What is BitWell?

BitWell derivatives trading platform was founded in Singapore, very recently, but has received the most positive feedback from users.The main advantages of this platform include: asset safety, high-quality regulation, an investor protection fund, diversified and easy-to-use products and the fact that the trading platform has high performance and stability. I would also like to note that a large number of traders believe that desktop computers provide better conditions for their trading, since the computer has a large screen, and large screens can simultaneously view many times more important information on which most traders base their trading decisions. However, not all crypto investors require desktop computers to trade. Some people prefer to trade cryptocurrencies through their mobile phone. BitWell cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform provides its users with a mobile application that is available for both iPhone and Android, which is also a big plus.In general, BitWell is an international crypto derivatives trading platform with a team of more than 10 countries and regions around the world. It is the most complete product line and the most diverse options platform that can meet the needs of users of all levels and provide users with comprehensive services for trading digital assets. and financial management.

The BitWell crypto derivatives trading platform has high performance and stability as it is developed by a team with over 10 years of experience with derivatives trading.The platform has high quality regulation that accompanies the high standard of business integrity from the traditional financial industry.

BitWell has a number of advantages such as:

  • A very large array of cryptocurrency assets.
  • Coinegg has listed high quality digital coins and many low liquidity coins.
  • Convenient service and 24-hour concierge team.
  • Support for margin trading.
  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Low and competitive fees.

The platform with the fastest and most complete spot trading of quality BSC projects and maximum return on flexible financing.BitWell crypto derivatives trading is available around the clock and technical support staff are always ready to answer questions and help in solving any situation.

BitWell is a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform
BitWell is a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform

What are crypto derivatives?

Derivative financial instruments included in the investment portfolio help to reduce losses in case of unsuccessful development of the market situation. Throughout the financial history of the world, many ordinary and very exotic derivatives have appeared.

Derivatives trading gained traction back in the 1970s, making it one of the oldest financial contracts that exist today. However, judging by the latest news, we can say that the topic of trading in crypto derivatives is interesting to the public, because it can protect against price fluctuations.

What are derivatives used for?

Their first purpose is to hedge risks, that is, to redistribute risk, hedge. All derivative transactions are forward-looking. The safety net is that you freeze a certain, already familiar and, in principle, a situation you like today in order to apply it in an unreliable tomorrow.

The second meaning of derivatives is an instrument of speculation. Speculation is the execution of transactions with the aim of making a profit from changes in the market value of the instrument. Speculators provide market liquidity, but are ready to assume all risks. The derivatives market is attractive to a speculator with great opportunities due to the fact that in essence these instruments are based on a leverage mechanism. So, to open a position on the derivatives exchange market, you only need to make a margin or a premium, therefore derivatives allow players to make transactions for a much larger amount compared to that which the investor has. However, the ratio of return and risk suggests that the higher the potential income, the higher the risk. Therefore, it is advisable to note that investments in exchange-traded derivatives carry very high risks, since if the market moves in the opposite direction, the transaction participant may incur significant losses. Thus, investing money in financial derivatives is a very interesting and highly profitable way of investing, which, if properly managed, can significantly increase the initial capital.

Below we will consider the merits of derivatives:

  • minimize the amount of initial investment required to acquire a particular asset;
  • reduce the cost of financial transactions;
  • reduce the uncertainty of future income and expenses;
  • reduce the risk of losses and remove restrictions on taking significant risks.

BitWell derivatives trading is profitable, but it also has its own risks.

The derivatives market is attractive to investors
The derivatives market is attractive to investors

How does cryptocurrency derivatives trading work?

In the financial world, a derivative means a financial contract between two or more parties that derives its value from an underlying asset, in other words cryptocurrencies. In the crypto context, derivatives refer to financial contracts between two or more parties who agree to sell or buy a specific cryptocurrency at a fixed price. and at a certain time in the future. In fact, derivatives are one of the oldest forms of financial contract on the market and have been used to facilitate trade among traders. As such, they are a time-tested trading tool that has proven to be effective in rescuing the financial market after the crisis. Please note that cryptocurrency derivatives can be traded on both centralized and decentralized exchange platforms. BitWell cryptocurrency derivatives trading has no hidden trading fees.

BitWell cryptocurrency derivatives trading is a promising bright future
BitWell cryptocurrency derivatives trading is a promising bright future

How to trade BitWell derivatives in the Philippines?

Buy now BitWell cryptocurrency derivatives in the Philippines.For those who still want to start trading derivatives, you will need to do the following:

  • Compare the features offered by different crypto exchanges, including margin, billing period, producer / recipient fees, and any applicable withdrawal limits. Choose the crypto exchange that provides the best value for the fees it charges. Please note that reputation is also vital.
  • Then you will need to register on the exchange website.
  • Open an account on a crypto exchange, complete KYC, fund your account.
  • View information about crypto derivatives you are interested in and analyze the market more thoroughly.
  • Implementation of the transaction.

In general, it is initially recommended to develop a strategy before trading derivatives. Since some exchanges offer lower fees for their native tokens, it makes sense to use them for cost efficiency reasons.

