What is ApolloX?

The name ApolloX consists of the word Apollo and the letter X. Apollo is a reference to the Apollo space program, in which man took the first steps on the moon. X stands for cryptocurrency exchange. The ApolloX name reflects our commitment to the development of the crypto industry and the exchange.ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform is a new project for creating decentralized applications and stores in the e-commerce market.With the help of blockchain technology, sellers and buyers will be able to use a model of complete protection of transactions and user data with minimal fees. In other words, ApolloX will allow you to quickly and easily create stores for the sale of services and goods, within which a unique transaction protection protocol operates. The main feature of ApolloX lies in the protocol and features of its functions. Usually, any e-commerce site consists of the following sections: products, reviews, seller information and payment block (usually a few of the most popular methods).ApolloX derivatives trading platform has the following features:

  • Data - Reliable protection of all user data. It also provides for the exchange of data between different ecosystems.
  • The community is one of the fundamental parts of the ApolloX ecosystem. Therefore, any participant will be able to create their own products and other protocols based on the current protocol, thereby promoting the project.
  • Partnership – each user can get a reward for attracting traffic and affiliate sales. In other words, marketers will be able to monetize their traffic in a new way.
  • Reputation is a completely transparent system of feedback about products and sellers on the blockchain. It will be impossible to fake a rating! The system also provides rewards for users for quality product feedback.
  • Payments - a completely secure gateway for payment for goods / services between the buyer and the seller. Funds are securely protected, since the seller will receive the money only after confirmation of receipt of the goods by the buyer.
ApolloX is a platform for building decentralized e-commerce applications and services based on blockchain technology
ApolloX is a platform for building decentralized e-commerce applications and services based on blockchain technology

Based on ApolloX, you can create decentralized e-commerce markets, independent stores for the sale of goods and services. One of the main advantages is solving the problem of trust and reducing transaction fees. Users will be able to buy services cheaper, and companies will be able to make money.ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives trading can also be an additional income, because working on the platform does not take much time.

What are derivatives?

Derivatives are an integral part of finance: they are highly complex financial instruments used by advanced or technical investors. Investors, corporations and governments use derivatives to protect their risk exposure and asset price volatility.

The key, general function of the international derivatives market is to further develop and improve the use of capital in its fictitious form, which at the same time does not function directly in the production process and is not loan capital. The task of derivative financial instruments is to create fictitious capital, as well as to ensure its movement. At the same time, derivatives are fictitious capital in their purest form. In other words, the emergence of derivative financial instruments is the result of active innovation, which is directly related to the development and expansion of the use of capital in its fictitious form.

Initially, derivatives were used as a hedging tool, that is, insurance against market risks. The seller and the buyer agreed in advance on the parameters of the transaction, writing them down in the form of a contract for the future. It is significant that the first appearance of derivatives is not connected with the financial sector, but with agriculture. To fix the price of their products for the fall, farmers sold futures for the supply of grain at the beginning of spring. It was also beneficial for the buyer of the contract, because he could plan his expenses for products in advance and receive a specific volume of goods within the agreed time. Today, derivatives are still used for hedging - and not only in agriculture. With the help of derivative contracts, precious metals, currencies and other exchange assets are traded. A private investor can also hedge a deal with a derivative, for example, to protect himself from a market crash.

Another purpose of using derivatives is speculation. Derivative contracts are traded on the exchange, and their value is determined by many factors, both fundamental and purely emotional. Quite often, exchange derivatives do not involve the delivery of goods at all, but are used only as a speculative instrument. In this case, trading is associated with increased risk, but the potential profit can be measured in tens and even hundreds of percent!

Below we list the advantages of derivatives:

  • fixed amount.
  • high yield.
  • risk hedging.
  • cost reduction. We discussed the swap example about lowering interest rates. In addition, derivatives allow you to save on brokerage commissions, since these payments depend on the amount of the transaction, and the derivative is always cheaper than the underlying asset.

Derivatives are a useful tool for hedging risks, as they provide the opportunity to make a deal at a fixed price. The use of contracts for speculative purposes requires the experience and high qualification of the trader.ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives bring good returns to their investors.

Advantages of ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange
Advantages of ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange

What is a crypto derivatives exchange?

After another surge of interest in cryptocurrencies, this question has become of interest to many people who are looking for ways to make big money or increase their capital.

Now there are not only crypto exchanges that allow you to trade cryptocurrencies and tokens, but there are also exchanges of crypto derivatives. Traditional cryptocurrency exchanges are those that allow users to deposit their funds, whether in cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, and then possibly withdraw them. However, some exchanges also offer the option to buy and trade derivatives. Trading derivatives of cryptocurrencies has its advantages, as it allows users to reduce the risks associated with volatility and hedge against potential losses. With the right skills and the right platform, traders can get the most out of these tools and make a small fortune in the process. However, the key is to find the right platform.

ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform
ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform

How to trade ApolloX derivatives in the Philippines?

ApolloX derivatives in the Philippines are available for purchase today. It is not difficult to start trading derivatives, but you will need to do the following:

  • To choose a broker, special attention should be paid to the rating of this broker.
  • Opening an account on the site.
  • Creating a personal account.
  • Identity verification, if required by the platform regulations.
  • Refill.
  • Derivative choice.
  • Conduct fundamental and technical market analysis.
  • Acquisition of a contract (here it will be necessary to focus on determining the parameters of the contract (volume, terms, price), filling out a purchase order).
  • Transaction.

