcoin side chain. This provides several benefits:

  • Confidential transactions. All transaction amounts and types of assets are hidden.
  • Inter-exchange settlements. They make it easier to move money between member exchanges.
  • Fast transactions. Liquid blocks are created every minute, any operation is processed in 3 minutes.

A perpetual contract is a product that is similar to a traditional futures contract in how it trades, but does not have an expiration date, so you can hold the position for as long as you like. Perpetual contracts are traded as a spot, closely monitoring the price of the underlying asset index.

Perpetual contract features:

  • Expiration Date: A perpetual contract has no expiration date.
  • Underlying asset of each contract: 1/1000 of the corresponding digital currency.
  • Market price: the last buy/sell price.
  • The margin of your digital asset is calculated based on the executed market price, which reflects the quality of your assets and the liquidity of the market. This price may differ slightly from the prices in the spot market.
  • Financing fee: recurring payments between buyer and seller every 8 hours.
  • Leverage: Allows you to enter a futures position that is worth much more than you have to pay upfront. Leverage is the ratio of the initial margin to the value of the contract.

BTSE crypto futures in the Philippines are available for trading today.

BTSE is the exchange token running on Liquid, a Bitcoin sidechain-based settlement network for traders and exchanges
BTSE is the exchange token running on Liquid, a Bitcoin sidechain-based settlement network for traders and exchanges

What leverage does BTSE offer?

For its users, the exchange offers a maximum level of leverage, which is 100x (i.e. one hundred times the corresponding amount).


This is a new exchange for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, which began its activity relatively recently. Its tools make the platform a hybrid between a classic crypto exchange offering spot, margin and futures trading and a fiat-to-crypto exchange.BTSE cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform has developed an affiliate program where users can earn rewards.Many users are satisfied with the work of the exchange, commissions, order processing speed, security level.Users of the platform are completely satisfied with BTSE crypto futures trading, as there are a large number of positive reviews.Summing up all the above information, we can draw the following conclusion: BTSE is a reliable project that is developing and in the future can become a worthy competitor to popular crypto exchanges.

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