BitWell derivatives in the Philippines are available to absolutely anyone with any trading experience.

How to register?

The first thing you need to know about how to trade on BitWell is how to register. In addition, for a certain amount of withdrawals and transfers, you need to verify your ID.

Below is a step-by-step instruction for registration:

  • Go to the BitWell homepage.
  • Click on the "Register" button (It is recommended to register directly by the mobile phone number, if there is an invitation code, then you can fill it in during registration. Also, please note that the password must contain 8-20 characters, with a mixture of numbers and letters).

After registering, log into your BitWell account directly, first click on the "Account Security" tab at the top of the User Center page, then click the "KYC" button to complete the verification.

How to trade BitWell derivatives?
How to trade BitWell derivatives?

How to withdraw money?

If you need to withdraw your digital assets from your BitWell account to another platform account or digital wallet, then you need to click the upper right corner [Assets] → [Spot] → [Withdraw] → Select the coin you want to withdraw.

Digital assets are withdrawn through the "Address". Before withdrawing your coins, find the deposit address in the appropriate platform and copy the address to the BitWell withdrawal address box, after which you can complete the process.

How to withdraw your digital assets from your BitWell account?
How to withdraw your digital assets from your BitWell account?

BitWell derivatives list

BitWell crypto derivatives in the Philippines is a good investment for the future.The list of derivatives on this platform includes Spot trading, options, as well as BitWell Savings, WELL Vault and Bulls / Bears special contracts.

Below we will consider in more detail the information on each derivative:

  • BitWell Savings is a public coin deposit and finance product launched by BitWell. Users can participate in BitWell Savings and select the appropriate prize pool for depositing the respective cryptocurrencies to receive rewards. Users can make and redeem deposits at any time and users' funds are safe.
    Deposit rules: the maximum deposit amount goes without restrictions and the blocking period: users can make deposits and repay at any time without restrictions.
  • Spot trading involves the direct buying and selling of financial instruments and assets such as cryptocurrencies, and delivery of the asset is usually immediate. Spot trading is carried out on spot markets, which are either exchange-traded or over-the-counter (trading directly between traders). Spot trading uses only the assets you own - no leverage or margin. Centralized spot exchanges monitor compliance, security, customer assets. Exchanges charge transaction fees in return. Decentralized exchanges provide similar services, but using smart contracts on the blockchain.
  • These instruments are called derivatives because their price is tied to the price of some other asset. Options have an expiration date. It is negotiated in advance when concluding an option transaction. The day on which the option buyer loses the right to demand fulfillment of obligations from the option seller is called the expiration date. If, before the expiration date, the buyer of the option asserts his right and demands the fulfillment of obligations, then the buyer is said to exercise the option. In the event that the option buyer does not exercise it before the expiration date, the option is said to have expired. But the buyer does not always have the opportunity to exercise his option.
  • BitWell launches "Well Vault 2.0" and activates Vault Collateral Destruction. To better position the platform and community for long-term growth given the relatively thin product line of the current BitWell platform. To focus on product line development, once the two main product lines, which are options and futures (perpetual contracts and delivery contracts), are completed, the user community will vote on when to start destroying the profit repository.
  • «Bulls and bears are large groups of traders who engage in diametrically opposite activities. Bull traders buy stocks, hoping that their value will rise in the future. If the bull's expectations come true, he waits for the peak in the price of securities and sells them, receiving earnings in the form of the difference between the original and current prices. “Bears,” on the contrary, rely on a fall in the price of securities. As soon as stocks hit the bottom, these traders sell them. What is the benefit? "Bears" predict in advance the fall of securities of certain companies for objective reasons and take shares of such corporations on the stock exchange on bail, subsequently selling them at a bargain price and receiving money on their own account.
The BitWell crypto exchange offers several types of products
The BitWell crypto exchange offers several types of products

Does BitWell have crypto derivatives?

WELL is a BitWell platform token that provides drivers for the entire platform ecosystem and serves as a measurement standard for contributors and contributions from all parties to the ecosystem. Users can gain WELL by participating in the cultivation of crops.

WELL represents the rights of the BitWell community, including:

  • Additional discounts.
  • Eligibility to be chosen as a founding partner of the community.
  • Exclusive Content Collaboration (Exclusive to Old Genesis Era Users).
  • Right of first refusal for products.
  • Option Fee Compensation.
  • Configuring Well-Man Peripherals.
Advantages of  BitWell cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform
Advantages of BitWell cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform

BitWell cryptocurrency derivatives FAQ:

What is a trigger order?

A trigger order is a set of instructions for placing a trade order according to predefined parameters. When the last market price hits the trigger price, the system will automatically place an order according to the preset price and amount.

WELL Pool is a new staking and framing product from BitWell that allows users to place WELL bets on a farm of popular tokens without loss.

Until the limit / pending order has been executed, you can cancel it at any time convenient for you.

A stop limit order is a market order that has both a stop price and a limit price. When the stop price is reached, it triggers a limit order or market price. The limit price is the specific price of the limit order that the stop price triggers.

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