Before you start trading derivatives, get trained with different strategies and choose the most liquid assets for yourself.ApolloX derivatives trading is transparent and has no hidden fees.

How to register?

First of all, in order to start trading on ApolloX, you need to register an account. The process is relatively simple and, of course, free. It is also important to note that there are no Know Your Customer (KYC) verification requirements.

  • Go to the official website, there will be a registration window, you will need to enter a valid email address and create a strong password.
  • You will then receive a 6-digit verification code in the email you provided and you will need to enter it to verify your account.

Once this is done, it is strongly recommended that you immediately go to the security tab in your account profile and take the additional steps necessary to ensure good protection.

It is advisable to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) as well as SMS authentication. After you have completed these steps, you can proceed to deposit funds into your account.

How to register on the ApolloX trading platform?
How to register on the ApolloX trading platform?

How to withdraw money?

If you need to transfer cryptocurrency from your ApolloX account to another exchange or digital wallet, then you need to go to [Wallet] - [Funding] - [Withdrawal] to initiate a withdrawal. Cryptocurrency withdrawal is carried out using the "address". Before you can withdraw your cryptocurrency, you need to find the deposit address on an external platform, and then simply copy and paste it into the withdrawal address field on ApolloX.

  • Log in to the ApolloX website, then click [Wallet] → [Funding] in the upper right corner and select [ Withdrawals ].
  • Select the type of coin you want to withdraw.
  • Confirm the recipient's address and paste it in the [Address] field.
  • Click [ Select withdrawal network ]. Make sure you choose the right network so you don't lose your assets.
  • Enter the withdrawal amount. The system will automatically calculate the commission and the actual amount of the transfer. Confirm that the information is correct, and then click [ Revoke ].
  • Click [ Continue ] and go through the security check to complete the withdrawal.

After the withdrawal is completed, you can go to [Wallet] - [Transaction History] to view your transaction. Select [Withdrawal] and the corresponding [Time] to view the withdrawal.

Can derivatives be traded on ApolloX?

Derivatives trading on ApolloX is certainly possible as it is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange founded by experts with experience in traditional financial institutions, technology companies and other leading crypto exchanges. The platform also pays special attention to ensuring smooth trading, a safe environment, while providing high order book liquidity so that users can trade efficiently with minimal slippage. has never been attacked in any way. ApolloX crypto futures trading is a promising investment.

ApolloX Perpetual Futures use the latest price and mark to avoid price spikes
ApolloX Perpetual Futures use the latest price and mark to avoid price spikes

Does ApolloX have a future?

In terms of price, ApolloX has outstanding potential to reach new heights. The cost is predicted to rise. I would like to note that ApolloX has a good initial start for successful competition in the e-commerce market. There should be a factor in the presence of a trend to increase the security of transactions for sale and purchase, as well as the use of blockchain technology at the heart of the system. In addition, the team has already announced that it has agreements with more than 100 online stores to integrate ApolloX solutions, as well as the participation of a number of solid investors in the project. ApolloX has huge potential, with certain interactions and innovations, it is possible to increase the number of users and advertising. If the market focuses on investing in ApolloX, the price could rise significantly higher.I would also like to note that the main element in the functioning of this new ApolloX e-commerce ecosystem is the APXT token, which serves as a management and promotion tool, through which all transactions go through. It has many additional features that ensure its volatility and further demand in the future.APXT token is a platform utility token that can be used to carry out the following operations on the ApolloX platform:

  • providing promotional services, including searching for promotions, mailing promotions, and participating in a partner promotion;
  • participate in the loyalty program and receive appropriate rewards in tokens in the form of discounts and bonuses;
  • pay for internal transactions of platform participants conducted within the platform;
  • purchase any product with APXT tokens or fiat currency and receive discounts on the product, and there are no transaction fees when making a purchase.

If we analyze all the above information, then we can conclude that ApolloX has good prospects for working in the crypto world.

ApolloX derivatives trading platform is available in mobile App
ApolloX derivatives trading platform is available in mobile App


The ApolloX project is objectively of great interest, as it is based on a ready-made mobile application that is in demand and has good reviews about its work in the e-commerce market. The project also offers a guarantee of security when using the platform and a wide range of applicability of its tokens, which are provided with liquidity and, therefore, demand in the future. The fulfillment of all stages of its development and cooperation with well-known investors and partners gives online stores a new platform for their e-commerce. And this is very attractive for buyers, as this platform expands the boundaries of their use of cryptocurrency assets. The ApolloX platform will expand the possibilities of the world's first online marketplace fully powered by blockchain technology and reduce the overall costs of e-commerce. This project has a number of distinctive advantages , which give it a development perspective and demand among its users:

  • guarantees the safety of buyers and sellers;
  • helps to create own stores with blockchain support;
  • offers a service of decentralized trade data exchange services and purchase insurance;
  • it is a new decentralized marketplace, with new opportunities for its users.

ApolloX crypto futures in the Philippines are gaining momentum and becoming more popular in the crypto world.

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