Digital currencies at this point in time have a huge popularity among investors and traders all over the world. Usually, when it comes to electronic money, all beginners think about buying in the long term. This is one of the most popular ways to increase the user's capital.

But the further progress goes, the more ways investors and traders try to increase their capital with the help of digital money, because long-term investments are made for more than one year, sometimes it may take more than 5 years to get the desired result. Thus, faster ways to make a profit began to appear, such as contacts for the difference in prices.

This method of trading can be considered new in the world of electronic money, but it has already become very popular for investors and traders.

BingX cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform
BingX cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform

What is Bingx?

BingX is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. It appeared in 2018 and immediately won the majority of investors and traders in Taiwan, Vietnam, China and Korea with its convenience.

The exchange is a derivatives exchange and operates on the principle of CFD. Users trade CFDs on it. Exchange earnings are spread and commission. It is not profitable for her to drain user deposits. It will be better for the exchange for users to make profits and attract new investors and traders, thus increasing the trading volume.

The founders dreamed of creating a fair trading environment for all users, introducing as many people as possible to the digital asset derivatives market and helping them to participate in transparent and simple trading.

BingX has a set of basic digital currency instruments, but there are also other instruments such as gold, silver, light oil, indices, as well as forex currency pairs.

The attention of the BingX developers is focused on three important things:

  • Security and privacy.
  • Work on the quality of the product and the study of shortcomings.
  • Development. The plans are to create a global brand and ensure compliance with global industry standards.

Among other things, BingX cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform has the function of copying transactions. Any user can open the rating of investors and traders who trade on the site and see their statistics, for example, find out the date of registration, see activity for three months and profit in percentage. You can also copy trades of any user and add your own settings.

Any user can enable the function of copying trades and receive 8% profit from investors or traders who copied his trade.

BingX quite often provides various bonuses after registration, more details can be found on the site’s official website, on the main page or in the “Bonuses” section.

What are crypto derivatives?

Crypto derivatives are one of the popular options among investors and traders who want to profit from market price fluctuations but want to hedge against the risks of adverse price fluctuations in volatile digital currency markets. Recently, trading in derivatives on exchanges has been growing due to the fact that they are open, as well as due to the leverage that the platforms guarantee to traders.

Initially, derivatives were used to maintain a harmonious balance between the cost of goods and services on world exchanges. At present, derivative contracts are used mainly for speculative and hedging purposes.

Hedging is a special way and tools that help the investor to limit the risks for their investments. When hedging, the investor transfers his risk to those who are ready to accept it - speculators. The investor in this case can be called a hedger. Hedgers get a guarantee that prices will not change, and speculators profit by taking the risk.

When speculating with derivatives, a trader or investor makes a profit by changing the price of the underlying asset, while hedging is protection against possible risks on other transactions. For example, in the case of a transaction to sell an asset, a trader can also purchase a derivative contract for this asset, which will smooth out losses on the sale if the price goes up.

BingX offers a simple and intuitive terminal
BingX offers a simple and intuitive terminal

Traders and investors should keep a few things in mind when it comes to this trade:

  • The value of the contract varies depending on the price of the underlying electronic asset. Derivatives are another way to access the underlying digital currency without being exposed to the volatility of open electronic asset markets.
  • Such trading does not mean that you are buying or selling Bitcoin or other digital currencies. Both parties simply agree to buy or sell a particular electronic asset at a predetermined date in the future and thus profit from changes in the price of the underlying asset.
  • They can be of several types. But their meaning is not much different.

What is a derivatives exchange?

BingX crypto derivatives trading platform is one of the most popular platforms for this type of trading. BingX crypto derivatives trading is the main way to trade. That is, BingX was originally developed as a crypto derivatives exchange.

On exchanges such as BingX, you cannot buy shares, digital currency or precious metals, you can only make contacts for the difference in prices. This is the point of BingX cryptocurrency derivatives trading.

How does this trade work?

A digital currency derivative is a contract under which the parties acquire the right or undertake to perform certain actions in relation to digital coins, that is, to buy or sell digital funds at a fixed price, in a certain time interval.

Novice investors and traders of financial markets should clearly understand what a derivative is and how to work with it. After all, without this knowledge it is impossible to eliminate the risks in trading.

So how does BingX derivatives trading work? Everything is very simple:

  • First, the investor or trader chooses the derivatives of the digital currency that are of interest (each site has different derivatives, but those that are more popular can be found on any site).
  • The user then analyzes the movement of the asset's price and makes an assumption whether the price will rise or fall in relation to this moment, for example, in 10 days. If the investor is sure that the price will increase, then he opens a deal to buy, if there is confidence that the price will fall, then to sell.
  • After ten days, if the user's expectations are confirmed and the price movement was predicted, then he receives the difference between the price at the time of opening the transaction and its closing. Thus, an investor either buys a currency for a smaller amount if the price has risen, or sells a digital asset for a larger amount if the price has fallen.

BingX derivatives trading platform is considered very popular among the participants of the trading world, as with its help, you can get a quick income, based only on market analysis.

BingX is a popular social trading and e-money platform
BingX is a popular social trading and e-money platform

How to trade BingX derivatives in the Philippines?

To start trading BingX cryptocurrency derivatives in the Philippines, all you need is internet access from a computer or mobile phone.

All that an investor or trader needs is to go to the official BingX website, register and replenish the account, after these actions, the user gets access to all the functions of the site.

BingX crypto derivatives in the Philippines are considered to be a very popular solution when an investor or trader wants to make a short-term income using digital coins.

BingX is a great tool to trade crypto derivatives
BingX is a great tool to trade crypto derivatives

How to register?

Registration must be done on the official BingX website. The user will only have to spend a couple of minutes on this. There are two ways to register:

  • Via e-mail;
  • Using a phone number.

In both cases, you need to confirm the registration, in the case of mail, you need to follow the link in the confirmation letter, and in the case of a mobile phone number, you need to enter the code from the SMS.

The user will also need to come up with a password that can contain from six to twenty characters.

Registration on  BingX derivatives trading platform
Registration on BingX derivatives trading platform

How to open an account?

In fact, the opening of an account occurs at the time of registration, but in order to be able to withdraw funds, it is necessary to pass verification. The user must provide the platform with documents confirming the age and source of income.

How to replenish the deposit?

After registration, the user logs into his account and gets to the main page of the site. At the top of the menu you can see “Assets”, hovering over them with the mouse cursor, you can see a small menu, in it you need to go to “Account replenishment”.

A tab opens to replenish funds, where you need to fill in all the fields, as well as select the type of digital currency that the user wants to enter.

Minimum deposit amount

For each type of electronic asset, there is a minimum deposit amount, which can be found at the time of replenishment of the account.

Advantages of  BingX derivatives trading platform
Advantages of BingX derivatives trading platform

How to withdraw money?

Also in the "Assets" menu, there is a "Withdraw" tab. In it, you need to fill in the fields such as the amount, the address of the recipient's wallet and select the desired digital currency.

List of BingX derivatives

For a list of BingX derivatives in the Philippines, see Standard Contracts. In this tab, price movement charts are opened, in the upper left corner, right under the platform logo, the user can view the list.

Frequently asked questions about BingX cryptocurrency derivatives:

What are BingX derivatives?

These are the tools by which transactions are carried out. They are a pair of two digital currencies.

This is what the platform is based on.

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